Tap the Secret within “The Secret” to create your goals:

Learn how to release the UNCONSCIOUS beliefs and feelings that are
attracting the UNWANTED experiences in your life.

Live Your Dream

A Magical Workshop that Celebrates Life!

Have the love, money and health your deserve!

What do we all want? … to feel good!

The Live Your Dream workshop helps you fulfill your deepest desires.


By firing up your inner passion and potential to attract what you want in life.

And by defusing the unconscious culprits that block the flow of the abundance.

From the Huna of Hawaii to the Hopi of Arizona, from the Samuri of Old Japan to the Masters of Tibet, learn ancient and modern tools to manifest your heart’s desires and …

Get the Tools to Build Your Dream:

  • A job with soul and passion
  • Loving, fun relationships
  • Outrageous prosperity
  • Spiritual power
  • Radiant health

Live Your Dream

A unique workshop designed to skyrocket the level of love, joy, money and vitality in your life!

Keith shares his latest discoveries on how to increase your creativity, intimacy and prosperity.

A new, powerful  approach to dissolving ancient karmic emotional blocks to your happiness and health.

Easy, effective methods to transform unwanted emotions, limited beliefs and self-judgments into unlimited energy, freedom and joy.

Your improvements are permanent. The benefits are lasting. Because the shifts occur in your most fundamental ground of being!

Harness your amazing creative  powers to:

  • Get well-paid doing what you love
  • Attract exciting, genuine relationships
  • Create a more compassionate vision for your life
  • Find your perfect partner for passion, play or profession

Awaken the courage to be yourself!

  • Invoke miracles, magic and grace
  • Deepen your connection with Source
  • Activate your natural spiritual abilities
  • Cultivate a career that reflects your unique gifts

Live Your Dream

How do you fulfill your deepest wishes?

By activating your natural potential to attract your soul intentions.

Learn ancient and modern tools to manifest your heart’s desires:

Fire Up Your Relationships

  • Ignite fresh passion
  • Release blocks to feeling love
  • Deepen your intimacy and sensuality
  • Communicate more clearly and honestly

Make Your Life Fun and Abundant

  • Release the money magic inside you
  • Get the job your soul wants
  • Turn your passion into prosperity
  • Uncover your hidden talents and delights
  • Attract wealth doing what excites you

Revitalize Your Health 

  • Enjoy radical aliveness
  • Shift illness into wellness
  • Awaken your chakra energy centers
  • Liberate boundless energy
  • Create your life as a thrilling adventure 

Re-spirit Your Life

  • Create miracles in daily life
  • Develop your divine potential
  • Authentically express your spirit
  • Master your unique Path of Power
  • Embrace a journey of fun and discovery