By Keith Varnum

The Ancient Ones, the Real People, don’t look
at your eyes when they look at you.
They look inside of your eyes.
They say it’s the forever part of them
that speaks to the forever part of you.

– Marlo Morgan, Mutant Message Downunder

In the course of our journey together, my spiritual teacher and friend Michio Kushi blessed me with fresh ways to view the universe—and myself. Playing on the world’s stage with him, I discovered doorways I didn’t know existed—gateways to more harmony and fulfillment than I could ever imagine.

Above all else, Michio introduced me to my own eternalness. His gift to me was a flirting glimpse of the experience of timeless connection between souls, a tantalizing taste of foreverness.

One evening, after finishing a particularly far-reaching metaphysical lecture, he suddenly shifted the wavelength on which he was broadcasting his voice and message. Only those listeners who could switch channels and tune into this new frequency continued to absorb what he was sharing.

Peering directly one by one into people’s eyes, Michio spoke softly from a fathomless place within his being:

“Oh, it is so good to see you again. It is so good. Been so many millions of years. Been so, so long since we have been together. It is so good to see you again.”

When his ageless gaze reached my eyes, I knew he was speaking to a part of me—and seeing and feeling a part of me—to which I was not yet awake.

Nonetheless, he pierced the bubble of my forgetfulness, separation and limitation. He made a crack in my rigid, time-bound world. Within my being, that opening has since expanded gradually into a gateway of acceptance of my eternal real self.

His words that evening were very affecting. I’ll never forget how his persona felt to me that night. I knew then I wanted to embrace for myself whatever state of being he was experiencing.

I decided that night I would track down and capture that feeling for myself. I knew I wanted to live in that space permanently. The search for foreverness is the motivating theme of my Earth journey, the common thread that weaves through the tapestry of my adventures, and the river that runs through my heart and soul.

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