Goodness Breeds Goodies

By Keith Varnum

Those who go searching for love only find their own lovelessness.
But the loveless never find love. Only the loving find love.
And they never have to search for it.

– D.H. Lawrence

Prosperity—love, happiness, health—is a living, organic state of being. Prosperity defies the laws of economics in that it’s not a commodity that we have less of when we give some away. Prosperity grows greater for the giver as it’s given. The more you share, the more you end up receiving. As you do unto others as you would do unto yourself, you literally are doing unto yourself. Give and you shall attract. Nature does abhor a vacuum!

Master the Law of Giving and Receiving

When you give freely of your gifts and talents, you receive back in kind. The key to success here is how you give, not what you give. When you come from a place of bountiful giving, you receive plentifulness in return. When you give from a place of lack or limitation (for example, expecting something in return as a pay-off), you receive back the same vibration or quality—a reflection of lack, limitation and conditions. When you give from a space or energy of fear (scarcity consciousness), the universe mirrors that poverty back to you.

Enlist Your Soulmates

How many of us are too busy with our own lives to give our time to others? The people around you are your soulmates and are meant to be part of your life. They want to see you, touch you, and be involved with your life. Let them in. Let them have time with you. Share your gifts and talents with them and they will reciprocate. It’s a Win-win-win situation. They win; you win; the world wins.

Celebrate the Success of Others

Abundance comes from sharing abundance. There are few joys as complete as those that involve bringing joy to someone else. The more you give, the more you attract, the more you have. Give and you shall attract. Be overly generous of your time and attention to others, in alignment with your purpose and your vision. People will respond in wonderful ways when you least expect it.

Be Visible and Network

Share your hopes and dreams as well as your gifts. Tell friends and strangers your life goals and what you need for your next step. Connect with friends, neighbors, co-workers and folks in the grocery or bank line. Value people and value relationships. Successful people have a rolodex full of people who value their friendship and return their calls. When someone greets you for the 20th time today with “Hi, how ya doing?” tell them how you’re doing, and what you’re doing. They asked! In one short sentence you can plant the seed of your dream in the fertile ground of another person’s universe. Vast support will flow to you.

Be Curious

Observe and ask questions of happy, successful people. Look for opportunities, possibilities, and solutions—not problems and limitations. Ask, “Why not?” Ask for advice, try things out, consult experts and amateurs, always looking for a better, faster, cheaper, easier way to move through the everyday world. Then apply what you learn to transform the way you live your life.

Listen and Hear

Sit in silence and see how much there is to hear. Listen to people. What are they really saying? Listen to the very last notes of every song. How does it make you feel? Listen to your own inner voice—the one you hear only when the din of daily drama is diminished.

Hear the rustle of a leaf, the call of a bullfrog, the pop and crackle of a fireplace. Hear with your toes, hear with your heart and always hear that which is not spoken.

Peek Over the Horizon

Like a shaman, observe trends, notice changes, see shifts, and catch the nuances that others miss. Enjoy the present—with one eye on tomorrow! Jump on every opportunity. Keep the momentum going in your life. Over-respond to every prospect that is in line with your purpose and vision—at least to check out the possibilities. Remember to honor the others that are involved in the opportunity, and keep the doors open to future partnerships. Don’t burn bridges. We are all on this journey together.

Recognize You’re an Angel!

You’re a messenger of God, whether you know it or not. It’s no accident who is in your life. Let people see your joy, feel your heart and receive your special, unique expression of the Divine. You don’t have to know intellectually what your message is. By simply being yourself, sharing your unique hopes and visions through your work, you are expressing the vibration you are meant to share this lifetime.

Receive Freely

Giving to everyone is powerful. But giving only to others, and not to yourself, is counterproductive. You don’t want to run dry. Then you have nothing to share with anyone.

Accept a compliment with grace. Voice what you need—be it a hug, a moment of talk, food for your table, or a loan of money. Know that it will be provided. Loosen your white-knuckled, stressed-out grasp on life. And then let the palms of your hands fill to overflowing. Know that you deserve all you receive. Harvest and celebrate life’s bounty.

Play at Life!

Why does the money run out? Why doesn’t passion stay around? Why doesn’t health last? Perhaps because you’re not playing. Instead, are you analyzing and strategizing? By not being innocent, open, willing, spontaneous and flexible, you kill the magic of natural prosperity.

Dance around the challenges in life. Have fun with the obstacle course your Mind puts up in your way to progress. Be open to unexpected sources of income, resources and support. Invite surprise. Welcome serendipity. Tap the natural power and momentum of humor, laughter and play.