Your Life is a Work of Art

By Keith Varnum

Your life is a work of art. Your soul is the artist.

Your soul is creating a masterpiece called “you.” The canvas is the events of your life. The colors are your feelings. The brush is your heart.

It’s fun to feel your life as a work of art. It’s exciting to experience your life as a masterpiece of God. But how do you open to such an uplifting point of view?

Shift Your Point of View

The key to seeing the true beauty and magnificence of your own life is to change the way you’re viewing your life. If you shift your perspective, a very noble and rewarding story is revealed.

The purpose of all spiritual practices and meditations is to shift the perspective from which you experience your own self and life. Find a spiritual method that radically changes the way you experience yourself and you’ll find yourself inhabiting a whole new, glorious world of exploration and fulfillment. I share many such techniques on my Unlock the Source Code workshop.

If you view your life through the narrow lens of modern Western culture, you’ll only see struggle, drama and trauma. Basically, the storyline and values of a daytime TV soap opera.

If you discover a different, deeper interpretation of common everyday events, you’ll find yourself enjoying a real-life classic fairytale of honor, nobility, adventure and celebration.

Focus on Your “Soul Appointments”

I might suggest one very simple and effective way to shift your experience of your self and life:

Focus your attention on the “soul appointments” that you’ve kept throughout your life, instead focusing on the “personality disappointments.”

Center your attention on the events that have been satisfying, instead of the events that haven’t given you the joy you expected.

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

The fulfilling events of your life are the events that your soul arranged for you to have in order to experience joy, love and full self-expression.

The unfulfilling events of your life are the events that your personality thought would bring you happiness. These experiences are the so-called “disappointments” in life.

Grab Your Compass

When you understand the true beneficial purpose of the “disappointments” in your life, you have a compass to find the true appointments that will bring you happiness.

No disappointments have ever been real soul appointments. That is, disappointing events in our lives haven’t been arranged by our soul for our happiness. Rather these experiences of letdown and betrayal are arranged by our soul for our education—for the development of our life wisdom.

This life wisdom can then guide us to people and activities that will bring us real joy and gratification. With the clarity and intuition we gain from our disappointments we can steer ourselves to the right people and events in life that will make us fulfilled in a real and lasting way.

This clarity is the beneficial purpose of all life “disappointments” or “betrayals.” We’re only misled by the perspective from which we view the situations. We’re only betrayed by our interpretation of events. We’re only letdown by the notion that in that situation we had a bona fide appointment with happiness.

Don’t Be Fooled by False Appointments

A clue to this truth is in the word “disappointment” itself. Disappointments are actually “non-appointments.” The English prefix “dis” means “no.” as in the words “disrespect” or “disapproval.”

Our personality thinks we have an appointment with happiness through a person or activity—when actually the true appointment in that situation is with discovery, education and enlightenment. The experience of disappointment with a person or situation only means that we never truly had an “appointment with joy” through that person or activity.

Good News

The Good News is that once you learn to follow the clarity gained from life’s non-appointments with joy, you’re guided to true appointments with joy. As you allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of past dead-ends, you only go down new paths that lead to real satisfaction. You’re no longer disappointed by life or people. Instead you’re keeping your soul appointments with full self-expression and satisfaction.