The 3 Pillars of Personal Power:

Passion, Clarity and Self Love

By Keith Varnum

What’s missing? I don’t get it! I chant and pray. I meditate, exercise and do yoga every day. I go to a godzillion workshops. Why don’t I feel better? Why don’t I have the love, money and health I want? Where is the direct connection with Spirit I crave?

Sound familiar? If so, help is on the way.

I’ve spent the last forty years exploring techniques to awaken the abundance of life for my clients and myself. I’ve identified three vital ingredients for happiness and success that are often missing in people’s pursuit of Nirvana. I call these key elements the “3 Pillars of Personal Power.”

Passion, Clarity and Self Love

Three dynamic sources of Universal Life Force that are often blocked—or underdeveloped—are Passion, Clarity and Self Love. I find that these three qualities are necessary for a firm foundation on which to build a personal Crystal Palace of Creative Power.

Personal Power increases exponentially when its supporting pillars are developed in a systematic, synchronistic and simultaneous way. When one or more of these grounding posts are frail, the whole structure is weak and can fail or collapse. When one or more of these essential cornerstones is missing, it’s very hard—if not impossible—for us to create—let alone sustain—prosperity, physical vitality or fulfilling relationships.

Lacking one of these pillars can abort your whole lift off. But once you firmly install these foundational qualities into your being, you can take off and fly as high as you want to go!

Passion for Pizzazz

Personal power is the ability to attract what we chose to have in life. It means that we have authority (authorship) over the script of our life—as in the head screenwriter of a movie. We are in command of our earthly dominion, master of our destiny.

Being the ruler of our world—in charge of our fate—requires energy, might, strength, stamina. In other words, power in its basic, raw sense. Your cosmic destiny rocket needs fuel to take off. You need a source of energy that can propel you into permanent orbit. You need a source of thrust to overcome the gravitational pull of cultural and personal programming—the limiting beliefs and feelings that keep us earth-bound.

And to generate a whole lifetime of adventure and wonder, we need a vast source for this energy, a deep well of power. Fortunately, we all do possess such an infinite reserve of creative power—the passion we feel for our true calling, our life purpose.

Your deep excitement for expressing your unique spirit can lift you to the heights. This passion provides the power to reach your dream. Enthusiasm funds the dream. Exhilaration feeds the dream. Your exuberance attracts the people and assistance to build your castle. The electricity of your enjoyment of your special adventure lights you up from the inside. Your inner radiance shines through. People are enticed by your eagerness, your inner fire, your glow. The joy of self-expression is your secret juice. Natural charisma acts like a magnet to draw in the human and financial support you need to soar. Authentic aliveness is very contagious.

As you take off, you feel ever more vigorous and enthralled. High on life, you have the vitality to meet any challenge. And your ever-deepening delight fills up every pore of your being so that doubt and fear cannot find a place to reside in your holy temple.

Haven’t quite figured out where your passion lies? Focus less on your skills (what you can do) or your resume (what you have done). Instead, tune into the aspects of your life that feel light, easy, flowing, open and fun. What activities fascinate, intrigue or thrill you? What types of things did you love to do as a child? What activities have spark and aliveness for you now?

Open to Clarity

Your personal dream links the key passions that drive you forward with the core message you are here in this life to express.

To reach your intended destination, your space mission needs clear direction, clear vision. If you’re not certain where you want to go, you end up in the wrong place. And, if you can’t see your way distinctly, you’ll go off course. Without clarity of mind, you’ll make bad decisions. Bad decisions = bad outcomes.

Clarity is purity of mind—lucid thinking or intuiting. With true clarity, the way to act is apparent, definite and unmistakable. It’s evident and easy to discern what to do. Clarity is free from ambiguity and confusion—the right path is unencumbered, unobstructed, unclouded. The best options are obvious when we are super clear-headed.

Each person arrives at clarity in her or his own way. Some people “see” the correct direction to take. Other people “feel” their way through the myriad of life choices. Others “intuit” their best course of action. Some lucky folks simply “know” what to do each step of the way without any kind of process.

When you are clear about your life calling, then you are really listening to your soul, which lets synchronicity operate in your favor!

What is your current vision for your life? What do you hold important and sacred in life?  What would give your life a sense of meaning and purpose? In what ways do you already create, improvise and express naturally and easily? What daily activities help you keep your head clear?

Enjoy Self Love

Feeling good about yourself is perhaps the most important ingredient for Personal Power and Success. Why? Because without loving yourself enough to feel you deserve happiness, you won’t let yourself have it.

When and where did you decide you weren’t worthy of love, prosperity or vibrant health?

As a coach for 40 years, I’m shocked by how many of my clients share with me that one or both of their parents told them daily “You’ll never amount to anything!” What did your parents, siblings and schoolmates tell you that invalidates your sense of worth? Listen to your own self-talk. What self-limitations do you find yourself unconsciously repeating to yourself silently or under your breath?

Are you willing to open to the possibility that your life could be fun, easy and abundant? Do you possess the drive, clarity and power to re-choose a better destiny … to choose to be compassionate with yourself? … to know that you do deserve the good things in life?

It’s vital to undo the unconscious judging of yourself. It’s helpful to hang with encouraging people who support your true spirit and nature. Spend time with folks on the same wavelength, with similar values and aspirations for life. Be accessible to the richness of energy-giving situations. Be inaccessible to energy-draining people and activities. Enthusiasm is contagious, but so is pessimism. Avoid the Nay Sayers and seek out others who share your passion for living life on your own terms.

Can you give yourself acceptance, patience and understanding right now? This means deciding to love yourself for who you are, instead of who you wish you were. This is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. And with this gift comes the power to create all your dreams.