Freedom Now!

Reclaim Your Personal Power

Freedom Now! is about freeing yourself to be more:

  • Alive

  • Loving

  • Healthy

  • Prosperous

  • Filled with Spirit

Are you settling for less than what you really want in life?

Freedom Now! is a fun, interactive workshop that shows you how to create the life you always wanted and never believed you could have.

This lively experiential workshop presents tools the facilitator, Keith Varnum, has personally used to breakthrough limiting beliefs about life, death, money, health, love, spirituality and security.

Do You Choose Beliefs that Excite You?

Personal Freedom is having a real choice about what beliefs, and therefore realities, you choose to create in your personal world—regarding abundance, relationships, vitality and Spirit.

You have options! You can opt out of mass consciousness beliefs and realities that don’t serve your aliveness. You can opt into individual beliefs and realities that do serve your joy.

Freedom Now! Frees You from

  • Karma

  • Trauma

  • Drama

  • Mama

  • Papa

Envision a New Life

Powerful tools are offered to assist you to release the grip of the old, automatic programming and allow yourself to invent anew and unfettered. Proven techniques are presented to help you withdraw your energy from the energy field of unconscious personal and cultural limitations. When you withdraw your energy field from the energy field of the collective consciousness, you can create and evolve in any way at any rate you choose. You are then free to experience fresh, easy ways of making an abundant living and aspiring to health and happiness.

Free yourself from the feelings that block your happiness:

  • Fear

  • Guilt

  • Grief

  • Worry

  • Anger

  • Shame

  • Self-doubt

  • Unworthiness

Challenge Your Limitations

In this dynamic seminar, you challenge your deepest-held, unconscious convictions about who you are, personally, socially, biologically and spiritually. You expose your “transparent beliefs,” the notions about life that feel like facts of life, but are actually only widely-held programmed beliefs. These subterranean, underlying emotional convictions about life determine how we experience each aspect of our everyday life. Disguised as “facts” these automatic beliefs filter our perception of every event and distort reality to fit into our rigid, preconceived framework.

The liberating truth about these notions is that they are totally arbitrary. These culturally conditioned beliefs are fictions that over time have become fact. These convictions are tales about “the way life is” that have—through constant automatic re-telling—become accepted as truth. In this workshop, you expose the illusions of socially accepted belief in scarcity, struggle and sickness.

Re-story Your Future

  • Start a fresh conversation about what it means to be a good manifestor

  • Craft a new vision of yourself that is more creative and compassionate

  • Build a future from your passion, not from your past

  • Call the Bluff on Your Mind’s Fears

The seminar helps you to unmask the bandit who has stolen your personal power and joy. You expose these “facts of life” for what they really are—fantasies of a culture that has forgotten who wrote the script of life. You re-connect with your Original Vision, the game plan you originally designed for your soul’s expression as a human being on Earth.

Create the perfect means for your heart’s expression

  • Walking out of your limited world into limitless self-reliance

  • Let your intuition guide your spirit to sing its unique song

  • Respond intuitively to the present, instead of emotionally to the past

  • Restore your natural ability to recognize the opportunities and resources that lead to a soul-satisfying life

Become a Modern Shaman

Practice strengthening your connection to Source. Dissolve the veils that separate you from the healing power of deeper reality. Learn to apply Nature and ancient native wisdom to transform your everyday modern life:

  • Learn the science of Spontaneous Healing of any condition or situation

  • Practice Natural Re-charging to tap the body’s innate curative ability

  • Take advantage of Organic Life-Pacing to enhance the flow of each day

  • Ground yourself in the River of Life with ancient Native Wisdom

Reclaim Your Natural Power

What keeps you safer than a gun, a gated community, a 12’ high wall, or the most advanced technology? What is more secure than a bank, a vault, an army, or geographical isolation? You!

Your personal power. Your clarity. Your intuition. Your conscious connection to the forces that—in reality—drive the events in the world.

You don’t have to live with worry, fear or anger about war, terrorism, a fluctuating stock market, or the loss of health, job or relationship. When you truly understand what actually keeps you safe day-to-day in the world, you will choose to cultivate your Personal Freedom.

Give yourself a Freedom Paradigm Shift!

“The thing people fear the most is non-survival. And non-survival is the only thing that can’t ever happen to us.”

You are an eternal being, whether you like it or not—whether you are aware of it or not! Personal Freedom is the recognition of your everlasting, eternal permanency! Personal Freedom is knowing you are the ultimate source of every experience you have in your life.

Re-light Your Inner Fire

To operate on a practical basis as the creator you are, it’s crucial to tap directly into Universal Life Force in a real, tangible, lasting way. You need to connect fully with the fire within, with the essence that nurtures the fullness of your being.

You know for certain you are a free being when you generate your own energy, love, power, health, wisdom, clarity, security, peace and fulfillment on a daily basis.

As you come alive again within, you naturally remember how to continuously fuel your own courage, safety, power, prosperity, compassion and happiness. As you begin to vibrate at the frequency of sovereignty in your everyday life, you attract and experience more of the direct personal evidence that makes the state of self-generation even more authentic and lasting for you. Like vibration attracts like vibration.

Where did you get the idea that life was serious?

Seriousness is highly overrated in our society. We are taught that you have to be serious to be heard, get things done right, and survive in this precarious, tough world.

In fact , the opposite is true. The lighter we touch the limited world of mass consciousness, the more we are able to create whatever we choose.  The freer we are of our past, our programming and our old patterns, the easier it is to thrive on this planet. And to enjoy the ride!


Freedom Now

Get Your Power Back