Arizona Wildness Car Camping Adventure



You pick the dates

A unique opportunity to enjoy the pristine wildness of remote Arizona with the convenience of driving to the base camp with no backpacking!

Expand your consciousness during a 3-day car camping adventure in an enchanted forest in the cool mountain canyon country above Sedona.


Learn to quickly access the experience you want: love, harmony, abundance, wellness, clarity, purpose, excitement for living … and more.

  • Learn secrets to easy manifestation
  • De-stress & relax
  • Clarify your purpose in life
  • Make friends with like-hearted people
  • Open to a more exciting life vision
  • Awaken new abilities that will help you now!
  • Discover fresh solutions and opportunities


Get messages from any source you desire: animals, trees, water, wind, nature devas, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, great teachers and leaders from history—or present day!

Learn how the powers of specific animals and plants can assist you gain the abilities you want to help you reach your life goals.

  • Easy group & personal walks
  • Swimming in crystal-clear, spring-fed streams
  • Shamanic games & journeys out in nature and under the stars
  • Music/song/drumming
  • Dance & movement



Not physically strenuous
No outdoor experience necessary
Gentle approach for people of all ages


 A few tents and sleeping bags are available on a donation loan basis for people who need camping equipment.


For more information, contact Keith at:


[email protected]   or   800.736.7367


New 1 Min Video of Sedona