Hidden in Plain Sight:

How to Attract What You Want in Life

By Sulana Stone

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.” – Rumi

You can’t fool Mother Nature. But she sure can fool you. What a beauty she is—wowing us with her spacious skies and purple mountains majesty, and taunting us with her tantalizing tapestries of flora, fauna and frolicking creatures. From the spine-tingling glacial lakes of Alaska to the heart-warming mystical canyons of Arizona, I’ve experienced some of her best creations. Nature and I have been very intimate. I felt I knew her secrets. Boy, was I wrong!

I admit, I only wanted her for her looks and the way she makes me feel. It never occurred to me that Mother Nature has a deeper, more compassionate, protective side. I ignored her whispers that she has gifts for me—treasures more valuable than gold. And I was blind to the clues she scattered on my path.

In my youth, if Mother Nature told me her wild birds could guide me back to a lost path, I’d have felt she was nutty as a squirrel. Knowing that I wouldn’t listen to her, she sent a skilled sage to get her message through my thick skull. The Native American medicine man asked a simple question: “Did you know that rattlesnakes only bite “civilized” people and leave tribal people alone?” I felt the “crazy” shaman had a few rattles loose in his brain. But his words were intriguing. “How could that be?” I wondered. “Why would a snake choose to bite some people and leave others alone?” His preposterous claim haunted me.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, this bold assertion propelled my life into a new direction that would take me off my known map into uncharted territory. Mother Nature was luring me in. I was the cat. She was the nip. She was determined to get my attention!

A Helpful Hawk

My first clue to the guiding, caring aspect of Mother Nature occurred when a bird led me back to a hiking trail I’d lost. I’d gotten about 50 yards off the path, heading in the wrong direction. Suddenly a bird screeched. Looking up, I spotted a low-flying hawk circling intently over a particular spot. An investigation was in order. When I arrived at the spot he was focused on, he flew off. Wow! I found myself standing smack in the middle of the lost trail! My winged friend had delivered me back to my path.

Dancing with Danger

Mother Nature had just begun to rearrange my understanding about the inner workings of the natural world. She arranged for me to experience safety in situations that are usually hazardous for humans. To protect their offspring, wild boar usually attack people who intrude into their space. When I surprised a family of 40 wild boar with babies, they were more curious than hostile toward me. A poisonous scorpion crawled harmlessly over my foot without showing any inclination to sting. During a lengthy close encounter of the wily kind, a pack of coyotes sniffed me, checked me out thoroughly, and then went nonchalantly on their way. And I stomped my foot within an inch of a nesting rattlesnake—without triggering a bite or even a rattle. Now I have the confidence to walk—and even sit—peacefully within a couple feet of resting rattlesnakes.

Ah, Mother Nature and my “crazy” medicine man—their ingenious game plan was bearing fruit. The clues I was picking up from my uncharted journey were beginning to form a fresh picture about how life really works. I could now see that situations that appear dangerous are not always the case. What other surprises did Mother Nature have in store for me?

The Magical Mystery Tour

Hidden in plain sight is a magical space about which native tribes sing—and “crazy” shamans teach. This place is real, physical and tangible. The core nature of this space explains why birds guide you back to your path and snakes bite some people and not others. It’s a world of vibrational energy and attraction. To enter this new land, we need only to truly “see” what’s right in front of us.

Are you ready for an extraordinary journey of discovery and adventure?

Bugs ‘n Bunny

Have you ever been buzzed by a luminescent dragonfly who’s trying to get you to notice her? Landing next to you, she waits for you to talk or play with her. After several minutes of intimate conversation, you’re ready to go on your merry way, but the persistent bug circles around you, stopping you in your tracks. She perches on the nearest flower, wanting more interaction with you. Why’d she do that?

Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin’ down the bunny trail. When he spots you, are you so uptight and agitated that he disappears faster than you can say, “Abracadabra?” Or, are you so relaxed and accessible that old Pete hangs around to get a bit closer to you?

What makes the difference between a creature wanting to hang with you, or get away from you? You make the difference.

Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations

The Beach Boys sang about it: “Good, good, good, good vibrations … giving me excitations.” Bugs and bunnies feel good around people who give off good vibes. When you are in a state of openness and trust, animals feel open and trusting around you. When you give off fearful or threatening vibes, animals feel fear and either move away or feel threatened and defensive. It’s up to you what vibration you put out.

Lady dragonfly enjoyed bathing in your playful energy and came back for more intimate interaction. On his first visit, Mr. Cottontail felt the harsh quality of your energy and disappeared. Later, when you were feeling happy, Pete was ready to do the Bunny Hop with you.

Attracting Love

Our emotional state affects not only our appeal to insects and animals, but also to humans. Other people respond to our vibration in exactly the same way as bugs and bunnies do. The vibe that attracts wild critters is the same vibe that attracts people and circumstances to nurture us—like being loved or supported. The vibe that attracts a viper to bite us is the same vibe that attracts people and circumstances to “bite” us—like being rejected or betrayed.

Have you noticed that when you are in great spirits, your conversations with friends are more fun and clear? People want to talk to you in the supermarket line or gather around you at work—just like Peter Cottontail who wants to hang around and soak up your vibes. Or, are you so upset and irritated that people can’t wait to get away from you—and are looking for an excuse to disappear into a rabbit hole?

Getting the Goodies

When we pay attention, Mother Nature always guides us towards connection, harmony and support. She shows us how our emotional states affect every aspect of our lives. Our vibes determine our safety and success in life.

Mother Nature is still having her way with me—and I keep coming back for more. I’m grateful she sent the “crazy” medicine man whose intriguing question led me to see the world with fresh eyes and an open heart.

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