Holiday Fun with Live Sound Meditations, Games & Snacks



Get ready to rev up your ability to feel better, create a happier life, have fun and let in more abundance and health! At this jingle bash we’re going to use play, games, sound, meditation, intuition, creativity and humor to open to the “goodies” the universe has for us. As part of the variety of Sacred Sounds, we’ll offer a heavenly Gong Bath. (See the short video clip below that shows the dramatic measurable effects Sacred Sound can have on our physical body.)

All sounds and games are designed to raise our vibration, to deepen our experience of Spirit and provide a morphic field of fun, abundance, clarity that we can tap into any time, anywhere to create the life we want. We’ll also play games to open to personal intuitive messages that will get your life more into an easy flow.

What’s that?? Ease? Fun? Abundance? Answers to your questions? Yep! That’s right! Plus you’ll make new friends to play with who share your interests.

Delicious snacks will be provided … and we also invite you to bring homemade food to share if you’re moved to.

If you’re a singer, musician or dancer and would like to share your gift with our group, please send a link to your youtube talent video to: [email protected]. We’re looking for talent that fits with the tone and intent of the evening.




BEFORE 1 hour Gong Bath: the Red Blood Cells were stagnant & stuck together & White Blood Cells–the immune system–were small, dull & lifeless. AFTER: the Red Blood Cells changed from swamp-like stagnation to a free flowing bloodstream & White Blood Cells became larger & became far more luminous & healthy.

Please join us for this extraordinary evening of playful creation.