Awaken Your Natural Abundance!

By Keith Varnum

You’ve got to have something to eat and a little love in your life
before you can hold still for any damn body’s sermon on how to behave.

– Billie Holiday

It’s a challenge to feel good when you lack nourishment. If you’re hungry for food, you don’t feel vibrant and alive. If you’re starved for love, you can’t feel compassionate and giving.

You have to have something in order to give something. You have to possess the qualities you value in order to share them with others. If you’re not willing to give yourself happiness, how can you help others find happiness?

We Want to Feel Good

Life is simple. Life is simple because everyone wants the same thing—to be happy, to feel good. That’s why people go to concerts, ball games, and the movies. By awakening your natural abundance—tapping into Primal Life Force—you manifest your heart’s desires. When you awaken your natural abundance, you feel good. You’re more able and willing to help others feel good. You win. The world wins.

Our Enlightened Forbearers 

Yet I’ve noticed that most human beings are very good at avoiding happiness. So I’ve explored the world to find easy, yet effective, tools to help people feel good. I’ve experimented with techniques that successfully open people to their natural inheritance of life’s bounty.

Drawing from ancient traditions of the Hopi Wisdom Wheel, Taoist Esoteric Yoga, Hawaiian Huna, and Tibetan Sacred Rites, I’ve discovered a wealth of approaches that actually work!

By using these strategies you free yourself from limiting patterns that block happiness, health, wealth and romance. You release yourself from karma, trauma and drama.

You restore your natural ability to recognize the people, resources and activities that will lead to a soul-satisfying job and relationship. You reclaim the power and the skill to attract the perfect means for your heart’s expression. You attract your perfect partner for passion, play or profession. You uncover an inner peace that transcends fear. You tap into the miraculous pool of energy used by Jesus, St. Germain, Sai Baba, Mother Mary and Buddha.

Here are some of the secrets to tapping into natural abundance:

Focus Only on What You Want

From practices passed down to us from our enlightened forbearers, you can develop your ability to keep your creating attention focused solely on your soul passion—not on the distractions, obstacles and illusions of life. When attention flows only to your real heart’s desire, your life design unfolds in a profoundly simple, playful and bountiful way. You master to how to create a continuous flow of money and manna—goodness.

E-motions to the Rescue

You can’t create money, love and health without a power source to attract these rewarding goodies. From our mystic ancestors we learn that Primal Life Force is the energy that animates all of life’s forms. That same energy comprises the essence of all emotion. You can transform your e-motions—energy-in-motion—into the Primal Source Energy to attract your deepest longings.

Be In Charge

You can ignite your self-sourcing nature by tapping directly into Universal Life Force in a real, tangible and lasting way. You take sovereignty from the realm of thought and theory to the reality of the present and practical. You discover how to generate your own power, approval, health, clarity, security and peace rather than seek these qualities from outside sources.

Draw from Your Prosperity Bank Account

You can retrieve the vibrations of good times to help you through challenging times. Prosperous times can be used to remind your cells and emotional body of how the vibration of happiness feels—and shift you dynamically into those good vibes in the present.

Upgrade Your Soul Contract

In addition, you can take charge of your own adventure and re-negotiate your soul contract on your terms. You can re-vision your world by freeing yourself from old limitations of time, sleep, food, scarcity, struggle, disease and death. You can re-make your deepest-held, unconscious convictions about who you are. You can tell yourself a new story—with a happier ending!