Magical Fields of Energy

By Sulana Stone

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.   —Rumi

Prior to May 6, 1954, people believed it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in under four minutes. Scientists agreed that the human body wasn’t physically built to run any faster. Then on May 6th, Roger Bannister became the first human to break the four-minute barrier. Before 1954, no modern runner had run a mile in under four minutes. Yet, within the next two years, 37 additional people ran a mile in under four minutes.

How’d That Happen?

How could it be impossible to reach a goal for hundreds—or thousands—of years, then after one person succeeds, lots of people can reach a goal that was previously unachievable?

In his poem Rumi provides a clue that’s much more powerful than we ever imagined when he pens, “there is a field.”

It’s the Magical Morphic Field!

Morphic fields allow us to reach previously unachievable goals. Morphic fields allow us to go where one person has gone before!

Loosely defined, a morphic field is an energetic pattern of information. This pattern is established by firsts. The first of anything. Anything you can name has a morphic field: a word, person, object or activity. If the morphic field is created by an activity, the first activity influences similar activities that follow.

Examples of morphic fields are: all the people who know how to fly planes have established a morphic field we’ll call, “flying planes.” All skiers have created a morphic field of “skiing.” Compassionate people have created a morphic field of “compassion.” Physics has a morphic field. Objects like trees and bridges each have a specific morphic field. People also have morphic fields. Oprah. Jesus. Santa Claus. Superman. And all runners have established a morphic field of “running.”

Morphic fields have cumulative memory. So, the more similar activities that happen, the stronger the field becomes. Take the example of breaking the four-minute mile. A person who is in the morphic field of “running” breaks the four-mile record. Then this new information is contained within the morphic field of “running.” Now, everyone in the morphic field of “running” has access to the new energy pattern of how to run a mile in under four minutes. And the more people who break the record create an even stronger field. As the field grows stronger, it becomes easier for other runners to tap into the information and run a mile under four minutes. Cool, huh?

Amazing Benefits

If there’s a life experience you’d like to have, you can use a morphic field as a gateway for entering into that experience! This means you don’t have to start from scratch. You don’t have to read every book on the subject. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If someone has already gone where you want to go, you can go there too. And you can go there more easily by tapping into the morphic field of their activity!

How to Tap Into a Morphic Field

You can begin to tap into any morphic field you desire by finding people who’ve done what you want to do. Read their stories. Watch their videos. Enter their morphic field. Open to the experience you want as being a real possibility for you.

About a year ago, I stumbled into a very useful morphic field.

Tapping the Morphic Field of “Using Earth Energy”

I’ve spent years guiding groups on nature adventures in the Red Rock canyons of Sedona. Sometimes if a day has been challenging, I might run low on energy during the hike back to the trailhead.

One particular day I hit a long patch of sneaker-grabbing sand. I feel as if my feet are wading through wet cement. Quickly running out of steam, I’m struggling through the sand and desperately need an energy boost. After silently asking for help, I receive inspiration. I recall shaman teachings about using the earth’s energy rather than using your own energy. Extraordinary stories about runners who knew how to ride the energy of the earth come to mind.

Native American Long Distance Runners

In the 1860s, a Mesquakie tribe messenger runner in his mid-fifties ran 400 miles from Green Bay, Wisconsin to warn Sauk Indians along the Missouri River of an enemy attack.

In 1794 an early settler journaled that an Iroquois Confederacy messenger ran 90 miles from Canandaigua, New York to Niagara, New York between sunrise and sunset.

In 1835 a correspondent to The Spirit of the Times newspaper told of a Native American who ran 100 miles in a day carrying a sixty-pound bar of lead.

In 1876 Chief Big Hawk ran from the Pawnee Agency to the Wichita Tribe, a distance of 120 miles, within 24 hours. When Big Hawk arrived, his claim to have run such a distance was not believed by the members of the Wichita tribe. To verify Big Hawk’s assertion, the Wichita tribe chief arranged to ride back to the Pawnee Agency while Big Hawk ran the distance. The Wichita chief also sent a relay horse to the 60-mile point so that he could change horses. Before the 60-mile point, the Wichita chief’s horse was forced to stop and rest. However, Big Hawk continued running. The Wichita chief eventually reached the Pawnee Agency before sunrise, less than 24 hours after their start, and found Big Hawk asleep. Big Hawk had come in around midnight. He ran 120 miles across mountains, hills and streams in about 20 hours.

If They Can Do It, Can I?

Since my legs are rapidly becoming lead weights, I’m eager to find a way to lighten my load. Can I use the earth’s energy as these runners did?

Lightening Up

I’d seen the waves of energy rising from a hot pavement. So I know energy waves existed. I also know many people have hiked down the main path of the canyon. Could there be an energy stream created by the hikers that’s flowing down this path?

I begin to playfully “feel” for a stream. I follow my imagination’s suggestions of whimsical games. I stealthily zigzag down the path pretending to be a coyote, alert for any change in energy. I have fun experimenting. I become aware of light and shadow. Feel the breeze on my skin. Smell different scents in the air. Hear the chirps and warbles of birds. I soon sense an energy flowing down the hiking trail. At first the sensation is very subtle. Then, poof! I’m in the stream!

The energy stream feels like a fast-running current and carries me along. I no longer struggle to move my legs. I’m effortlessly flowing down the path. The only limitation to speed is how fast my feet can move to keep up with the flow of the stream. The current is moving at such a fast clip that I begin to run. Since I’m part of a group, I don’t want to get too far ahead and decide to wait for the group to draw near. And, much to my surprise and delight, when the group catches up, I stay in the energy stream, moving easily along at the slower speed of the group.

You Can Do It Too!

Was this a one-time phenomenon? No! I’ve entered the morphic field of “using earth energy” every time I’ve gone hiking since. And when I share this exciting mind-blowing possibility with people on a nature adventure, some of them are playful enough to leap into the “field” with me and experience the same effortless flowing movement.

Keys to Entering a Morphic Field

I’ve discovered some common elements when accessing a morphic field: Recalling stories in which someone else did what you want to do. Playing with the possibility. Being curious. Light. Open. Exploring. Allowing whatever happens to happen. Letting go. Having fun!

I’ve also discovered that this stream of energy isn’t limited to the canyon where I first opened to this morphic field. The stream of energy is available anywhere, anytime—when I feel light and playful enough to open to it.