Open the 7 Portals of Prosperity

A Breakthrough Workshop!

Long ago, in order to have the adventure of limitation we call life here on Earth, we deliberately sealed off our access to our natural spiritual abilities. And now the tools are available to unseal our natural gateways to personal power and prosperity!

In this dynamic workshop, Keith shares the most effective transformative techniques he has found on the planet in his forty years of exploring human consciousness. Many methods are new. Other approaches are as ancient as the Himalayas. All are easy and practical to use in everyday life.

Keith guarantees this will not be like any other workshop you’ve ever attended—in terms of your personal results and long-term benefits!

Secret Teachings Revealed!

Drawing from secret traditions of Taoist Esoteric Yoga, the Hopi Medicine Wheel, Hawaiian Huna, and Tibetan Wisdom, the workshop activates your natural energy centers to produce permanent prosperity. The key to the course’s potency is the demonstrating and using of the tools during the course so these prosperity practices become a natural, integrated part of your life.

Deep, Lasting Change

The playshop is experiential, not simply intellectual. It’s a heart trip, not just a head trip. The seminar is filled  with world lessons, not merely word lessons. The changes are cellular, not superficial. The doorways you open are multidimensional, going way past the limitations of third dimensional reality. You transform your being, not just your beliefs!

You are an “energetic” being. The workshop permanently awakens your natural system of energy channels (acupuncture meridians) and energy centers (chakras) that nurture your physical, emotional and spiritual being—and, in turn, attract abundance into every area of your life.

Your Body Reflects Your Life

Your body mirrors your life. Thus, the body can be an easy, playful vehicle for improving your everyday life. Each energetic pathway and center affects (rules) a specific aspect of your life—money, health, work, relationships, spirit. As the sacred seals blocking each gateway are unlocked, the corresponding area of your life comes alive again and prospers.

As you break the seals to ignite each energy conduit and center, you’re activating the electromagnetic power of that gateway (portal) to vibrationally attract the personal benefits you want from the world. The physical Law of Attraction (physics) draws these qualities—prosperity, peace, love, vitality and joy—to you. As each gateway is awakened, richness begins to flow to you in every aspect of your life.

The portals interplay in an interdependent way. So, following the wisdom of the ages, Keith’s approach opens all the energetic channels and centers at the same time to the same degree in a synchronized, wholistic way. If one channel or center is not activated as much as the others, that restricted passageway will limit the full expression of the other gateways—and keep your entire energy system from reaching peak potential. An example is a team of people that has one slow member. That slow person will hold back the performance of the entire group. So, it’s important to bring every gateway up to speed simultaneously.

Critical Mass is Reached

The interconnectedness of the power gateways works in your favor when they’re unsealed in a coordinated way. When the gateways are opened in an aligned way as a whole—rather than one by one individually—a synergistic momentum is created, allowing all the gateways to awaken faster and more completely. As you get one pathway flowing, it’s easier to get the next pathway activated. And when all the channels and centers are energized to the same degree, they support each other in staying open at that same level.

At one dramatic point, a critical mass of activation is achieved. You “break on through to the other side” of past thresholds of power in your gateways!

As Within, So Without

The outer world of tangible goodies works in the same synchronized, synergistic way as the gateways. Thus, as one aspect of your life prospers, so do the others. For example, as your health improves, your finances flourish—and your romantic life takes off!

Spiritual Magic

In this workshop, you learn Spiritual Alchemy—converting the “lead” of heavy physical and emotional hardness (darkness) into the “gold’ of buoyant energetic and emotional fluidness (light).

You learn how to transmute so-called “negative” emotions into pure aliveness and personal power. Your e-motions (energy in motion) become your friends, your doorways to fun and fitness.

As a master Energy Alchemist, you develop an easy-going, humorous approach to everyday challenges. You begin to think, feel, play and live in fresh and liberating ways. Weighty, difficult “problems” of life become light-hearted, changeable “situations.” Old conflicts resolve. Relationships soar. Your bank account mushrooms. And you just plain have more fun!

You naturally release yourself from karma, trauma and drama. You reclaim wholeness and inner radiance as you gain liberation from old limitations and habits. You bubble over with enthusiasm for life. You become more confident and creative, while at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. And in the process, you clarify why you’re really here and what your true purpose is.

In sum, you unlock the power to take yourself from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow—in business, body, bedroom and well-being.

This is the stuff of magic, miracles—and the coming home to grace!