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Inner Coach: Outer Power

I asked Fred [of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood] why he talked he talked in such a leisurely, piecemeal way. . . . “Children understand us when we talk plainly and honestly to them,” explained Mr. Rogers. “I talk very simply to children because I want to communicate with them as young as possible. Even before children understand the intellectual definition of words, they absorb meaning from the vibration of each spoken word, the energy of the intention of the communication, and the feelings of the people speaking.” p. 43

Kneeling down on both knees in the traditional Japanese manner, Michio [Kushi] put his hands together in a prayer-like position, closed his eyes and sat very still. After several minutes, his body began to slowly lift off the ground to a height of about four feet. There he remained for ten minutes, suspended in the air several feet above the floor. Now he had my attention! p. 89

Twenty-five naked women and men lay between me and the exit. If I could have jumped across the collective mass of quivering skin, I would have bolted from that basement in a split second. As it turned out, I found myself inadvertently trapped in a situation that would lead me to astounding new levels of awareness and abundance. p.113

When our feet hit the ground taking our first step, we were standing in front of the 7-11 convenience store—over a mile away from the restaurant! We had gone that distance in one step! Instinctively, we both looked at our watches. No time had gone by! When we went inside, I double-checked the time with the store’s wall clock. It also verified that mile-long journey from the restaurant to the store had occurred in a matter of seconds! p. 24

In my young twenties, as a professional journalist covering floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, accidents and assorted disasters . . . I’ve witnessed people lifting two-ton trucks, ripping open steel elevator doors, and performing medical procedures they had no way of knowing how to conduct. How? By choosing to go with an unknown future instead of a known past. . . . When it’s dramatically obvious that a known past will lead to a known—but fatal—future, people will often choose to give up their familiar, current beliefs and allow something fresh and new to occur. . . . As a young journalist, a light bulb lit up inside my head: If we can tap these super-normal abilities in a crisis, why can’t we access these extraordinary powers at will, whenever we want? p.38-39

Throughout our lives, our inner coach guides us into situations where we can gain a clearer vision of ourselves, our world and our future. Sometimes the path can be turbulent, as the personality tries to close its eyes to the grander view. However, when the personality opens again to inner guidance, the light of clarity illuminates the previously darkened world. p. 55

When I took over the landscaping duties at Michio Kushi’s East-West Institute in Los Angeles without any background in that field, I viewed the challenge as an opportunity to expand my appreciation of the Earth. Little did I suspect the job would also expand my appreciation of Heaven. Among my landscaping duties at my spiritual mentor’s teaching center was the responsibility to cultivate four large fields of organic vegetables to feed our household. . . . Hollywood stars who were into organic food frequently graced our table for the evening, including Gloria Swanson and Mia Farrow. p. 97

The veil between life and death is very thin. When the veil dissolves, we can slip between time and space to discover people just like us looking for a place to call home. p. 121

Since Kriya wouldn’t let me lay my hands on the affected area, I asked silently, What would E.T. do in this situation? Of course, I knew. Very delicately, I extended my index finger to oh- so-lightly touch her outstretched, wounded finger. I whispered softly, “We’re going to do just like E.T.” . . . Kriya, Leslie and I sat together in silence for several minutes. After a timeless interval, Kriya withdrew her finger from our intimate contact. Not only was the pain gone, but also the white, blistered, burned skin had disappeared. Her finger was completely healed. p. 168

The vibration of our love pulled to it the object of our love. The affection and admiration we had poured into the personage of Sid Caesar vibrationally attracted his very real personage to meet us in Central Park. p. 243

“This,” he said, tapping the crude map with its meandering trail, “take you to volcano. To be with volcano.” With his finger, Miguel softly tapped his chest over his heart, “to feel and know spirit of volcano.” Then he laughed softly and cautioned us we would be scared because the volcano would definitely erupt when we were there. “But volcano not harm you,” he added hastily. . . .His words only mildly consoled me. p. 286

Michio spoke to me about being “sovereign.” He implored me to “never work for money. Never do anything you don’t want to do to obtain money. If you work for money, you are no better than a slave!”

His words had a strong and penetrating effect on me because I knew in my heart they were true. Yet I didn’t have a clue how to live this truth in my life. At the time, I couldn’t imagine how a person could have money without working at a job. Since then, I’ve learned to attract the financial support of the universe by aligning my professional path with my soul passion and purpose. p. 84