Traveling Out of Body

By Keith Varnum

I can see the cops coming! They’re a good thousand feet away. I can clearly make out their uniforms and swinging nightsticks. How can I be seeing this?

I didn’t dare mention it to my fellow underage drinking mates lounging with me on the grassy knoll in the park. Am I making this up? Projecting it somehow into my vision? Forcefully, I shook my head back and forth in an effort to free my mind of its strange perception.

But the view of the two police officers remained in my sight, as they sauntered closer and closer to our drinking den. In fact, to my further astonishment, I saw a much wider perspective as I swiveled my gaze within the picture before me. I can see myself!

Frantically blinking my eyes open and shut trying to erase this impossibility, I still found myself staring at my own physical body on the ground next to my beer buddies. The place from which I was viewing was about forty feet in the air! As I shifted my attention to look at the looker, I saw an airborne body in the form of a luminous shimmer, much like a ghost is portrayed in a movie. Then, with the ease of a mere thought, I discovered I could shift my point of view from my physical body on the ground back to my ethereal light body in the air. Using my eyes in my subtle body, I surveyed the scene again from my perch in the air.

Am I making all this up? Do I want to impress my pals so much, I’m concocting an extrasensory perception to allow me to warn them of an oncoming bust? My frenetic self-questioning came to an abrupt halt as I heard one of the officers whisper to his colleague, “Do you hear that noise? There are some kids in the park.”

Whether I was conjuring my supernormal sight and hearing to court favor with my friends or not, I needed to act—and quickly. “Hey, guys, don’t ask me how I know, but there are some cops right up the street and they’re on to us. Let’s split.” My three inebriated friends and I quietly sneaked down the hill and out of the park under the helpful cloak of darkness. By a nanosecond, we successfully evaded detection as we heard the policemen slashing at the bushes with their billyclubs right behind us. A close call!

“Hey, how’d ya know the fuzz was there?” my buddy pressed me, as we arrived safely back at our car.

“Uh, I just knew somehow. A guess, I guess,” I muttered, covering for myself as best I could under the circumstances.

“Well, a pretty good one, man. We’d be up the creek if they caught us. Thanks. You’re all right. We should have you around every time we go drinking.”

Ah, music to my ears. And so my young career as a drinking guard began!

My friends, at sixteen, were older than I, but still under the legal drinking age of eighteen in New York State. I was fifteen and considered myself really lucky to be included in this older gang at a time of life when acceptance and belonging was paramount. And to have access to liquor through their connections was heaven for me.

I would do almost anything to please these guys and stay tight with them. I mused to myself, My newfound super-vision is coming in real handy. If we got busted for underage drinking, we’d all get grounded by our parents, not to mention getting in trouble with the law. I’ve got to keep this good thing going!

On that fateful night, my need for approval prompted me to keep expanding this burgeoning, new skill that I stumbled across in the line of necessity and opportunity.

As I played with my prowess as a night watchman for the gang, I realized I was doing more than clairvoyance, “clear seeing.” Each time I playfully sent myself out to scan the scene for police, I was having a bona fide out-of-body experience. I didn’t have a name for it then, but I sure knew I was doing it! I was right on the mark every time I called a cop alert. My skill was valued by the friends I valued. Literally, I was flying high!

Since my teenage discovery, I’ve continued to explore out-of-body adventures. And I always laugh in admiration when I look back on how God tricked me into developing my first natural spiritual ability.

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