A Child a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By Keith Varnum

Did you know that spending time with a child is even healthier for you than eating an apple a day?

When we play with a child, we automatically merge with the child’s natural world of playfulness and innocence. Kids are open to new and unforeseen possibilities. They are innocent of preconceptions and limitations … flexible … fluid … flowing.

You can carouse with your daughter or son, a neighborhood kid, a street urchin, or your own Inner Child! Any and all will work perfectly to shift you back into an unadulterated state of natural joy.

You can play indoors or out. You can play familiar or spontaneous games. You can know what you’re doing—or have no clue! All ways of play lead to the same ray—the ray of sunshine that breaks through the dark clouds of adult seriousness

Take a Kid Break!

I suggest taking a Kid Break for 5 minutes every hour.

Of course, adults think a Play Break every hour is way too frequent—a stupid, time-wasting, unproductive idea.

And, of course, kids think a Fun Break every hour is way too little—a stupid, time-wasting, unproductive idea!

Go figure! Or don’t! … Instead, go play instead.

Play with Whom?

If you don’t have a kid handy, you can cavort with your Inner Child.

If you want to look and feel younger every day of your life, consult your Younger Self. Contact the Original Spark within. Connect with the simple enthusiasm for being alive we felt before we “grew up and got with the program.

Ask for Some Play Pointers:

(Your mental memory might help, but your heart—your intuition—can help you the most here.)

1. Recall what your face and body looked like during the happiest period of your childhood. Find some old photos of yourself to remind you. Or draw a picture that represents you as a smiling child. Then stare playfully in the mirror until you can see a younger you. (Important: Do not make this a serious exercise!)

2. Gaze at the photo or drawing of yourself as a happy child. Emotionally identify and connect with that face in the mirror. Ask that happy child what would entice him or her back into your life. Let go and allow answers to come: Less structure? Less planning? Fewer rules? More playtime? More playful friends? More energy-giving foods?

3. Recall what your body felt like during the happiest period of your childhood.

4. Recall what activities made you feel vibrant and alive when you were young. Recreate this feeling in your mind and body in whatever way you can. It’s ok if you feel you’re making it all up. You are!

5. Ask yourself: “If I knew how to feel young again, how would I do it?”

Let go, relax, and allow some helpful answers to come to you. If no ready suggestions appear, that’s ok. Just keep open to the possibility that with your asking, answers will come in some manner from the Universe. Your request goes out and the Universe will respond by sending many suggestions over the course of the next few hours or days. Watch closely for these suggestions and you will see or hear them.

6. Ask yourself: “If I knew how to change my current lifestyle to encourage play and youthfulness, how would I change it?

Your intention flows out into the Universe and will intersect with situations that are a “fit,” This connection will flow back to you as helpful ideas. Pay attention to whatever grabs your focus in daily life in order to notice these useful suggestions as they’re presented.

7. Ask yourself: “If I re-create the feeling of being a happy healthy kid, and manifest that feeling in every action, how will my life change?”

Imagine what kinds of positive impacts these changes will have on your appearance and on the pleasure you take in your body. Embrace and enjoy these changes in as deep a way as you can.

Follow your intuition’s suggestions. Make the changes. Add the new elements. And you’ll find that your Inner Child is more than willing to lead you—and your body—back toward the exuberant enjoyment of youth!

Youth Note:

The secrets to the very attainable Fountain of Youth have been successfully used by many people. I’d like to share three of the most effective resources for “youthing” your spirit and body.

1.     Available for no charge online is the entertaining and powerful book, “The Autobiography of a Yogi” – the true stories of the supernormal discoveries of Paramahansa Yogananda. Click: https://www.crystalclarity.com/yogananda.

2.     Equally enthralling is “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East” – the true stories of author Baird Spalding (and fellow scientists) who scientifically tested the supernatural powers of Ascended Masters.

3.     For a daily tool to youth yourself easily and naturally, I recommend “The 5 Sacred Tibetan Rites.” Also, available for no charge online.