How to Open a Portal Anywhere

Get What You Want in Life through

The Magic of Conscious Gateway Creation

Unlike anything you’ve ever done before!

A portal is the deliberate creation of a gateway (channel, opening, opportunity or breakthrough) to go from where you are to where you want to be in:

  • Business
  • Love
  • Spirit
  • Body
  • Well-being
  • Play

For eons, ancient and native peoples have used portals to:

  • travel through space (teleportation, bilocation)
  • time (condensing, expanding, stopping time)
  • dimensions (astral projection)
  • communication (understanding)
  • psychology (realization)
  • spirituality (enlightenment)

Practice effective, time-proven methods from ancient and tribal traditions:

  • active movements – to move between physical, emotional and spiritual states
  • meditations – to shift between states of consciousness
  • star gates – to travel between dimensions

Learn the EXACT TECHNOLOGY of how to:

  • Deliberately create a portal
  • Recognize when you have opened a door
  • Go through it – take appropriate action

Benefits of Portal Technology:

  • Effect permanent change
  • Transform relationships
  • Get co-operation of bureaucracies, your boss, employees and family
  • Harmony in arguments and conflicts

Use the Portals of:        To Connect with the Power and Wisdom: 

Intention                                      Choice, flexibility and sovereignty 

Senses                                        Beauty, sensuality and your natural ecstasy

Sound                                         Vibrational healing, expansion and enjoyment

Sacred Places                            Medicine men/women, your ancestors and Spirit

Silence                                       Serenity, balance and merging with the divine

Singing                                       Authentic expression, communication and liberation

Movement                                  Physical freedom, fluidity and radiant vitality

Touch                                         Your body, Nature and direct transmission of love

Devotion                                     Ritual, ceremony and heart

Nature                                        Adventure, excitement and universal support

Meditation                                  Soul retrieval, soul travel and soul freedom

Color                                          Activation, aliveness, and re-vitalization

Intimacy                                      Innocence, openness and safe vulnerability

Truth-telling                                Passion, alchemy and grace

Music/Art                                    Inspiration, creativity and unbridled joy

Time                                           Ancestors, past lives and your Future Self

Vortexes                                     Spirit beings, ET’s and Native American shamans 

Play                                             Laughter, humor and spontaneity

Feng-shui                                    Power spots, intuitive timing and right use of will

Food                                           Instant energy, sensuality and health

Symbols                                     Mandalas, hieroglyphs and coded cues

Surrender                                   Abandonment and the divine state of Hootlessness

Divine Intervention                     Angels, nature spirits and Ascended Masters

Out-of-Body Experience            Inter-dimensional travel and freedom

Breath                                       Transformation, grounding and centering

Story Telling                              Remembering Who You Really Are