Unlock the Source Code

A New Playshop by Keith Varnum

Crack the Code of Creation
Uncover the Secret of the Immortals
Ride the Wave of Natural Abundance

A Journey into Mystic Magic
The Original Teachings of Tibet
The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation

The Forgotten Origins of Personal Alchemy
The Hidden Wisdom of the Ancient Ones
The Lost Legacy of Lemuria

 FLASH BULLETIN: More simple, easy and effective approaches to transformation and freedom are being revealed daily by the Ascended Masters, other advanced beings, and aspects of our own Higher Consciousness. In this playshop Keith will present the latest, up-to-the-minute advances in fun and permanent transformation.

Personal Transformation is 1000 times easier than we are lead to believe!

Keith presents fresh breakthrough techniques for walking out of our limited world into limitless possibilities. He shares enjoyable, powerful ways to shift your reality on-the-run, right in the middle of your daily challenges.

Live in Source Consciousness 24/7
Open the Inner Path to Outer Prosperity
Walk on the Wind: the Lost Art of Anti-Gravity

Make your life into an ever-expanding journey of wonderment!

Allow this Shamanic Initiation to be the doorway through which you can step onto an Illumined Path that leads to a life of unbounded passion, power and grace!

Enter the Temple of High Magic
Pass through the Four Gates to Freedom
Open the Coded Energy Centers of Transformation

Awakening becomes a treasure hunt with one’s True Self as the prize!

Understand the Language of Light
Tap into the Cosmic Memory Field
Invite the Mind to embrace the Divine
Explore the Great Hall of the Akashic Records

We’re only limited by the idea that limitations exist. We’re never limited by anything outside ourselves. By its very nature the Infinite Universal Consciousness poses no limits to its children.

What is the Source Code?

The Source Code is the coded template our True Self uses to create the illusion we call everyday life. It’s the Divine Matrix behind-the-scenes that creates the worldly surface appearance we call our everyday reality. It’s the energetic framework that creates our outer illusion of solid matter.

The Source Code creates the “movie” of illusions that we experience as regular reality. But in truth, in this movie each of us is the scriptwriter, director, producer—and the actors—in our own unique movie! Action!

You Can Change the Movie

The movie is playing in the cosmic Universal Studios. Our primary attention—let’s call it our First Attention—is fixated on watching the movie. First Attention is our culturally conditioned, unconscious, superficial awareness. Almost everyone in the world is watching this movie!

However, each person also possesses Second Attention. Second Attention is our secondary attention. It’s our attention of choice, not conditioning. Second Attention is when we choose to “see” beneath the surface of life, where the creative action is.

Second Attention is your innate ability to perceive—and play with—the behind-the-scenes energy that is creating this “movie.”

Second Attention Is Your Second Chance 

By using your Second Attention, you can tap into the Source Code for your movie. Once you access the Source Code for your movie, you can make any changes you want in the Source Code. By changing the Source Code, you can consciously change any aspect of the movie! You can write different scenes, change the lines, alter the action, shoot an alternate scene, and create as many different endings as you choose.

Using Second Attention, you can alter the energetic dynamics (code) of your so-called physical world. By altering the Source Code, you can make any change you want in your physical reality.

This playshop is based on the knowing that you have the innate ability to tap into your Second Attention and change your life! Once you see behind-the-scenes, once you see that you can alter the Source Code, you then experience the physical world as merely a movie. Then you can choose your part in the movie illusion. You can create any new role or adventure you want. It’s your movie!

Activate Your Freedom

Keith has uncovered a world-wide, systematic, hidden scheme of coded cultural triggers. Embedded within our everyday life, these coded clues have the effect of awakening people to thier Source Code—and a direct experience of their True Self.

These coded triggers are the key to activating the natural spiritual abilities lying dormant within everyone. We humans chose long ago to not use our inherent powers until we became clear and loving enough to use our powers wisely and compassionately.

And because you are reading this now, you can rest assured that now is the time for you to claim your rightful inheritance of natural power and wisdom.

Claim Your Natural Super Powers

Because the time for humanity to awaken is now, ever more effective tools are being made available for people to escape the Pull of Programming, alter their Source Code, and create a more fulfilling reality. These natural skills are alive within each person, encoded within each person’s deepest core.

There is within each person a built-in yearning of the ages to bring forth the wisdom and power that lies dormant within—and to use this personal passion and purpose to co-create a more nurturing and sustainable world for all. And have fun doing it!

Upward Spiral of Awakening

Once the awakening process is activated by coded clues, a transmission occurs in the human interconnected energy field. In other words, as soon as enough of people learn something new and valuable, every person receives the new information and skill. Connected as we all are in the Unified Energy Field, each new level of awareness communicates instantaneously to the rest of humanity causing an immediate leap in collective consciousness across the species and planet.

All that is necessary to jumpstart the process is a change in the Source Code. This change sparks the activation of one person’s internal Universal Memory. You’ve just changed the movie! Once this re-connecting with Original Design begins, the rest of the blossoming unfolds, personally and socially, in natural stages directed by internal timing.

When enough people have changed their Source Code and are singing their own special song, sharing their own unique story and speaking their individual truth, a critical mass will be reached where all humanity will shift into the next stage of planetary and personal expression, enlightenment and ease.

Unlock More Abundance

As you make use of each newly uncovered natural spiritual ability, your life becomes easier, more enjoyable and exciting. You attract money, love, health, resources and opportunities more quickly with less effort.

Learn to Travel in Vertical Time

By learning to travel through the vertical time tunnel you can easily access your inherent knowing and natural spiritual abilities.

The latest scientific and spiritual experiments have discovered how time actually operates. Time occurs vertically not horizontally. Time is holographic, not linear. With this discovery, researchers have found that accessing true personal and human heritage becomes much easier.

By traveling vertically through time, your Akashic Record is available to know by direct experience. Everything that has ever happened—and will ever happen to you—is knowable in the infinite Vertical Moment, the Eternal Present. From the Still Point of Power in the Present, all parallel lives, alternate personal realities and possible futures (and pasts) are within reach by you for you to transform as you wish.

Personal and Planetary Awakening is Assured

Personal and planetary awakening is assured. Human collective consciousness has planned it already. It has already happened in Vertical Time!

There is only Now. The rest is story.  – Keith Varnum


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