Sacred intimacy:

Rush Home to Rapture!

By Keith Varnum 

Riding a rush, being juiced, flying high-this is the feeling we strive for every day.

What’s the huge attraction to this heightened state? Many medical authorities would have us believe that the desire for a constant high is an addiction-and an unhealthy and unrealistic one at that.

A Built-in Homing Device

My life experience reveals the opposite. Such a drive is not only healthy, but also very realistic. Our attraction to highs is a natural, built-in homing device implanted in us by the Universe. This attraction leads us to the Real McCoy in life-the real deal, real satisfaction. It’s God’s bait to get us to bite deeper into life’s offerings.

A Call to Awaken Our Deeper Nature

This desire for peak excitement is fueled by a deep inner knowing that this buzz is a glimpse of our true natural state. On a very primal level, we connect this super feeling with our natural inheritance, our rightful birthright to feel good all the time.

It’s the Universe’s way of leading us home to the truth-that our very essence is this high frequency vibrational feeling. Our true “normal” human condition is to feel good.

Clues Abound

When I was ten years old, I noticed a strong, ecstatic rush of sensation within my being when I was in the presence of a wild animal, a cascading waterfall, a howling wind or an ancient tree.

I felt the exact same physical and psychic rapture when I sang Christmas carols and wild party songs, played Bach on the piano and Bo Diddly on the guitar.

Surprisingly, I reveled in the same tingling in my body when I sat in an empty church or a deserted sports stadium. I was the willing prey to the penetrating sound of silence.

Later, as I transformed from a boy into a teenager, I enjoyed this same intense emergence of sensual-spiritual electricity, warmth and connection when I began to jitterbug, go skinny dipping under a full moon, and fall in love over and over again.

What’s Going on Here?

I was being introduced to much more than romantic, sexual awakening. My whole being was opening into the wonder and power of my true physical-spiritual nature: high voltage electricity!

This divine initiation cannot be discounted and discarded as merely “overactive hormones!” It is so much more.

In the West, we might describe this profound inner potency as Natural Vitality. The Chinese call this electro-magnetic force chi, the Japanese ki, the Indians prana, and native peoples primal life force.

Charisma is King

Natural Aliveness goes by many names. We describe a person possessing a lot of natural electricity as having a lot of charisma or a magnetic personality. Athletes seek the much-revered runner’s high. When the gods are gracing someone’s goals, we say the turned-on person is groovin, smokin, cookin, steamin-on fire!

No Waiting in Line

This exalted state is not the exclusive enjoyment of a fortunate birth or fanatic athlete. There’s no shortage, quota or waiting list for this God-given gift. This Feel Good State is more available than most folks realize.

Sacred In-to-me-see

Sacred Intimacy is an ancient and graceful channel to unlocking Natural Vitality.

To call something “sacred” means to hallow or venerate it, to consecrate and dedicate it to an important purpose-like allowing yourself to be filled with Source Essence. “Intimate” in Latin means “a close friend.”

In-to-me-see is choosing to see every experience as a friend, ready to give you a sacred gift if you allow it. To see into the true nature of any form or situation is to find a friend, a field of self-feeding energy. You have the power to make every activity a “sacred act”-be it petting an animal, cutting vegetables, or shopping in a supermarket.

Place Your Order

To live in a high octane, high octave state, all we need to do is order it.  When we invite and welcome this exhilaration, we soon realize that it’s available 24/7 from endless sources in our everyday environment.

Feel Beyond the Form

The secret to opening to the rush of life’s Feel Good Energy is to look beneath the surface of whatever outer forms we encounter. The key to unlocking the juice is the intention to experience life “behind the scenes.”

When you approach any activity with the intention and attitude that you will receive energy-a lift or boost-from the interplay, then you will. And, in the same manner, when you expect the interaction to require of you a lot of extra effort-work, struggle-then it will.

The seer (see-er) determines the outcome of every life interaction to be either energy-giving or energy-draining.

A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose

Ancient and native peoples know the truth about energy. So do quantum physicists. Energy-Life Force-constitutes and animates all solid “things.”  Underneath all surface appearances flows pulsating power. Behind all formal exteriors lies electric aliveness.

Energy is energy is energy-no matter what the form. Knowing this fact, you can consciously decide to tap into the aliveness-the vitality-at the core of all matter, form and situations.

The Gift

The most profound, practical benefit of Natural Vitality is the gateway it gives you to receive energy from every aspect of your environment-human, plant, animal, mineral, chemical, plastic, solar, stellar, elemental, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, angelic and Ascended Master.

Natural Vitality is choosing to have a conscious, constant, vibrant, heart-body-soul connection with all living beings and all forms of life-even the “so-called” inanimate ones.

Fund Your Dreams

This Life Force can be used to heal, enrich and transform yourself, others and the planet. When you learn to allow Natural Essence to rise upward through your physical chakra energy centers, you rejuvenate every cell in your body, dissolve blocked emotional pathways and access unlimited power to create your dreams.

By connecting this energy with the heart, it becomes prayer. As this energy ascends into your consciousness, visions and revelations blossom. Kundalini Rising ultimately leads to communion with the Divine.

Yoga Unites

Yoga means union. Seeing the common energy nature of all life forms and situations allows us to feel union with all people and experiences. All life encounters become energy-enriching interactions. Meld into the flow of your shower, the softness of your bed, the color of the sunset, the roar of a wave, the curve of a rock.

Sex Connects

“Sex” means coitus, union, a coming together. When you experience all aspects of life as having the same essential nature as you, you easily feel the connection, merging and sharing of Life Force with all “things.”  Exchange energy with your plants, your paintings, your fresh clean laundry!

Ecstasy is Our Natural State

The word “ecstasy” comes from the Greek meaning of ec: to move out of and stasis: status quo, static, fixed. When you “break through to the other side” of any old stuck condition, you enjoy the exhilaration of experiencing life in a fresh, different, new way. Bliss is our birthright.

Re-Light the Fire in Your Belly

We’re all born with a passion and zest for life. We meet challenges, obstacles and disappointments along the rough road of growing up. Much of our Original Joy for life becomes muted.

You can re-kindle the exuberance of being alive by approaching life as an adventurous treasure hunt for the lost gold-your natural radiant core.

And, lucky for us, all paths lead to Primal Life Force-because Natural Aliveness is the very essence of the path itself.