Get the Job, Body and Love Life Your Soul Wants

The Awakening

Practical Empowerment to

Ignite Your Creative Passion
Align with Your True Soul Purpose
Attract the Partnership You Deserve
Discover Options You Never Saw Before
Harness the Power of Universal Surprise
Create a Career that Makes Your Soul Sing
Discover an Inner Peace that Transcends Fear
Use Humor and Play to Enhance Your Income
Jumpstart Your Daily Everywhere Excitement
Get Paid Well for Your Own Unique Talents

Let the Sleeper Awake!

Over the 3 days of any Dream Workshop, we offer the essence of the most successful approaches to enlightenment that have been used on this earth in the last ten thousand years. We present the heart of the best in as many fresh and different forms, from as many new angles, as it takes to click with each person. At a certain point, each participant directly experiences the Truth that our body and soul are much more safe when we are awake and present than when we are asleep and “Missing in Action.”

Also, with the intuitive, in-the-moment approach we use, each person eventually resonates with the realization that it is also more fun and exciting to stay fully alert and aware than it is to remain partially numb and unconscious.

Doing what your soul came here to do on a daily basis is the greatest incentive to wanting, and being able to, stay present every moment in your everyday life. Having truly loving and supportive friends and lovers also makes us want to be fully present to share and celebrate each second of life. A healthy, vibrant body is necessary to enjoy both your creative expression and your soulmates. The focus of all Dream Workshops is having the love, job and body your heart desires.

When we show up to run the show consciously, the old, conditioned, programmed, unconscious, automatic patterns are organically dissolved, as they are no longer needed for us to be safe.

The Mind is replaced by Magic.

Memorex is replaced by Miracles.

Get Off It

Awakening is about moving energy, moving feelings, moving mountains… moving on. We expose the lie behind the major “reasons” we don’t let ourselves live the happy, healthy, wealthy lives we know we came here to celebrate. We confront the “realness” of the “reasons” we allow fear to rob us of our innate joy. We learn to respond to real impulses of the soul rather than the false alarms of the emotions. We remove the main obstacles to us rejoicing in the Oneness every moment. We lift the limitations to our freedom and fun. We liberate our original creativity and exuberance.

Get Over It

Excitement is the main incentive we use at the Dream Workshops to help people overcome the inertia of tribal collective unconsciousness. In ever fresh, new, different and inventive ways, we present the potency of the Present Moment. In an atmosphere of authentic safety and support, we offer a 3-day taste of the rapture and elation of staying awake, alert and aware. Once a person is fully exposed to the experiential choice between the aliveness of being present and the slow death of unconsciousness, they will choose attentiveness every time… at the workshop and when they return to their everyday life. When we show up for our destiny, our destiny shows up for us. The fastest and easiest way to get over the Past is to have an exciting Present to embrace.

Get On with It

The central intention and invitation at the Dream Workshops is to wake up to Who You Really Are to whatever degree you are ready, willing and able… in order to discover your true destiny and begin to express that life design openly and publicly. It is now time for each of us to own our distinct aspect of the Oneness, our unique vibration, and to share our special spirit with the world.

Take Your Next Step

The Dream Workshops are brave, brazen, brash, blunt and bold.
The appraoch is direct, immediate, spontaneous and dynamic.
You move your emotions with fluid grace and ease.
Veils are lifted in a matter of seconds, not minutes.
You call the bluff on every limit, fear and veil.
You explore, expand and embrace very fast.
We play as the light beings who we are.
Shifts take place at the speed of light.

Get Direct Experiential Knowing

That staying awake, aware and accurate is fun, easy and exciting
That your body and soul are safer when you’re present and conscious
That as you become safer, you relax and let in your true wise nature
As the real you shows up, all automatic veils are rendered obsolete
Your natural clarity and strength sees through the threats of the ego
You catch on to the way all sneaky veils and illusions operate
You can distinguish between Memorex and the Real Thing
It’s the death of scarcity, sacrifice, sickness and suffering
It’s the end of the tyranny of the Mind

Go Home to Your Heart

As you open to the light within, the darkness naturally dispels,
Your shadow self is integrated into the Oneness of your being.
As you live in your Center, duality returns to a sideshow,
You play as a unified field, as the divine creator that you are.
As you own your true beauty, you dance with your true destiny,
You live with certainty, serenity and natural alchemy,
You enjoy the magic and miracles of the Present Moment,
You recognize and reconnect with your eternal kindred spirits,
You switch onto the fast track to freedom,
You reclaim your wholeness,
You take off!

What is Exciting and Different about
The Dream Workshops

A recipe for Alchemy

1. Safety
2. Eternity
3. Reality
4. Honesty
5. Ecstasy

For thirty years, with my friends, clients and myself, I have witnessed permanent alchemical transformation…dramatic physical healings of long-standing embedded ailments, deep emotional and karmic releases, openings to money and love, and spiritual awakenings. I’ve always ask: “Why do some people heal, breakthrough or wake up after only one special experience/session and for others it takes 20-30 such experiences…and for some people “it” doesn’t “take” at all?

What I’ve observed is that people shift radically toward health, harmony and holiness when they know that they are safe. People feel secure when they experience themselves as eternal. People feel everlastingly loved and connected to the Oneness when they are connected with what is real. People are in touch with what accurately and authentically exists when they are honest about how they feel and know. People who explore their world truthfully, discover they are in reality eternally safe and loved…and the experience of this personal direct realization is ecstasy.

The effectiveness of the Dream Workshop style lies in its success in making honesty attractive and exciting to people. When people tell themselves the truth about what truly is and isn’t working in their life, they can make real and lasting changes, because they are dealing with what is really so in their life, instead of what they wish, think, believe or assert is so. When people get direct, personal evidence that they do, in fact, have the power to create solid, permanent, desirable realities, they feel very safe. When people successfully use their innate power to manifest their soul’s desire, they get in touch with their eternal true nature. Breaking through into full enjoyment of one’s true Self is an ecstatic experience.

The word “ecstasy” comes from the Greek meaning of “ec” = “moving out of” and “stasis” = “status quo, static, fixed, stagnant.” When people “break through to the other side” of any stuck or old condition or limitation, they enjoy the exhilaration of the freedom to experience life in a fresh, different, new and preferred way. The approach of the Dream Workshops is presenting ecstasy as an easily attainable, fun, exciting, attractive, natural state. No one can resist their birthright and true state of being forever!

Awaken to Your Self

On the third day of a Dream Workshop in Hawaii several years ago, I experienced a breakthrough which changed my life. What happened for me was that I saw and experienced the precise unfolding of my complete Unfoldment this lifetime. In holographic full color and complete detail, I witnessed and went through my personal path of getting clearer and clearer and more and more present, until I reached the point where I broke on through to the other side!  What I was shown was the playing out of my Awakening in the future in three-dimensional time and space. In reality I woke up right then. I now live in the certainty and comfort of knowing the destiny of my identity, body and soul. I highly recommend the experience.  This is the essence of the Awakening.

The whole earth is in jail and we’re plotting this incredible jailbreak.
-Wavy Gravy

Awakening is the adventure of showing up consciously as our true selves for three sequential days. It’s a chance to play with others as the knowing beings who we are, instead of the personalities, identities and masks who we are not. The space is created by me and the participants being fully present and conscious in the moment. I share my thirty years of experience in helping people stay clear and awake to what is real…and to what is Memorex. Telling the truth about what we really know and feel immediately returns us to the power of our Presence. The alchemical magic of the Present is “beyond belief.” Relishing the real…and integrating the unreal…allows us to remain acutely aware and alive.

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow.’
-The Talmud

The nature of Awakening is psychological, as well as spiritual. And in the collective psyche, the name and space of Sedona carries with it an aura of exceptional power and possibility. The place is famous for the dynamic transformational energy of its many vortex gateways. In the first-hand experience of myself and friends, the reputation is well earned. Born from the womb of the Red Rock Canyons of Sedona was the phenomenon of the Dream Workshops themselves. Of course, no one needs anything or anywhere special to wake up to who they really are and always have been. Yet at this crucial time as many people approach individual and collective critical mass, a last minute boost and nudge from Mother Earth could be a timely gift to oneself.

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

The facilitation in Awakening is through experiential presentation and demonstration of the vibration of the Eternal Now. I and the group stay vigilant, noticing and revealing when we leave the Magic of the Moment. When participants realize they have left the Paradise of the Present, they re-discover their ability to simply choose to shift from the false to the authentic. With a little practice this natural faculty to decide and shift comes roaring back with awesome command.

The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails.

Staying present moment to moment is the fast track to re-claiming happiness, health and creative life force. All we have to do is to remain in integrity with ourselves in each and every encounter…in this Awakening event and as we go through everyday life. Each situation is an exact reflection of our consciousness. Every interaction plays out the same pattern of thoughts, beliefs and emotions which we habitually employ in dealing with everything in the world. Each involvement contains the basic dynamics of the ways we hide, deny, discount, invalidate, camouflage or give away our power to other people or things. It’s no longer necessary to delve into the past. Each moment affords a perfect opportunity to reverse the energy flow…to call back our spirit

God gives food to every bird, but does not throw it into the nest.
-Montenegrin proverb

The primary way most of us have given away our power is by not being present. When we don’t show up as our conscious true self, things get set in motion that are not mutual or right for us. Not being fully present to look after our own best interests allows events to develop that are not in alignment with what we really want or who we really are. In our absence, decisions and events flow from our camouflage, denial and fear. Our default programming…the past…determines our future.

Don’t look for the path far away, the path exists under our feet.  -Tung-Chan

From Presence flows a harmonious life. When we are forthright, truthful, accurate, clear and conscious about who we are and what we know and feel, then each moment unfolds in alignment with our heart’s desire and our soul’s intent. As we deal with each new life encounter with the integrity of honest Presence, we naturally undo the patterns of inaccurate, inappropriate and non-aligned decisions and agreements that were made in our absence. Each time we rectify an involvement that is not congruent with our real self, the energy that was holding that non-aligned lie is released. This is the life force we unconsciously gave to the situation when we weren’t present to make deliberate decisions. As we show up to handle each moment of life consciously, we liberate tremendous energy which comes home to us as our personal power. This is the natural creative energy that funds our deepest dreams.

Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.
-The Course in Miracles

We’ve all spent millennia preparing for this time in our evolution. We’ve been gathering our clarity, strength, compassion and wisdom. We’re at a point where we know that we are eternal and that no feeling or belief is a real threat to our soul’s survival. The clarity and certainty gained by having this awareness reinforced in practical and personal ways for three days moves mountains…not to mention doubts, dread and dis-ease.

There are 3 kinds of people: those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move.  -Arab proverb

The depth of the personal resolve, focus and ability of Awakening participants is very high. I talk to each person before they come to insure that everyone is clear on the intention of the group to integrate everything that is in the way of open, joyful play as our true selves. This an appointment being kept by choice by old soulmates. The dynamism, gentleness and safety of kindred spirits mutually and freely united in the pursuit of truth and freedom is very profound. We don’t push the envelope. We consciously ignore it. We challenge the authority of the veils. We call their bluff. And when we discover they have no power of their own and appreciate them for what they have done for us, the veils integrate. They return home to us…as pure energy

I used to be Snow White, but then I drifted.  -Mae West

What we’re up to is the wholesale withdrawal of our energy field from the tribal collective consciousness. Rather than undo each and every belief and feeling of our cultural and individual conditioning, we’re choosing to consciously conclude our tribal communal agreements all at one time in a final and complete way. This closure releases our energy to express, explore and evolve in whatever way and at whatever rate we choose. This is authentic, sustainable sovereignty.. true whole being freedom. This is the final and permanent lifting of the veils of separation, complicatedness, difference, duality, polarity, good and bad, time and space, Heaven and Earth. Permanent alchemy requires authentic conscious, deliberate free-will choice made in the present at a core soul level. We aren’t contemplating this shift, we’re doing it…from a place that actualizes it as a personal permanent reality. It’s no longer about just knowing who we are. It’s about being here, living here now in our true state. It’s not about visiting our natural dominion. It’s about owning our true power, passion and playground

Don’t wait for your ship to come in…swim out to it.  -Anonymous

We come together at the Dream Workshops to assist each other to consciously reveal our fictions and be more accurate about our lives. It’s a most loving thing to do with a group of friends. In a space of grace and true understanding, we explore and embrace being intuitively open and real with ourselves and each other. We experience directly that being present in our truth is more effective, helpful, powerful, safe and loving than living unconsciously in the lies. As we choose to honestly show up…and to show up honestly, we are also choosing real joy, inner peace and true fulfillment.

Activate kundalini
Follow the inner flame
Enlighten the sleeping mind
Rearrange the fabric of fortune
Revel in the electricity of your biology
Surrender to the velocity of the one divinity
Breathe deeply the sweet elixir of innocent truth
Essence revealed as grace no longer concealed
Break on through to the other side of density
Sing the song of the soul silently soaring
Vibrate your dream into your reality
Clarity is the secret gateway
Bask in your inner delights
Fly to the inner heights
Dance to inner lights
Trust the intensity
Unite the two

The strategy at the Dream Workshops is to assist you to have a personal direct experience of such magnitude that this experience creates a permanent crack in your world…in your paradigm, belief structure, egg, bubble, world view, veil of filters.

Just one personal, direct experience of your own is more powerful than a million concepts, principles or beliefs. Your experience is also more potent than all the experiences of someone else. So, everything is geared at the Awakening to trigger within you at least one personal, direct breakthrough experience that is so profound and real that your known universe cannot contain it.

This experience is so dynamic that the crack it creates in your old paradigm isn’t mendable, or mindable. It pierces your veils to such an extent that you cannot close the crack afterwards, or ever again.

At this moment the miracle occurs,

The Gap in the world becomes a door.

Grace enters in.

The opening becomes a permanent, personal, one-way gateway.

And you go through!

Welcome Home!