Riding the Energy of Ease

By Keith Varnum

Do you ever have days when things go right? Relationships click. Your job’s terrific. Money’s rolling in. Your body feels great. You tingle with the excitement of being alive. You have the magic touch and everything works out the way you want. You’re in The Zone!

You Get What You Want with Ease

Being in The Zone is being in the right place at the right time. Your goals are clear. You know how to easily achieve your dreams—and you manifest them! You’re filled with an abundance of energy that revitalizes partnerships, work, finances and health.

When Did You Last Visit The Magic?

Ask yourself, “When was a time I was happy—a time when everything was going really well?” Re-visit the best times in your life. Find a golden memory, or two, or three! There’s no quota on good times, you know!

Now take a moment and really enjoy re-experiencing those times. Feel how good it felt to have the magic touch, to be on a roll. You could do no wrong. Relish that feeling of effortless ease.

How Often Are You in The Flow?

Are you in charge of your business and personal life, or at times do you feel like they control you? Do you know how to stay relaxed, clear and centered, no matter how demanding your work or private life? Are you doing what you love and producing the results you want?

How Long Do You Stay in The Groove?

Do you find you’re being knocked out of the groove by challenges from work, relationships and health? Do you inspire others to let go into the flow by your consistent harmony and ease?

Is the Magic Zone a Fluke?

Did you think the ease is just “chance?” That it’s simply a fluke? When you lose the knack, do you feel you might never get it back? Or do you feel that maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to get yourself there at will, any time you choose? There is! The golden moments of your life don’t happen by accident. When everything goes right, when there’s magic in the air and everything falls into place, it isn’t by just luck.

Call the Moving Van!

Would you like to move into the Big Easy permanently? Would you like to always be cookin’? Of course, you would! Well, you can!

There’s a secret to being able to enter the Golden Magic Flow at will. It’s not so much a secret as a lost art. This magical state seems like a secret because it’s hidden within the Matrix—our shared cultural programming. The Zone is so well interwoven into our daily web of worry and struggle that it takes heroic clarity to find it.

The Great Search

I searched the past for the key to entering The Zone, only to find it—ironically—in the present! I dove into the old only to find my treasure in the new.

I practiced the classical traditions of every great civilization. I surrendered myself to the ancestral ways of indigenous peoples from many continents. In order to absorb their knowledge, I lived with venerable shamans, ancient medicine men and time-honored spiritual teachers. They definitely provided many clues. Yet it wasn’t the traditional that held my answer.

I worked and played with Fred Rogers on his TV show, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” His sincerity and spontaneity revealed another piece of the puzzle.

I also spent years alone in Nature to learn the wisdom of wildness. It was the intense intimacy and immediacy of animals that finally cracked my mental egg to let in the light of my breakthrough.

The Key to The Magic

The gateway to Heaven on Earth cannot be found in form, but in essence. Form is a prisoner of time and space. Essence is the liberator of time and space. Essence is not confined by time or space. Essence has no form—no shape, boundaries or limits.

The entryway into the magic of The Flow lies in the very nature of essence. The core nature of essence is pure energy. Essence is raw, wild, free-flowing energy.

In human beings, essence or energy expresses itself through spontaneous aliveness. Spontaneous is what’s unplanned, impromptu, natural, intuitive, instinctive, of the moment. Aliveness is vitality, exuberance, electricity, spark, zest, primal life force.

Spontaneous aliveness only exists in the moment. It arises from the present—and only lives in—the present. Therefore, essence only exists in the moment, the Eternal Present, the Here and Now.

Thus, the ability to play in the moment is the key to entering The Zone.

Words, Words, and More Words!

Hey, this realization is only so many words—unless these words motivate you into action. The key to The Zone doesn’t lie in the intellectual understanding of it—but rather in the being of it. The secret to living in the Big Easy is to practice spontaneous aliveness. The more you play with “intentional” spontaneous aliveness, the more personal, direct evidence you get of its power to open the door to heaven—and everything you’ve always wanted.

Get Your Own Personal, Direct Evidence

The knack of slipping into The Timeless Place comes from doing it enough times that it becomes second nature, instinctive, normal! As you discover your own unique ways of entering The Zone, the path becomes natural and easy. When you demonstrate to yourself that you can unlock the door to The Magic at will, anytime, anywhere—you have re-claimed the ability. You own it!

Your Ticket to Paradise

It is in demonstrating to yourself that you possess this lost art that you open the door permanently to the Eternal Now—the place from which all blessings flow! With personal, direct evidence and real-life results, you prove to yourself that it’s no longer necessary for you to live in scarcity, separateness and strife. As your realization of inner freedom and power deepens, you find yourself naturally and consistently living in The Flow.

Get Zoned!

On average, people have 60,000 separate thoughts a day. In this mental state, people get caught up in crisis and confusion. In The Zone, each day you can have 60,000 moments of fun and magic instead! From here, you can offer other people a beacon of light, clarity and inspiration. Simply by playing in The Zone, you remind everyone that they, too, can be in The Zone—anywhere, any time, all the time.