The Dream Workshops

Where Your Dreams Come True!

  • Awaken Your Life Purpose
  • Energize Your Body
  • Attract Your Perfect Partner
  • Maximize Your Money
  • Develop Your Spiritual Abilities
  • Have More Fun in Life

In The Dream Workshops Keith Varnum presents some of the most powerful transformational tools available currently on the planet. Using shamanic intuitive journeys, movement, music, painting, laughter and fun, you learn to access the wisdom of your intuition and free yourself from limiting patterns. The workshops provide easy, efficient processes to discover your life purpose and ignite the passion to create that purpose as a personal reality.

On each of our workshops, we come together as a Gathering of Equals. You play together with the other participants and the facilitator Keith Varnum as peers, conscious equals—equal in wisdom, power and compassion. The space encourages you to show up as the creative, knowing being you truly are—naturally clear, inventive and free.

Then, by keeping attention focused solely on your desires—not on the distractions of life—your soul’s intentions manifest with no effort or doingness. You create by achieving vibrational harmony with the object of your desire. Drawing from your own peak life experiences, you go directly to the quality you want and allow that core energy to manifest itself in the perfect form in your life. You reclaim your innate wisdom, inner strength and natural aliveness and make lasting life changes. These proven techniques bring the mind, body and spirit together to manifest what truly makes you healthy and fulfilled.

The purpose of life is to share love. The Dream Workshops help you to recover your ability to embrace and express love in your own individual way.

We invite you to join us for a profound adventure of opening to the real you—the you that knows how to fly—the you that is Spirit. You are one of a kind, with unique talents and expressions to offer the world.

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