Crop Circles:

Natural Portals to Freedom

Release trauma, drama and karma

Crop circles are natural emotional and physical stargates—doorways to spiritual awakening, according to researchers from around the globe. In this country, experiments conducted by Keith Varnum of “The Dream Workshops” have shown these elegant markings in crops provoke deep emotional memories in people of who they really are. Mr. Varnum has discovered that these precise patterns trigger recognition of ancient, archetypal symbols that catalyze profound transformation in people.

These symbols can be used to free people’s minds from conditioning and limitation.

Dream Workshop participants create labyrinths patterned after crop circle formations. The vortex energy of upward movement generated in these labyrinths releases inner blocks that free the mind, body and soul. When crop circle shapes are walked as labyrinths, a powerful shift occurs in the walker’s DNA, cellular structure, body vitality and spiritual awareness. The dynamic flow of life force generated in crop circle patterns releases stuck energy, trauma, drama and karma. The electro-magnetic forces emanating from these circles can also be used as a gateway to parallel dimensions, revealing potent secrets about the Living Earth and the true consciousness of the physical universe.

Crop circles are geometric formations of great beauty and power that appear mainly in grain crops. Over 5,000 such agriglyphs (agri = agriculture, glyph = picture) have presented themselves in over 40 countries since the first sighting was recorded in a 17th century woodcut. These striking patterns also appear in snow, ice, sand, stone, grass, sunflowers, potatoes, sugar cane, rice paddies, fruit orchards and even tree tops. These Earth markings of mandalas, spirals, pentagrams, double helixes and fractals display a mathematical precision that seems to be beyond the realm of human capability. The most spectacular and frequently reported circles are in England along the St. Michael’s ley line, which encompasses Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill, the ancient environs of King Arthur and The Round Table.

People who have eaten the seeds from plants in crop circles report experiencing deep, total body vibrations, extreme heat in the solar plexus, energy pouring out of the hands and dramatic spiritual awakening.

Theories abound concerning who or what creates these mysterious formations, ranging from energy ley lines and plasma vortex atmospheric conditions to alien spacecraft. The attempt to “explain away” crop circles with a “natural” explanation of ley lines or atmospheric effect by plasma vortexex, begs the question since both ley lines and atmospheric vortexes are the natural expression of the consciousness of Mother Earth, Gaia. The Gaia approach is a holistic, all-encompassing way of looking at earth phenomena in terms of the Planet Earth being a vital, living being which is self-protective and self-adaptive to its own environmental stresses, much the same way an organism or an animal would respond to external and internal stimuli. To native, indigenous, tribal peoples—and ancient advanced civilizations, the Earth is a living, breathing, thinking, organism, interacting and inter-relating with all living matter and beings.

Many researchers have embraced Gaia awareness as a meaningful explanation of crop circles.

The Earth is now undergoing a realignment. It can no longer support the anti-life tendencies and continuous disregard the human populations have shown, and seeks to readjust all forms of consciousness to its new directive. From this point of view, crop circles are a “spiritual nudge” which is designed to awaken us to our larger context and milieu, which is none other than our collective Earth soul.

Transformative Effects of Crop Circles

For decades through out the world, ordinary people have reported remarkable, extra-normal experiences while standing in crop circles:

  • Spontaneous physical healings
  • Intense energy surges thru the body
  • Time slippage and mystical visions
  • Transcendent spiritual openings
  • Feeling of a supersensory Presence
  • Seeing moving balls of light
  • Altered states of awareness
  • Increased feeling of well-being
  • Malfunction of mechanical devices
  • Watches, phones, compass don’t work

The case for crop circles as intelligent, non-human creations

  • Crops grow faster, taller, healthier after formation
  • Land gives greater yield of crops after formation
  • The DNA molecular structure is changed in crop stems
  • Circles have been appearing for over 300 years
  • Luminous balls of light appear at time of formation
  • Stalks are bent but not broken or damaged as with all mechanical attempts by man

The case for crop circles as an Intelligent Force trying to communicate with us

Crop circles demonstrate considerable evidence that they are an expression of an aware and wise consciousness. Many agriglyph formations simultaneously represent perfect aspects of many disciplines, such as the “Julia Set” formation in a field opposite Stonehenge in England. To mathematicians, it is an exact reproduction of the computer-generated fractal “Julia Set” image. To a musician, it is a base clef. To a marine biologist, it’s an accurate cross-section of a nautillus. To the scientist, it constitutes a mammal with precisely the correct number of vertebrae. Other crop patterns reflect with equal precision the traditional, spiritual symbols of many Earth cultures:

  • Egyptian and Babylonian ceremonial tablets
  • Chinese language characters for “spirit”
  • The ancient Celtic cross
  • The African symbol for fertilization
  • Indian petroglyphs and sacred art
  • Navajo symbol for “Earth out-of-balance”
  • Hopi sign: “Joining of Mother Earth to Father Sky”
  • Anazasi Indian symbol for “Great change”
  • Sacred numbers of the Mayan calendar
  • Accurate maps of the stars in the sky
  • Six flower symbol of sacred geometry
  • Ratios, like “phi,” that govern growth of life
  • Calendars of ancient civilizations
  • Pictograms of pre-historic Britain
  • Snake patterns, like Indian serpent mounds, representing transformation and alchemy

On the Dream Workshops, participants co-create with Earth Consciousness beautiful and elaborate labryths, which they then walk through with astounding and profound results in terms of shifts in awareness, power and health.