Find Your Joy with the Matrix Energetics Process

Love, Health and Abundance Flow to You with Ease and Grace!

3rd Tuesday of every month

7-9 pm

A Peace of the Universe Bookstore
7000 E Shea Blvd, Ste 1710, Scottsdale 85254
Upper Level Scottsdale Promenade – 480.596.3755

This fun and transformational playshop is about you—and your happiness and health! You get to personally experience exciting new approaches to personal transformation.


We meet from 7-9pm to explore the infinite possibilities of transformation through energy healing.


“Find Your Joy” play group is open to anyone seeking happiness, vitality, prosperity, fun, miracles and spiritual well-being. We help each other manifest our deepest dreams. Our get-togethers are very experiential, lively and heart-centered. You practice with others who are creating what they want in their lives.

We’ll experientially explore every approach to quantum matrix healing and transformation. Quantum physics and spirituality come together to create immediate, amazing transformational healing shifts in your mind, body and spirit that you can feel and see.


We play with many approaches to vibrational healing, including the Matrix Energetics process, the Release Technique,, 5 Sacred Tibetan Rites, Brain Yoga, and many other transformational modalities. We help you grow, heal and embrace life in all its wonder and delight. Now you can attract a great relationship, get a better job, make more money, and manifest a deeper understanding of life. You’ll leave each meeting feeling lighter and more optimistic about yourself and life’s challenges.

 Additional Matrix demos:


1st Tues of each month:

Home of Keith Varnum
11248 N. 11th St, Phoenix AZ 85020

Near 7th St & Thunderbird – 602.861.2631

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Your Host Keith Varnum

As the host, I will share my forty years of practical wisdom gained from living with Eastern spiritual masters, tribal shamans, Hawaiian Kahunas and Native American medicine men. I’ve tested these practical secrets in my career as an author, personal coach, therapist, acupuncturist, yoga instructor, sound healer, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, gourmet chef, vision quest guide, vice president of a multi-million dollar natural foods company, and international seminar leader with my “Dream Workshops.”


I’m a Certified  Matrix Energetics Practitioner. I’ll demonstrate this powerful new consciousness technology with each member of the group.

And I’ll share my personal experience of the life-changing Matrix Energetics training, plus two books and a dynamic DVD by Dr. Richard Bartlett, creator of the Matrix Energetics process.




The Matrix Energetics process is a complete system of healing and transformation developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett. The system itself is not a technique but a consciousness shift. It’s a fun, exciting new approach to transforming anything in your life. It operates in a new paradigm utilizing the science of subtle energy and quantum physics. It couples the power of active imagination and focused intent to produce instant, physical, verifiable effects in real time. It’s a transferable and teachable phenomenon that has a physical and observable effect every time.


Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. This transformational tool is designed for all to play, learn and experience amazing new possibilities. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner, or have no healing background, you can work with the Matrix Energy Field to make actual, observable, permanent changes instantly. You learn to clear out the causes of all physical and emotional patterns. You create quick, dramatic results with no waiting and no running of energy. You can use it to supercharge any technique or system of healing. Plus it’s very easy and playful!


Each “Find Your Joy” gathering creates a unique and magical environment in which anything is possible! You shed your preconceptions and limiting concepts to enter a highly supportive playground for your consciousness. 


Feel free to invite friends. This is an enriching, entertaining and powerful play group for everyone!

Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions: 


Keith Varnum


[email protected]