Live Your Passion!

By Keith Varnum

Would you like to have more energy? Does your heart long for more love? Could you use more money in your pocket? Would you like to have a closer connection to Higher Power? Yes, you can have all this—and more!

The experiential workshops I present around the world can help you achieve your personal vision for your life. The Dream Workshops are about you—and your dream. They empower you to discover your life purpose and re-awaken your natural creative and spiritual abilities to manifest your goals.

The workshops are powerful, practical and playful gatherings. The benefits from doing a Dream Workshop are that you maximize your money, attract your perfect partner and recharge your being. For over 30 years, I’ve been helping people put cash in their bank account, romance in their bedroom and bounce back in their body. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people grow, play, and make a good living expressing their own unique spirit.

Job Jitters

I remember when I first heard the word “job.” I was eight years old. I put together my schoolteachers’ complaints about their jobs and my father’s look of exhaustion when he came home from work that fateful day. I realized in a flash of recognition that I wasn’t going to be allowed to simply play the rest of my life. I’d have to make money to live. I’d have to work. I’d have to get a job! Yikes!

After days of pondering my latest life predicament, lightning struck—bright as a newborn sun! A brainstorm to save my spirit! I’d get a job, but unlike my teachers and father, I’d find a way to make money doing something I liked. I’d get paid to do some activity that I’d be doing anyway whether I got paid or not.

And that’s what I’ve done ever since my first part time job as an usher at my favorite summer concert hall. Food and cooking fascinated me, so I became a chef and owned two fun restaurants. I evolved into becoming the vice-president of the largest natural food company in the world. I loved movies, so I became a filmmaker. I devoured books, so I became an author—and even had my own radio show interviewing authors. I had to cure myself of blindness, so I became a healer, acupuncturist, meditation and yoga teacher. I worship the outdoors, so I now lead Vision Quests into the wilderness. I enjoy helping people, so I’m a personal coach and international seminar leader.

In the Dream Workshops, I share what I’ve learned from personal direct experience about the basic dynamics of all healing, transformation and success.

Align with Your Soul Plan

I’ve discovered that the happiest and healthiest people on the planet are the people who are living their dream—getting paid to do what they love.

How can you make your living doing what you love?

By aligning your personality with your soul. When you align your actions and attitude with your true passion in life, you align with your destiny in being here. When you align your life with your true purpose, you are automatically in alignment with the soul plan and passion of every other person on Earth. Thus through natural synchronicity, every other person on the planet assists you to achieve your goals and happiness. In the workshops you discover your bliss, your calling. You begin to sing your own unique song, and open to getting well supported for it.

The Dream Workshops are fun, exciting experiential Gatherings of Equals. People come together to share as equals in wisdom, love and power. You access a clear, lasting connection to your intuition, your trustworthy inner guidance. You open the door to more magic, meaning and money in your world. You create your life as a fun, joyous adventure.

You tap into the miraculous pool of energy used by Jesus, St. Germain, Sai Baba, Mother Mary and Buddha. These wonderful beings are my teachers, but the Dream Workshops are not associated with any specific disciplines, but draw upon the common wisdom and truth from them all. I also lived with, and learned the secrets of, native shamans and medicine men and women.

How Now Brown Cow?

How do the Dream Workshops empower you to manifest your heart’s desire? After a lifetime of exploration, I’ve assembled the most effective transformational tools available on the planet. On the workshops, you master techniques to help you in two basic ways. Firstly, you learn how to pour creative energy into the realities that you want to manifest in your life. Secondly, you learn how to remove the obstacles that prevent you from having these dreams.

You free yourself from limiting patterns that block happiness, health, wealth and romance. You naturally release yourself from karma, trauma and drama. You attract your perfect partner for passion, play or profession. You uncover an inner peace that transcends fear. You open to alchemy, adventure and aliveness. You recover the boundless energy and excitement that you enjoyed as a child.

Return to Innocence

How do we do get back the innocence and joy of childhood?

In the workshops you learn hands-on techniques to shift yourself from fear to fun, disaster to delight, and tragedy to ecstasy. You re-awaken your direct knowing and your natural creative and spiritual powers. You gain tools to shift conflict into harmony, illness into wellness, and scarcity into prosperity. You discover your worth, master money, deepen intimacy and refresh your spirit. You rekindle the fire in your belly, the primal excitement that is life itself.

Beyond Beliefs!

The Dream Workshops go beyond words and beliefs, beyond methods and formulas. I facilitate the workshops with a total respect for your intuition and individual choice and pace. Each gathering is tailored and customized to your specific aspirations in life. The workshops are living beings—they grow and change with the people who show up. Each gathering is fresh, spontaneous and organic.

Grow with Grace

The workshops are about personal direct experience and discovery, not theory or philosophy. The workshops are experiential, not simply intellectual. They’re a heart trip, not just a head trip—world lessons, not word lessons. You create with the awesome power of pure vibration, creative life force energy—Alchemy, Grace.

You use the power of your peak experiences in life to transform the aspects of your life you want to change now.

If you would like to, take a moment right now and feel the vibration, the energy, of a time in your life when you were in the flow, in the zone, in a groove, on a roll, alive, vibrant, open, creative, or—as they say in New Orleans—cookin! Enjoy the feeling, the energy, the vibration, of that experience. Don’t just remember, observe or witness the event—let yourself sink into the feeling, merge with the energy, of that moment.

Re-experiencing the vibration of these moments has the power to transmute any stuck or undesirable situation in your life.

Using the law of attraction, you then vibrationally draw to you the people, love, health, resources and opportunities to build your dream.

Ground Level Change

In the workshops the changes you make are cellular, not superficial—lasting, permanent benefits. You transform your being—not just your beliefs! In fact, I don’t ask you to believe anything I say.  I help you create your own personal, direct, tangible, factual evidence that you can create the life you desire. In the workshops you replace effort and stress with ease and success. You release the magic inside you.

How do you unleash this magic?

By going to where the action is—the life force—and learning to master your personal power. The Dream Workshops present new and ancient tools to activate your natural energy gateways. You awaken your natural system of energy channels—your acupuncture meridians—and your seven energy centers—your seven chakras.

You learn how to transmute so-called “negative” emotions into “energy-in-motion”—pure aliveness and personal power. Weighty, difficult “problems” of life become light-hearted, changeable “situations.” Old conflicts resolve! Relationships soar! Your bank account mushrooms! You just plain have more fun!

You unseal the power to take yourself from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow—in business, body, bedroom and well-being. When you show up for your dream, your dream shows up for you. This is the stuff of magic, miracles—and the coming home to Grace!

Take a Dream Quest

I also present my approach to transformation through Vision Quests in Sedona. The Vision Quest is an outdoor shaman adventure in self-discovery. You renew personal creativity and find life passion. You receive practical messages from spirit through animals, wind, sun, trees and waterfalls. You let Nature show you the way to love, health and riches.

And, I offer the Dream Workshops tools through CD’s and books, one-on-one coaching in person or on the phone, and through personal apprenticeship.

You can call me at 800.736.7367 for personal coaching, or for the next exciting experiential workshop nearest you. Or explore my website,, where you’ll find lots of helpful articles and tools.

Journey in Beauty. Enjoy the adventure!