9 Steps to Abundance

By Keith Varnum

A ttract prosperity with your personal magnetism. The Law of Attraction brings resources to you automatically with no effort.

B e open to unexpected sources of income, resources and support. Invite surprise. Welcome serendipity.

U se synchronicity and signs to take the right steps to steer you in the direction of your goals and dreams.

N ote that natural progression is a safe, easy path to success. Proceed step by intuitive step to gradually let in your riches.

D ance around the challenges in life. Play with the obstacle course your Mind puts up in your way to progress.

A lign your actions and attitudes with your soul’s passion and your life will unfold in a profoundly simple, delightful and bountiful way.

N etwork your dreams. Tell friends and strangers your life goals and what you need for your next step and vast support will flow to you.

C lear your path of illusions and lies so that your creating attention flows solely to your dreams, not to the distractions and myths of life.

E xude excitement and enthusiasm about daily life. This natural electro- magnetic energy attracts magic, meaning and money into your world.