Prosperity Can Be Easy and Fun!

By Keith Varnum

When I was nineteen, I read my first self-improvement book. Wow, I could make my living doing something I loved to do? Amazingly good news! … Not!

When I encountered this exciting proposition, I got really depressed. Depressed? The message of these books was supposed to be uplifting and inspiring. I should be rejoicing! Instead I felt discouraged and disheartened.

Why? Because this optimistic suggestion felt so outlandish, so unattainable, I actually burned many of the first self-help books I read. Served them right—setting me up for disappointment and frustration!

I didn’t believe any of the authors’ claims. Prosperity … Natural? Easy? Fun? Ridiculous! Not my experience! Outrageous? Yes … an outrageous lie!

Little did I know at the time that these books were outrageously correct!

An Inside Job

So how do you put easy cash in your pocket, fun romance in your bedroom, and natural vitality in your body? The Latin root of “prosperity” means “to make happy, favorable, successful, fortunate, thriving.” Prosperity is not an outer circumstance or state. Prosperity is an inner feeling or space—an experience of oneself as joyful and flourishing.

Live in Universal Supply

Universal Supply is having what you choose (want and need) when you choose to have it. In truth, it is our natural state. When we’re aligned with our true intentions in being here this lifetime, prosperity flows automatically with no effort.

Answer Your Life’s Calling

The key to getting the Universe to support you in an outrageously abundant way is to own your calling. Circulate your true calling card—a proclamation of your true passion, mission, purpose for being.

Nowadays referred to as a business card, this concise announcement was once dubbed a calling card. The small rectangular document made public your name and activity of interest.

What is your true calling, your real vocation? What is the business of your soul this lifetime on Earth?

Hello, Anyone Home?

What aspect of life is calling to you right now? Doing what you came here to do on Earth brings great satisfaction and joy. As you commit to your calling, the resulting vibration of happiness opens the floodgates to profuse support and resources from the Universe.

Personal Passion Is Your Personal Power

There is a single ingredient that separates people who are successful in life from people who are not. That component is how you harness your personal power. We all have a built-in inner magnetic force that has the power to attract the ideal work position, exciting soul partners, perfect health, and accelerated spiritual progress. That power is the passion we feel for the things we love in life.

What would happen if you knew and followed your calling, your passion, your fun? What actions could you take today that would bring your life more in accord with your life calling and joy?

Have an Outrageous Vision!

The bigger and bolder the vision, the more it will propel you forward. Outrageous visions are contagious! With an awe-inspiring dream, you’ll attract and inspire others to help you achieve your aspiration.

The More Electricity, the Quicker the Manifestation

Take advantage of the natural physics of the Universe. Science calls it the Law of Quantum Physics. Metaphysics calls it the Law of Spiritual Attraction. Like energy attracts like energy. Like vibration attracts like vibration. Like qualities attract like qualities. Scientifically speaking, all physical matter in life is pulsating electro-magnetic energy that undulates in a wave motion—and thus, naturally connects with those aspects of life that are on that same wavelength.

Attract prosperity with your personal magnetism—your personal bliss. Choose a livelihood that evokes excitement and enthusiasm and this natural electro-magnetic energy will attract magic, meaning and money into your world.

Feel Extravagantly

Feel the pain as well as the joy. Shake with fear. Let the anger rise up and roar! If you’re not truly feeling, you’re not truly alive—you’re just going through the paces. You’re only having a NLE—Near-Life Experience. Feel. Feel the agony—and the ecstasy. Until you feel you’ll surely explode!

Stop holding back from laughing with your belly, loving from the deepest places of your heart, and swooning with the sensuality of life itself. When your e-motions move, your energy moves—your life force is moving within your body and world. And when you let your emotions and desires move, the Universe moves to meet you—to fulfill your desires and dreams.

Be Specific, but Not Limiting

Focus on the essence, the spirit, of what you want—not on the exact outer appearance you think it has to take. Center on the specific experience and qualities you want to create—not the form or box it has to be delivered in. Most mental forms are too rigid and limiting. Allow the Universe to bring you the qualities of experience you desire in whatever package is possible, available and most appropriate to satisfy your soul’s longing.

Your Prosperity Consciousness Bank Account

You can also draw from previous plentiful times. Vibrations of good times can be stored up for retrieval during challenging times. Past prosperous times can remind you emotionally and physically of how the vibration of abundance feels—and shift you palpably into those bountiful good vibes in the present.

Experientially re-living peak moments from the past is more transforming than mentally remembering an event. “Positive experiencing” is even more powerful than “positive thinking.”

Give Yourself a Spaceshift

Script your life from what brings you joy. Cultivate beauty. Create beauty through your everyday activities and celebrate beauty in your everyday surroundings.

Feng-shui is the ancient art and science of consciously managing matter and energy within space. By intuitively re-arranging the elements of your daily life, you create the space to nurture the freedom, opportunities and excitement you desire. By clearing out the old, dead elements of your life, you create a natural vacuum and an unblocked channel for fresh, new energy and ideas to come into your private and professional life.

Do you long for more expanse, vitality, efficiency, easy flow, free time and elbow room in your life? Your home and work environment deeply affects your relationships, romance, health and prosperity. Learn to creatively and consciously integrate and harmonize your world to support and manifest your dreams.

Remember … it’s your party!