Just the Facts, Ma’am!

By Keith Varnum

Jack Webb’s famous line from the old Dragnet TV show resounds in my head as I sort through my hopes, wishes—and fears—about my goals in life. To shift myself from listening to the negative comments of my mind, I imagine his crusty character, Sergeant Friday, barking at me “Just the facts, Sir!”

Sgt. Friday was so respectful on the surface—and so realistic at the core. Realistic because facts are practical and powerful. We can use facts to counteract the invalidation of our Inner Critic, that constant self-talk that keeps telling us we’re no good and that nothing will ever work out.

Facts Speak Louder than Fantasy

Hopes and wishes are empty fantasy unless they manifest as hardcore reality. Facts are reality—so they hit home. Facts impress and convince our Western rational mind. Heeding Sgt. Friday’s blunt advice, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the creative power of “just the facts” to attract the realities I desire in my life.

You, too, can use a factual Gains Book to propel you over the goal line of your life journey!

The Power of Past Peak Performance

Positive thoughts are very helpful to create what we want in our life. Positive experiences are even more effective!

I’ve noticed that people who are happy, successful human beings invariably refer to one or more moments in their lives in which they enjoyed a peak experience. And not only do these resourceful people make reference to these extraordinary times; they draw strength, wisdom and compassion from these glimpses of their own true power and aliveness. They’ve learned how to tap into these past occasions of heightened awareness and achievement in order to surmount present life challenges. Whether it be excellence in athletic or artistic expression, or triumph in business or romance, these potent factual encounters of “transcendence of the ordinary” act as wellsprings of inspiration and inventiveness that enable us to overcome any limitation.

A Gains Book is a way to document your personal successes and breakthroughs in all aspects of life. Putting your achievements in black and white helps keep this positive factual evidence from sinking into the unconscious and forgetfulness—and also from being discounted or denied in the future by that part of us that just doesn’t want us to feel good or get ahead.

As Sgt. Friday suggests, it’s paramount to keep your Gains Journaling focused on the concrete, specific facts of what you have successfully accomplished in your life. A Fact Book draws its strength from truth, not feelings of hopin’ and wishin’. The mind—the invalidating, judging programmed ego—can’t invalidate or argue with facts. Your Inner Critic might try to talk you out of happiness, but your written record of actual achievement will win out every time!

A Gains Book is also effective because it focuses creative attention on what’s already working in your life, instead of what isn’t working in your life (the focus of the mind). You are taking full advantage of the Law of Attraction—like vibration attracts like vibration. When you spend your time and attention in the vibration of happy, fulfilling life experiences, then you attract more of the same.

Experiment and Customize

Individualize the way you do your Gains Book. Tailor it you and your style. One word or a short phrase can remind you of complete satisfying experiences. Write in a pocketsize notebook, a snazzy journal or on the computer keyboard. Keep a tape recorder handy to record your triumphs when the inspiration hits.

Documenting your life attainments has many other dynamic benefits.

A factual Gains Book will:

Empower You

As you write a few gains each day, your recognition of what’s important—what’s worthy of your attention and time— becomes clearer. And you’ll be acknowledging your current successes—thereby, validating that you can create as much, if not more, in the future.

Enlighten You

Writing down the achievements that excite you lets you and Universe know what you really want in life. You awaken to surprising and valuable insights into yourself. You discover the qualities that fulfill you. You uncover wants and needs you were unaware of. You identify your core values.

And identifying your values highlights the activities that are distractions in your life—the people and events that take you away from your core purposes. So, you spend less time chasing goals that won’t result in your happiness.

Ask (accurately) and you shall receive (abundantly). The closer your goals are to what truly excites you, the quicker you’re going to attract those goals.

Enrich Your Bank Account

Keeping a Gains Book makes you a better communicator—with the Universe, others and yourself—and that can make you rich! The clearer you are about what you want, the sooner the goods show up. A Fact Book also keeps you in the energy and vibration of your experience of yourself as a good creator—thereby, attracting more satisfying achievements.

Encourage You

The root of “encourage” is the French word “coure,” which means “heart.” Remembering your past attainments gives you heart to keep striving for greater glory—the courage to go after what you really desire in life. Owning your creative past builds self-confidence and rock-solid self-esteem in the present. You feel better about yourself and your ability to manifest the life you choose.

Expose the Illusions

Noting your achievements and giving thanks for the joys of life makes you less tolerant of the illusions in your life. Deeper truths arise when we record our life in black and white. The truth bursts delusions and fantasies, increasing your recognition of what actually works to bring you happiness.

As a discerning documenter, you recall and reconstruct past events more accurately than the misleading mental memory of the ego—your emotional and cultural conditioning.

Enhance Your Appeal to Others

Keeping a Fact Book helps you know yourself better—and self-knowledge is amazingly appealing to people. The stronger your sense of self, the stronger people’s attraction to you. Recognizing your true worth brings out your natural beauty and wisdom—and builds genuine satisfaction and fulfillment. There is nothing more engaging and powerful than an authentic person living the life he or she truly desires.

Energize Your Dreams

Documenting your solid accomplishments gives you additional insights into your true objectives and dreams in life. And it heightens your awareness of what is blocking your further success. As you take action to remove the obstacles to your happiness, you increase your ability to manifest your dreams.

Establish New Creative Heights

Sharpening your awareness of past creations moves you to set your self-standards higher, to set loftier goals for your life journey. You re-write your life story with greater gusto and bravado. You compose a personal myth with a better ending!

Evolve Your Highest Ideals

An accurate record of what really turns you on in life reminds you of your true aspirations. It rekindles your Original Vision, your Birth Vision, for this lifetime. And this helps you to see where you’re falling short of your desires and design, so you can make adjustments to get back on track with your soul destiny.

Evoke Healing

Validating your life victories mobilizes your body’s healing abilities to help you feel vital and fight off illness. Because you have less anxiety and tension about landing your dreams, you enjoy better physical and mental health. In scientific studies, positive journaling has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase the body’s immune system.

Enliven Each Day

Ritualized practices, like Gains Booking every morning or evening, bring a rhythm to your life, and become an opportunity for calming, centering and reflection. And taking this time to go inward and be with yourself enhances your ability to be with others in a positive and intentional way.

Expand Your Vision

A Fact Book acts as your own counselor, revealing and tracking patterns and cycles. It shifts you into the non-judgmental observer mode. You can disentangle negative thoughts from fact. You discover common themes, connections and synchronicities in your life you never saw before. You begin to see your life as a wonder-filled, soul-directed adventure. And a wider perspective allows you to have a sense of humor and lightness about your journey!

Enlarge Your Playing Field

Seeing broad perspectives and recurring themes in your life aids in connecting causes to effects, which, in turn, increases your ability to solve problems and make good decisions. As you expand your life-coping skills, you get inspired to play a larger role in the world. Your self-growth takes off. You begin to live your earth adventure to the fullest.

Enhance Creativity and Intuition

Journaling in a Gains Book is a form of meditation. It clears and quiets the mind and allows your intuition to come through. Deeper contemplation and relaxation leads to greater creativity in finding solutions. You uncover your own unique answers to life’s challenges.

Excite Your Inner Child

A lively, inspirational Gains Book helps you recover the excitement you had as a child. Each day becomes more of a fun game with new challenges to overcome. You awaken your inner playful self.

Express Your Spirit

A Gains Book heals and transforms you and your world. A Fact Book provides you a way for your spirit to express its unique nature and gifts—to you and to the world.  In the process, you discover, harmonize and evolve your true passion and purpose. Every day you invite magic into your life and welcome miracles into your world!