A Dream Workshop

Awaken Your Natural Abundance!

Open to Alchemy, Adventure & Aliveness

Abundance is your birthright! Your natural inheritance! You deserve to be rich! . . . in material abundance, spiritual prosperity and social fulfillment. Learn how to crack open the vault of Universal Supply, not only in your financial universe, but also in your world of health, happiness and love. Assume command of the unlimited natural vital flow within yourself. Gather the power to fund your own Dream and have plenty left over for family, friends—and fun!

Get the Job, Body and Love Life Your Soul Wants

  • Ignite your creative passion

  • Make money doing what you love

  • Recover the excitement you had as a child

  • Reclaim the courage to be yourself

Release the Magic Inside You 

Bank account bare? Bedroom barren? Body running on empty? Buddha not showing up? Why?

Maybe because your beat is off! You’re out of step with the AbunDance. It’s a dance that requires flexibility, fluidity and, above all, the willingness to flow with life’s changing rhythms. The word “abundance” comes from a Latin root meaning “to move in waves, undulate, flow.” AbunDance is a wave dance—he natural bountiful overflow energy dance of the Universe.

Live with Passion, Purpose and Power

  • Shift illness into wellness

  • Transform conflict into harmony

  • Travel your own unique path to happiness

  • Use the power of “Yes” to manifest your dreams

  • Find a livelihood that reflects your unique talents & passion

The Prosperity of Play

Why does the money run out? Why doesn’t passion stay around? Why doesn’t health last?  Perhaps because we’re not playing. Instead, we’re analyzing and strategizing. By not being innocent, open, willing, spontaneous and flexible, we kill the magic of natural prosperity.

Permanent Transformation

The playshop is a heart trip, not just a head trip. It’s experiential, not simply conceptual. It’s filled with world lessons, not merely word lessons. Changes are cellular, not superficial. You renovate your being, not just your beliefs!

What You Discover Here Will Change Your Life Forever!

Using secret teachings and techniques, facilitator Keith Varnum helps you to re-spirit your Earth Adventure in a more bountiful way. Keith shares from the hidden wisdom of the Hopi, Hawaiian Huna, Chinese Taoists and Tibetan Mountain Men—traditions that have fostered prosperity for thousands of years. Your life takes off! Old conflicts resolve. Relationships soar. our bank account mushrooms. And you just plain have more fun!

Harness the Power of Universal Supply

Become the extraordinary human you really are! Universal Supply is our natural state. When our life is aligned with real passion, prosperity flows effortlessly.  Liberate yourself from patterns that block happiness, love and money.

Make Room for Miracles

Learn how to create the attitude and conditions that make miracles more likely to occur. Break out of your belief box and put cash in your pocket, romance in your bedroom, and vitality in your body, Create great partnerships, outrageous fortune, a vibrant body and true spiritual power. Learn practical ways to make room in your personal universe for daily magic and the stuff of dreams!

How To Stop Being Ruled By the Lack in Your Past

Did you know that there is a single ingredient that separates people who are successful in life from people who are not? That component is how you harness your personal power. People who use their power will take their dreams and make them come true.

We all have a built-in inner magnetic force that has the power to attract an exciting soul partner, perfect health, the ideal work position and accelerated spiritual progress.

With the workshop’s proven Ancient Abundance Secrets, you can enjoy success in developing rewarding relationships, finding a fulfilling livelihood, and becoming financially secure.

Learn to how to create a continuous flow of money
Heal the relationship you have with money
Open to money as a positive spiritual force

“Money is congealed energy—and releasing it releases life’s possibilities.”

– Joseph Campbell

Awaken Your Natural Abundance!