The Power of the Feminine

Re-embrace Primal Creative Life Force

Reclaim the Heart and Soul of the Eternal Goddess

Re-engage the Passion and Purpose of the Temple Priestess

Rebirth the Sacred Feminine to Bring Balance Back to Our World

There is a hidden force on Earth that is more powerful than all the armies and nuclear bombs of the world combined. It is the stuff of magic and miracles. This power has been denied, discredited and discounted by the prevailing patriarchy for thousands of years. Now is the hour for the re-emergence of the Eternal Goddess energy. It’s time to not only cultivate, but also celebrate, the crucial intuitive, nurturing, supporting, receiving, allowing and creative energies of the Divine Feminine in our society and in ourselves. As we honor and utilize this underlying Prime Mover of Life, we fuse our Feminine and Masculine energies into a unified force for harmony and balance on Earth–and within ourselves.


  • Sacred Harmony, Sexual Healing
  • The Strength and Joy of Our Erotic Feminine
  • The Million year Herstory of Matriarchy on Mother Earth
  • The Mystery and Majesty of Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene
  • Self-generation of your own Energy, Esteem, Security and Love
  • Finding Your Unique Path of Power
  • Fusing Your Feminine and Masculine Energies into a Unified Friend

Through shamanic, intuitive journeys, movement and massage, sound and sharing, painting and play, we come together in a safe, supportive space to heal and align our souls, sexuality and sacred gifts into one, unified expression of divine and personal purpose.

Become a Person of True Power

  • Evolve from Victim to Victor
  • Disarm the Inner Critic
  • Tap the Wisdom and Vitality of the Physical Body
  • Dance with Your Shadow – Integrating your dark side
  • Validate your own unique experience and expertise in life
  • Recover a Balanced Soul through shamanic journeying 

To heal the Divine Feminine is to heal the Earth