Be a Miracle Maker!

Release the Magic Inside You:

  • Great relationships

  • Outrageous abundance

  • Vibrant body

  • Spiritual Power

Forget the Past and Save Your Future!

I just returned from the Big Island of Hawaii and a dramatic rendezvous with Pele, the Goddess of Fire, Volcano, Transformation. Sure, for people who cling to old structures, fire is destructive. Yet, for people who want to move forward with life, fire is liberating. Fire removes old, rigid, limiting structures and allows for new growth and evolution. The erupting fiery volcano is adding to the mass of the Hawaiin island. Fire melts granite rock. It can also melt the current constraining walls of perception and belief to open us to a wider, fuller view of life.

From the ashes of 9/11, the deva-station of the Iraq war, and the pyres of Pele a new spirit is arising on our planet—a fresh perspective, a re-aligned approach to life that is “on fire” with excitement and impassioned with new-found clarity and resolve. The message is flamingly obvious: it is time to leave our comfort zone to express our unique gifts out in the world with more gusto, boldness and brashness. This new workshop will feature work with:

  • Breath to release stuck energy in our bodies and chakras

  • Sound to break-up old patterns of thinking and feeling

  • Accessing Akashic records to free up our attachment to the past

  • Shammanic, intuitive journeys to retrieve our soul’s aliveness

  • Synchronicity to guide us on the easiest, most harmonious path

Yes, change can be scary. Yet, when you open to your next step intuitively, directed by you heart—as we do on our Dream Workshops—the transition from the old to the new is quick, easy and enjoyable. The dead gives way naturally to the alive.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1 … 2 … 3


Learn how to read the signs of the times-from your Spirit. We begin by gleaning wisdom from people who haven’t forgotten how their Spirit talks to them. Healthy tribal people living in balance with the earth tell us: “Everything that happens in the world and in nature are signs to guide us how to live in abundance, joy and harmony with all life.” The events of September 11 are a signal for people to change the goals and values that no longer give their lives meaning. The Iraqi war is a sign that it’s time to sweep the past clean. After cleansing comes rebirth. Hawaii’s volcano illuminates a path for humanity. Upon reaching the known land boundaries, the molten lava flows into the sea, creating new land–a fresh foundation–where previously there was none. These loving signs from spirit illustrate our power as individuals and as one people to rise from the ashes of the past–to transform our goals, our purpose and our lives to become greater than we were before.


Learn how to ignite your spiritual fire. Every person is always being given signs by Spirit on how to have more health, love, wealth and harmony in their lives. We also see that the effects of not paying attention to the signs from our Spirit can lead to poverty, illness and unfulfilling relationships and jobs. When you light the fire of your passion, your dreams and your heart, you are creating spiritual alchemy. This miracle will lead you from dullness, confusion and pain into a life filled with excitement, clarity and spirit.


Learn how to live an abundant and joyful spiritual life–your way. If you still aren’t living the life you’d really like to live, you might ask yourself, “What am I really afraid of?” Some people stop when they get the answers: success or failure. Yet, when people ask the question from a deeper level of their soul, they discover the true answer: “letting in love.” It’s the real love of Spirit most people are terrified of. The workshop demonstrates how to transform your life with real love–to have more balance and celebration in your life, to be a bearer of peace and happiness in the world, and to develop ways of being a more joyful, vibrant and grateful person. Whatever your burning desire is, you can release the miracles inside by fully expressing your Spirit.

Learn how to:

  • Practice Blanket Forgiveness

  • Heal with sound and vibration

  • Surf the power of your emotions to freedom

  • Tap into the miraculous pool of energy used by Jesus and Buddha

  • Get an immediate answer to your prayers

  • Heal the “addiction of fear”

  • Communicate full time with your Infinite Self

  • Using direct and indirect prayer for healing

  • Bring back your soul with Shaman rituals

  • Find the “sacred” in every aspect of daily life

Experience the answer to these burning questions:

  • Where is your guardian angel right now?

  • What is the No. 1 cause of every disease?

  • How do I break out of my emotional roller coaster?

  • What is my body dying to tell me?

  • What is the real purpose of fear?

Do you ever wonder why . . .

  • Optimistic people live longer and healthier lives?

  • People with a strong sense of community have fewer heart attacks?

  • People with a near-death experience have a new outlook on life?

Attend this workshop if you . . .

  • Want to become a more joyful, vibrant and grateful person

  • Want to be a bearer of peace and happiness in the world

  • Want more balance and celebration in your life

For 30 years, Keith Varnum has focused his unique spirit on helping people explore, enjoy and embrace the adventure of life. From the wisdom of native tribal cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith shares his distillation of the underlying principles of all healing and transformation. After curing himself of blindness, he has applied his approach to human dynamics in a practical way as a wilderness vision quest guide, life strategy coach, international seminar leader, author, acupuncturist, filmmaker, gardener, radio talk show host, owner-chef of two gourmet natural foods restaurants and vice president of the country’s largest natural food company. 

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