with Matrix Energetics

Want to Change Your Life Right Now Forever?

Private Session

Anywhere in the world

Or in Phoenix

Do with friends & split the cost

Responding to your individual needs

Tailored to your unique energy grid field

Customized to your special circumstances

Permanent Healing for your body, emotions, mind & soul

The Gong sets a powerful stage for therapeutic alchemy on all levels by harmonizing your quantum energy grid—setting up layers of vibrational waves that re-align your emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual bodies.

Your being selects the exact qualities it needs from the infinite range of helpful frequencies offered by the Gong.

For thousands of years, the Sacred Sound of the Gong has passed down through generations as a way of healing, increasing your vibration & opening doors to Spirit.

Shift your old unhelpful personal patterns into new useful blueprints for happiness!

Through the Gong I upgrade your Earth Journey with:

The gift of my 40 years of alchemical connection with the Ascended Masters & 

The power of my 40 years aligning human energy pathways with the acupuncture meridians &

the Planetary Ley Lines of the Earth

You’re transformed by a 40” Wu Xing hand-crafted Gong

Wu Xing carries to you the frequency of the 5 Elements of Life: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire & Air.

My Gong is a living, breathing Aware Being—a Shaman, a Wizard & a Great Master Healer.

The Gong shares with you vibrationally all the Wisdom of the Ages through its vast spectrum range of Sacred Sound frequencies. I also add the powerful morphic fields of 500-year-old, handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls & large Crystal Bowls.



For over 40 years I have successfully helped people all over the world to grow, heal & transform from the healing vortex of my home in Phoenix Arizona. Through the natural Rhythm of the Universe, you receive from our Gong & the Earth a Quantum Gong Oneness Immersion.

The Long-distance Gong Bath coupled with Matrix Energetics is my way of sharing the gifts of magic & miracles, with you & the world. For thousands of years, Sacred Sound has been passed down through the generations as a way of healing, increasing our vibration & opening doors to spirit.

Since this Heartbeat of Heaven is delivered on the vibrational, energetic, quantum, spiritual level, you’ll receive its healing benefit no matter where you live! True Traditional Chinese Medicine, Matrix Energetics & the Gong play with Universal Energy & Healing in exactly the same way as modern Quantum Physics. Thus distance is no barrier to their benefits & lasting effects.

GONG VIDEO – Take a moment & feel how this video of my Gong makes you feel.

I use the holographic no-time-space continuum to deliver the transformative power of the Gong Bath, Sacred Acupuncture & Matrix Energetics through direct connection beyond the illusion of geographical distance. The energetic, vibrational alignment, harmonizing & expansion occur in a palpable, visceral, demonstrable way. Most people sense & feel the hour Holographic Healing session in real time as it is performed. Everyone experiences the remarkable permanent shifts in their well-being, love life, abundance & spirit.

What Long-distance Sound Healing Will Do for You!

Your love, health & prosperity will sky rocket! This Quantum gift of frequency shift across the board works at a distance to transmute your old, unhelpful personal patterns into new, useful patterns of change.

Enjoy the value of “good vibrations” lifting you to a higher, more fun frequency—shifting your health, relations, career, money & mood via Ancient Healing Sound, Chinese Medicine & the magical power of Matrix Energetics. You’re invited to expand. Get bigger. Go global. Go universal. Go divine! Transform in the State of Grace!

The Living Being Gong will also use the planetary acupuncture meridian Ley Energy Lines of Earth to deliver to you the planet’s activating energy healing transformation alchemy love vibration frequency.



We talk briefly via phone or skype. You share with me your wishes & dreams for your life. You lie down or sit comfortably at our appointed hour wherever you are, while I deliver a Sacred Sound Gong Bath from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Coupled with Matrix Energetics, I play with your holographic energy grid pattern fields to align you with your dreams & goals in life. In the Eternal Now the Gong spans the veil of separation to vibrate you back to joy, compassion, abundance & ease.



 At my home at 11248 N. 11th Street, Phoenix

 [email protected]  602.861.2631

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 [email protected]  602.861.2631