Feeling Great!

Tapping the Power Within

By Sulana Stone

People are power! We are energy beings! How good we feel—how happy, healthy and abundant we are—is directly related to the quality of power we run on.

Just like different grades of fuel, the quality of fuel—power—we fill up on dramatically influences every aspect of our lives. From the state of our finances, career and love life to spiritual, emotional and physical health, our quality of life is shaped by the quality of our power.

The high—or low—quality of power we use to create our lives is reflected by how high—or low—we feel. And our quality of power is echoed in how well we create a prosperous life on all levels.

If we want to create a high quality life, we can create a life of abundance through our ability to authentically feel good.

How Good DO You Feel?

Are you rarin’ to bounce out of bed in the morning, eager to explore the fresh offerings of a new day?

Do you have the clarity to make nurturing choices that will lead your life in the direction of more fun, ease and greater satisfaction?

Are you open and flexible enough each moment to look at the world through “beginner’s eyes” … giving yourself the on-going gift of innovative opportunities and options?

Do you have the vision and excitement to create a livelihood you love—a career that leaves you with more energy at the end of the day than you started with?

Can you let in the amount of health, riches and intimacy you really desire?

If your life isn’t the way you want it to be, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It’s simply because you didn’t learn where to find the highest quality of power to fuel your life.

Where Do You Fill Up With Energy?

Most of us learned to get energy from other people. Parents, teachers, bosses, clients, customers, life-partners, co-workers, relatives and friends have been our source of feeling good or not-so-good. In order to feel good, we often do our best to please others so they will like, appreciate and reward us in some way.

Parents give us love, food and a home. Teachers give us approval. Bosses, clients and customers provide us income. When we find a Soulmate, often we repeat the power-seeking pattern we learned from our parents. From co-workers, relatives and friends we seek value and appreciation. Given the way our society is set up, it’s no wonder we look to other people so we can feel happy, healthy and prosperous.

Unfortunately, we can pay a high price for depending on other people—outside energy sources—to make us feel good. We find that we compromise our own integrity, saying and doing things we really don’t enjoy. And our happiness hangs by a slender thread—easily broken by a single word, look or action.

Additionally, the person we’re depending on is carrying a great burden knowing that they’re not free to be themselves either. They know that everything they say and do can hurt or otherwise influence us.

When we create a situation where people aren’t free to be themselves, we create a situation that provides low quality energy.

Wow! What a kettle of fish we’ve cooked up!

Cooking Up a High Quality Energy Source

Most of us didn’t learn that we have an alternative power source that gives us the same benefits we received from parents, teachers, bosses, clients, customers, life-partners, relatives and friends. Our inner energy source. And the power that comes from within is always available to us—not threatened by the ups and downs of another person. And we’re the ones who are in charge of the quality of that energy!

Once we learn to access this inner fuel source, we no longer need to depend on anyone else for love, food, home, value, money or appreciation. We’re free to express ourselves openly and honestly. We’re free to enjoy living without being dependent on someone else. In our freedom, we choose to be in relationship with others because it’s empowering to both people.

Through our sovereignty, we give others the gift of freedom to be themselves as well. Then two free people can love and appreciate each other for their true natures—not for the societal roles we’ve adopted in order to feel loved.

So … how do we access and use this higher quality internal energy source?

The Simple Scoop on People Power

People are composed of energy. Just energy. Nothing else!

When scientists delve into our body parts, they find that body parts are made up of energy. From brain cells to blood cells to bone cells, our cells are made of electrons and protons—energetic units. Inside these units resides energy that spins. This spinning energy is magnetic—and attracts certain types of energy to it. The energy attracted is energy that spins the same way. Like energy attracting like energy.

Life IS … Attractive

Since people are magnetic beings, people attract to themselves the same quality of energy that’s spinning inside their cells.

For example, if we’re experiencing sadness, our magnetic energy is attracting people and situations that give us an opportunity to feel sadness. If we’re experiencing joy, our magnetic energy is attracting people and situations that give us an opportunity to feel joy.

Our magnetic energy attracts everything into our lives that we experience. As we choose the quality of our magnetic energy, we choose the quality of our lives.

A sane person might ask, “Why would anyone choose a lower quality life … such as hanging out in sadness?”

Because there’s a benefit! People attract situations that have payoffs for them. Here’s two possible benefits. Sadness often attracts someone who wants to help you. So you attract attention. In other words, you get caring and kindness (energy) from someone else to help you feel better. Another benefit might be that we have rarely known any other way to feel alive! We can feel sadness. And feeling anything is often better than feeling nothing. Feeling something means we’re connected to the earth, our bodies, animals, plants and other people. Feeling nothing feels, well … dead.

Because we didn’t know a better way to reap the benefit … until now. Once we realize that we’re the ones who are attracting our life experiences, we can gather the same benefits by changing our magnetism. Take the example above. Rather than attracting sadness to feel caring, kindness and alive, we can attract love or playfulness to provide the experience we desire. To attract a different quality of aliveness, we change our inner spin.

If we don’t like a feeling, person or situation in our life, we can do something about it! We don’t have to stick with what we’ve got. We have a choice!

A way to change the quality of our internal energy is by choosing the quality of energy we hang out in. Where we put our attention. Where we choose to speak and act from.

Choosing the Quality of Your Power

This Native American story illuminates different qualities of energy we can choose to give our attention to.

Two Fighting Wolves

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he says to the boy.

“It is a terrible fight between two wolves. Both wolves are equally strong. One wolf is the fearful, vengeful, angry one. The other wolf is the compassionate, kind, loving one.

“Grandson,” the old man reflects, “the same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about this fight for a minute and then asks his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee replies simply, “The one you feed.”

Which Wolf Will You Feed?

The wolf we feed is the energy that, in turn, feeds us. The wolf we feed is the energy that attracts people and situations of the same quality.

If we find ourselves interacting with people who are depressed, argumentative or otherwise drain our energy, it’s simply because that’s the energy we’re attracting. Since we’re the ones who are attracting this low quality energy from people, we’re the ones who can stop attracting it. We stop attracting experiences we don’t prefer by changing the spin of our energy. By changing the wolf we feed. By shifting where our attention stays, we shift the people and situations we attract to us.

Flying Higher … and Higher!

Feeding the wolf of fear keeps our dreams away and creates feelings that “I’ll never get what I want in life.” Yikes!

The influence of the fearful wolf is easy to spot. When we feed the fearful wolf, we create feelings of contraction and separation. Some of the signs are feeling bored, tired, sleepy, sick, hurt, sad, pain, afraid, guilty, angry, confused, ashamed, frustrated, victimized, withdrawn, betrayed. Should you find yourself under the influence of the wolf of fear—being stuck in any feelings you’d prefer not to feel—you can change the way you feel. Through your own power, you can create feeling good. You can choose to shift your attention to the high qualities of the compassionate wolf.

Since we are in charge of our power, we have lots of ways of shifting our attention, thus shifting our inner magnetism.

Choosing the Energy That Creates Your Life

One of the most commanding tools you can use to shift how you feel is a Shift List. This is a personal list of actions you can take to change the spin of your magnetic energy. So when you notice that you’re feeding the wolf of fear, you can choose to stop. Then choose to feed the compassionate wolf. By your own actions, you can lift yourself up into feeling better … and better!

The following Shift List is made up of actions that seem simple, even trite, yet taking these actions works miracles.

Be aware, the compassionate wolf isn’t fed by us just reading the list. The compassionate wolf comes alive when we use the list!

This list is intended only as a springboard for you to create your own Shift List—actions that work for you and feed your compassionate inner-wolf.

Your Self-Empowerment Shift List

“Tell everyone you know: ‘My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.’ And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel—and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them, is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.”  – Abraham

1. Bounce your body. You’ve probably heard this suggestion before and may not have liked moving your body. So let’s approach movement from the fresh viewpoint of the compassionate wolf—the wolf of love and life! Life loves to move. Death loves to sit still. So why not hop, skip and leap into magnetizing a new life for yourself? What have you got to lose? Pretend you’re the compassionate wolf … stalking a scent, playing with a leaf, pouncing on an ever-illusive rabbit, rolling in the grass … or carpet. Relax, relish and release your body. Dance, walk, stretch, do yoga, jump rope. Stir your body in ways that feel good. Shake it up! Slide and swing at a playground. Release the kinks that are obstructing your power. If movement doesn’t feel good, perhaps you’ve gotten into a routine. Or you’re working at it. Pushing yourself. Forcing yourself—like we were taught! Working hard is a trait of the wolf of fear. Try another tact. Find spontaneous, fresh ways to enjoy your physical self. Have a ball!

2. Vibrate your voice. Chant. Tone. Warble. Twitter. Murmur. Yodel. Howl. Growl. Grumble. Laugh. Giggle. Whoop it up! The shower is a perfect sound booth to let your voice explore the joys of singing. Make sounds you never made before. Talk in a made up language. Want an audience? Plants, rocks and animals love it when you croon to them. Before you know it, you’ll energize yourself into being open to more possibilities! Then use this higher quality energy to make higher quality decisions about your life. The more you use high quality energy as a stepping stone, the better your life becomes.

3. Be an eardrum. Let sounds affect your entire body. Have you noticed how different music impacts your energy? Some sounds relax you. Some put you to sleep. Other music gives you a boost of energy that lasts for hours. Allow the roar of the truck or motorcycle to rumble through and activate your chakras. Invite bird and cricket chirps to provide sonic acupuncture! Listen to and sense sounds with your entire body—not just your eardrum. Soon you’ll be soaring on wings of sound, riding high on uplifting energy waves.

4. Breathe. Use Rapid Breathing and Deep Breathing. Breathing rapidly into your gut ushers in the winds of change. Breathing deeply into your abdomen with a relaxed exhale releases stuck energy and frees your creativity. Breathe out contraction, rigidity, difficulty, problems, separation. Breathe in openness, flexibility, ease, solutions, connection. The more you feel connected to the world, the better you feel. The better you feel, the healthier you become. You activate an upward spiral of life-giving energy.

5. Touch the Natural World. Fondle a fern. Stroke a plant. Embrace a tree. Pet an animal. Flirt with a flower. Let an insect walk on your skin. Yowsie! Open to being electrified with the ecstasy of connecting with a living being in Nature. Ramble in the desert. Amble by the ocean. Walk in the woods. Stroll by a stream. Percolate in a park. Feel the warm caress of the sun. Enjoy the tease of the breeze on your skin. Breathe in the fragrances of the elements. Nature rejuvenates and lifts your energy to a higher plain so you can see new options.

6. Tell yourself the truth. Look more deeply into a feeling or a situation. Talk out loud or write an insight you’ve never had before. Go deeper. Reveal more to yourself until you experience a shift. Telling truth with your heart is a tremendous source of high quality fuel.

7. Get wet. Take a shower. Go for a swim. If you’re at school, work, a restaurant and feeling a bit uninspired or down, splash water on your face, neck, arms, hands. Water has a magical cleansing affect on our energy body

8. Change your routine. Brush your teeth, eat, write, dress yourself with your non-dominate hand. Walk at a different pace. Eat something different for breakfast. Drive a new route to work or the store. Breaking routines frees up storehouses of high quality energy.

9. Feng shui. Freeing ourselves from clutter is energetically stimulating! Letting go of items that no longer serve us gives us higher quality power. We’re uplifted when our surroundings are uncluttered. Rid yourself of nicknacks from another time and place. Recognize these previous treasures for what they are now. Do these mementos hold the magic they once had? If not, free them to provide happiness for someone else. Allow something new to tweak your spirit. You’ve changed! Cleaning out the closet and drawer isn’t just aesthetically pleasing. Cleaning out your physical environment shifts your energy. Discover the intimate connection between your environment and the quality of your energy field. Cutter = low. Spacious = high. It’s up to you!

10. Read an inspirational book. Notice what types of books make you feel good. Then tap into that energy to catapult your life to higher levels.

11. Feel feelings. Feelings are power. If your life isn’t evolving, your feelings and energy are stuck. Free them! Using the actions on this shift list helps loosen and move these feelings. When the feelings get activated, you may feel tingling or any kind of sensation (including pain). Welcome all the sensations. Take the labels off. Feel the vibrations as energy. Eventually you’ll free all your hidden stockpiles of energy to use create the life you prefer.

Shift Into the Life of Your Dreams!

Creating and using your Shift List is an ever-evolving experiment. It’s fun to play with all the actions you can take to give yourself a higher quality of power. Sometimes a certain action doesn’t do the trick. So do another. Then another. Keep going until you DO feel a shift.

These tools are powerful, practical and playful—tools you can spin into every day and every moment to create an uplifting momentum.

A key to using the Shift List is to notice how you feel after you’ve taken an action. Notice when you shift. Take note of what works for you.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to offer yourself proof that you are an energy being. You are power … and powerful. You are in charge of your energy. Having a high quality power to create the life you want is your choice!

You can use this magnetic, ever-rising energy to attract the feelings, people and situations you enjoy. The high quality power you receive by using your Shift List is the energy that creates your dreams coming true.

Optional Quiz:

Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

Do you have more or less energy after:

1. Watching TV? What kind of program was it? What was your purpose in watching?

2. Surfing the internet. What were you giving your attention to?

3. Reading a book. Was the book a topic your spirit is excited about?

4. Writing. What was the subject matter? Did you express your spirit—and not your mind?

5. A conversation. Who were you talking to? Was the essence of the conversation from the compassionate wolf or fearful wolf? Were you speaking truth? Were you speaking “at” someone? Were they speaking “at” you? Were you/they coming from high quality power focusing on what you do want or low quality power focusing on what you don’t want?

Sourcing energy from the compassionate wolf is self-empowering. Any other power source is self-defeating and energy draining. If you watch TV as part of your life purpose, the program will give you energy. If your internet search ties into your heart’s desire, you’ll feel better. If the book you’re reading provides fodder for your soul, you’ll be uplifted. If your writing expresses the truth from your spirit, you’ll gain clarity and get higher and higher.

Sourcing energy from the wolf of fear while doing these activities—like spacing out or wasting time—saps your clarity and keeps you from your dreams. It’s your choice!