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MILWAUKEE Be an Urban Shaman Playshop

April 15, 2019 - April 18, 2019

Be an Urban Shaman

… Master Intentional Magic and Energy Alchemy

… The Art and Science of Opening to Infinite Possibility …

Sedona Shaman Keith Varnum shares from the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Mountain Men, Hopi, Hawaiian Huna and Chinese Taoists. Master these traditions that have fostered well-being and success for 50,000 years. Learn to create your own unique way of transforming life challenges. Enjoy natural abundance. Radiant health. Great relationships.


A shaman relates to the entire world as being alive, filled with mystery, power and conscious energy, always communicating something of value to us. The shaman “talks” to this consciousness as a conscious director of the energy flow between every element in life—other people, trees, rocks, mountains, stars and angels. And the universe responds!

The Urban Shaman employs down-to-earth, practical skills to transform all aspects of your life. The basics of this fun Energy Alchemy are as easily applied to your success in the computer room, the healing room, and the bedroom. These ancient tools assist you to create what you want in the realm of finances, love, sex, health, family, community and spirit. Open the door to the most practical, doable way to deal with any life situation. Raise your creative vibration permanently.

“Explore the Power of Intentional Magic” Intro Evening – Fri 7-9pm $15

Sacred sounds kick off the process of play and relaxation. Learn secret teachings to access the Power of Presence to attract your dreams. Discover an intuitive, flexible approach that responds to the newness of each now moment. Dynamic deep healing with breath, movement and mantras.

Be Forever Young” HEALTH  Sat 9-12:30

Activate your Inner Shaman as Everyday Healer. Visit Parallel Universes rich in possibility—and opportunity. Jump through Stargate Portals to infuse higher vibration into your life. Feel the fizz of energy swirling and renewing every cell. Experience the joy and relief of playing with your Healing Angels. Express your Divine Feminine. Open to Physical Immortality. Learn Aura Cleansing and Shamanic Feng-Shui.

“Enjoy Intentional Magic and Manifestation” MONEY Sat 2-5:30

Build your Magnetic Energy Field to attract what you want in life. Allow Universal Supply and Wisdom to take care of you. Release limiting Mind Talk. Attract abundance using Power Spots in space and time in your everyday life. Develop trust in yourself, access Grace and let go.

“Move from Scared Intimacy to Sacred Into-me-see” RELATIONSHIPS  Sun 9-12:30

Open to harmonious compassion and passion with yourself, others and Spirit. Be available to Real Love. Be unavailable to Energy Drainers. Invoke the Wisdom of your Ancestors. Consult your Future Self. Rollick in Controlled Folly to activate humor, laughter and play. Use Shapeshifting to embody the skills of animals, birds, plants and all conscious beings.

“Connect with your Original Birth Vision” LIFE PURPOSE  Sun 2-5:30

Enhance your life with Shamanic Journey Soul Retrieval. Open your Third Eye to see and know more clearly. Employ the Magic of Time Travel and Invisibility. Master the Practice of Dialogue with Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides. Use Stopping the World—Freeze Framing—to enhance your life on-the-spot in the midst of events. Travel between dimensions. Lucid Dream your way to abundance and health. Tap the Akashic Records of Universal Knowledge. Breathe purpose into your day. Voice your soul’s expression. Chant your bliss. Dance your natural joy.


This exciting weekend playshop is presented in 4 separate stand-alone segments that can be taken individually or all together. Each session offers fun, easy and powerful experiential exercises so you can apply these tools to your everyday life.

Fri-Sun playshop $220. Early Bird 2-week ahead discount $199! Half-day segments $65 each.


Dreams Life and Wellness Center, 732 Clinton St, Waukesha WI

More info: 262.349.9549  www.DreamsLifeandWellnessCenter.com



Keith’s unusual path of enlightenment began at 18 when he went blind … then he “magically” healed himself. This miracle ignited a quest to discover many ways that profound healing can take place. While spending decades living with Eastern masters, medicine men, kahunas and other shamans, he began sharing simple, yet powerful ancient healing techniques. Keith partners with your personal guides, the Ascended Masters and helpful Nature Spirits to offer you the most useful tools and information to enhance your health, prosperity and happiness. Through his authentic compassion and humor, Keith has guided 1000’s of people to heal their bodies and minds, open to greater abundance, be happier and live lives filled with passion and meaning.

As an acupuncturist, Reiki healer, rebirther, yoga teacher, meditation instructor, businessman, restaurateur, landscaper, beachcomber, author, filmmaker, radio show host and vision quest guide, he’s successfully applied these approaches to real life challenges. Join Keith to explore thrilling possibilities for your own earth journey. Learn easy, fun and powerful ways to heal your body, mind and spirit. A life filled with passion and meaning is offered through private coaching sessions (in-person and remote), workshops, Matrix Energy Field transformation, and dynamic Outdoor Nature Adventures in Sedona.


April 15, 2019
April 18, 2019




Keith Varnum
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