Find Your Passion!

A Magical Workshop that Celebrates Life! 

Find a livelihood that reflects your unique passions

Find your creative place on the planet

Find your home within yourself

Find the love, money and health you deserve!

What do we all want? … to feel good!

The Find Your Joy workshop helps you fulfil your deepest desires. How?

By firing up your inner passion and potential to attract what you want in life.

And by defusing the unconscious culprits that block the flow of the abundance.

                                         Change the World from the Inside Out

There really isn’t anything we can control in our outer world—friends, relatives, politicians, the weather, the economy, ecological disasters.

But there is one thing that you can control: your vibration. The energy level you vibrate at. The frequency you inhabit.

When your vibration is playful, you can transform any karma, trauma and drama.

When your energy is strong, you can make money doing what you love.

When your come from a high frequency, you’ll attract authentic love.


Find Your Peace

From the Huna of Hawaii to the Hopi of Arizona, from the Samurai of Old Japan to the Masters of Tibet, I’ve discovered how to change my world through changing my personal vibration.

I’ve shifted my physical health, emotional well-being, career, relationships, finances—and most important to me: my happiness. Finally, the judgment of myself and others is gone. There is no wrong. No bad. No blame. No shame. No regret. I’m at peace deep down inside.

For me, vibration is personal. Powerful. Real. Practical. And I’d love to share this joyful, playful, meaningful world with you.

Find Your Play

On the workshop you combine modern transformational skills with time-proven practices of indigenous and ancient peoples. In the roots of shamanic and Eastern culture, you uncover precepts and approaches that grow, re-spirit and empower you to connect directly with Source and their ability to create your dreams.

Fire Up Your Relationships

Release blocks to feeling love

Deepen your intimacy and sensuality

Find Your Prosperity

Jam-packed with practical life wisdom. Tools are presented in a playful way you can use to create immediate results. Guaranteed to skyrocket your ability to attract abundant love, money and health.

Make every day easy and abundant

Release the money genie inside you

Get the job your soul wants


Everyday Magic for Everyday Fun

This joyful workshop is about you—and your happiness and vitality!

Explore the infinite possibilities of transformation through Energetic Play. This adventure is open to anyone seeking abundance and acceleration toward bliss. We help each other manifest our heartfelt longings.

The approach is scientific. And mystical. And entirely magical!

Instant change is possible

Dreams manifesting is inevitable

Learn how to release the UNCONSCIOUS beliefs and feelings that are
attracting the UNWANTED experiences in your life

Harness Your Creative Power

Get well-paid doing what you love

Attract exciting, genuine relationships

Create a more compassionate vision for your life

Find your perfect partner for passion, play or profession

Awaken to Alchemy, Adventure & Aliveness

Pierce your veil of forgetfulness

Uncover the treasures of your buried past

Reveal the exciting lost adventures of your soul

Open to Miracles & Grace

Master multi-sensory perception

Visit past and future lives

Talk to your spirit guides

Activate your natural spiritual abilities

Develop your divine potential

Embrace a journey of fun and discovery

                                        The Mind is Replaced by Magic

The playshop is experiential, not simply intellectual.

The changes are cellular, not superficial.

It’s a heart trip, not just a head trip.

You get world lessons, not word lessons.

You transform your being, not just your beliefs.



You Bring Home Practical Skills:

A recognition of your special talents – and how to use them

A shift to choice, clarity and confidence

A fresh attitude of lightness, innovation and spontaneity

A restored spirit—rejuvenated and recharged

Let the Sleeper Awake!

Maximize your money

Ignite your creativity

Re-vitalize your body

Springboard your career

Generate your own energy



Keith Varnum presents, and you practice, the pragmatic skills culled from powerful spiritual mentors—shamans, medicine men, Eastern masters, Hawaiian Kahunas and Native American healers. Keith has shared his approach successfully as a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, acupuncturist, Reiki master, rebirther, yoga and meditation teacher, restaurateur, author, filmmaker, radio show host and vision quest guide.


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