Attract Your Soulmate

Tools Guaranteed to Attract the Perfect Soulmates for
Passion, Profession and Play

Use the Portal of Spiritual Partnership to Pierce
the Veil of Separation and Enter Oneness

The Knack and How to Get It  

  • Uncover your unique Personal Knack of attracting people
  • Learn how to find the right person by looking for love in all the right places
  • Master 7 successful strategies for developing Soul Passion and Power
  • Heaven is where relationships are made…Earth is where they’re played

Learn to Evolve:

FROM Negotiation, compromise and sacrifice TO Natural mutuality

FROM Avoiding the hurt feelings TO Moving the hurt energy

FROM Borrowing qualities from others TO Becoming the qualities you admire

FROM Expressing feelings endlessly TO Experiencing emotions to resolution

FROM Filling the hole temporarily TO Fulfilling the whole permanently

FROM Relations that drain your energy TO Partnerships that give you energy 

FROM Hiding your Shadow TO Dancing with your Dark Side

FROM Reacting emotionally from past TO Responding intuitively to the present  

Questions that Open You to Spiritual Partnership

  • What is the highest priority of your soul this lifetime?
  • What is the specific human experience your spirit wants next?
  • What are you really risking in embracing true intimacy?
  • What ten lies do you tell yourself in order to avoid real love?
  • What does your Future Self know that is helpful to you now?

Open to 7 Ancient Gateways to Love

  • Conscious Touch
  • Spontaneous Movement
  • Sacred Art
  • Listening with the Heart
  • Soul Communication
  • Pure Sound Vibration
  • Raw, wild Nature

Learn Effective Methods to

  • Heal the Relationship Blame Game
  • Re-light the fire in your belly…and in your relationships
  • Utilize a partner as a liberating mirror reflection of your own consciousness
  • Fuse the forces of your feminine and masculine energies
  • Connect with your Birth Vision to restore your Original Plan for love
  • Employ voice and breathing to free blocked passion and power
  • Harmonize with another person’s body & soul to enter into the Oneness
  • Master Shamanic Review to take advantage of your life preparation for love

Master the 7 Stages of Magical Relationship

  • Launching the friendship
  • Lunging into the connection
  • Listening to each other
  • Learning from each other
  • Loving the essence of each other
  • Leaving your Personal Love Myth behind
  • Living in the Intimate, Infinite Moment


  • You are always meeting yourself in others
  • Body weight is a direct function of the free flow of love
  • People ultimately react to what you do, not what you say
  • You have nothing to lose but your loneliness
  • Control dramas rob us of enjoying real love

Discover how to

  • Self-generate your Personal Life Force in order to magnetize more love
  • Re-write your Personal Love Theme with a better ending
  • Interpret accurately signs & synchronicity so they lead you to the real thing
  • Maintain personal freedom while opening to profound in-to-me-see
  • Ground yourself physically & psychologically to handle the energy of love
  • Turn intimate connection into the ultimate aphrodisiac

Release 6 Blocks to Conscious Partnership

  • Hanging onto rigid, limiting mental pictures of your “Perfect Partner”
  • Fear of owning the voltage of your own Personal Power
  • Fear of discovering and living your Life Purpose
  • Phobia of losing yourself in getting too close
  • Misunderstanding of vulnerability and openness
  • Giving commitment to the form, rather than the spirit, of the relationship

Learn to

  • Recognize a soulmate from an energy vampire
  • Cultivate playfulness, humor, laughter, serendipity and surprise
  • Embrace love as mystical sacrament and sensual communion
  • Enjoy intimacy as a mutual exchange of energy between equals
  • Invite visible and invisible assistance to embracing real romance
  • Practice completion, closure and celebration of all past connections

Source your power from your ability to love!  

For couples and singles!