Hansel and Gretel to the Rescue!

Our soul is too smart to leave to chance our Return to Grace.

The soul loads the dice. The gig is rigged.

When we go from the Oneness of soul into the separation of the personality, the soul leaves a trail of markers for us to find our way back to Knowing Who We Are. These soul clues are hidden along our personality path so we will stumble across them just when we need the encouragement of a wider perspective to get through the next challenge.

This is the message of the fairy tale, “Hansel and Gretel.”

Hansel, our adventurous personality, takes us off on an exploration of the mysterious forest, the vast world of surface difference and difficulty.

Gretel, our intuitive self, marks with pebbles the route they take going away from their true home, Spirit.

When they get lost in the confusion of the surface appearances, Hansel and Gretel come together, unite, to find the way back to the Oneness.

When our personality and soul communicate, we find our way back to Knowing Who We Are.