Re-Vision Your World

Create a fresh future, individually and collectively

“We will celebrate this New Millennium by gathering together to re-story our future, individually and collectively,“ states Keith Varnum, the lead facilitator of the Dream Workshops. “We will start a fresh conversation with our universe about what it means to be alive, to be human and to be spiritual. We’ll assist each other to co-create a new vision of ourselves and our society that is more creative and compassionate. We’ll co-create a future from our passion, not from our past.”

Re-Vision Your World challenges our deepest-held, unconscious convictions about who we are, personally and socially.

This dynamic workshop exposes our “transparent beliefs,” the notions about life that feel like facts of life, but are actually only widely-held beliefs.

These subterranean, underlying convictions about life determine how we experience every aspect of our everyday life. Disguised as “fact,” these unconscious beliefs filter our perception of every event and distort reality to fit into our rigid, preconceived framework.

The liberating truth about these convictions is that they are totally arbitrary. They are fictions that over time have become fact. They are tales about “the way life is” that have, through constant unconscious re-telling, become accepted as truth.

The workshop challenges the very structure of our collective reality, the accepted nature of the physical universe. Keith shares,

“We’ll unmask the bandit that has stolen our personal power and collective joy. We‘ll expose these ‘facts of life’ for what they really are … fantasies of a culture that has forgotten who wrote the script of life. We’ll help each other to re-connect with each of our Original Vision, the game plan we originally designed for soul’s expression as a human on earth.”

Powerful tools are offered to assist you to release the grip of the old, automatic, arbitrary programming and free yourself to invent anew.

Proven techniques will be presented to help you withdraw your energy field from the energy field of the unconscious tribal, cultural agreements.

When you withdraw their energy field from the energy field of the collective consciousness, you can create and evolve in any way at any rate you choose.

The workshop examines our society’s underlying archetypes. You envision fresh ways of relating to self and to others, different ways of making a living, and new ways of aspiring to health and happiness.

The approach brings the light of truth and volition to our society’s time-enforced, rigid convictions concerning time, money, death, gender, food, sleep, disease and other unconsciously-accepted limitations.

Walk the Mystical Path 

The traditional path of the mystic is one of mystery, magic and miracles. It has been an adventure full of intrigue and secrecy. But this ancient path can also be walked with practical feet! The mystical approach once simplified and clarified, can be a very dynamic, productive and rewarding way to live your everyday life and create the realities you want for your enjoyment and growth.

Tap the Power of Grace 

Grace is that energy, force, alchemy that allows situations to transform when nothing else will work.

“Ask and Ye shall receive.”

Yes, great … but how? Knowing how and from where to ask for divine/cosmic intervention is the key to allowing grace to operate in every moment and aspect of your life. In this soulshop you activate your natural power and personal mastery.

Become a Master of Change

It is clear that if we are to navigate safely and gracefully through this transition period in history, we must make a radical break with the past, and look at ourselves and our world with fresh eyes. This breach entails a fundamental shift in thinking and perception—a shift in human consciousness as profound and far-reaching as any in our history. 

To thrive in the New Millennium, we must become more capable of handling change more than ever before. We must become “Change Masters.” Change Masters not only welcome, invite and celebrate the flux of ever-evolving life, but also consciously drive and direct these rhythms.  

Re-Story your Future with Highest Vision—the game plan you originally designed for your soul’s expression as a human on earth:

  • Re-discover what it means to be alive, human and spiritual
  • Energize new, freely-created personal stories for the New Millennium
  • Restore models that serve a conscious vision of your life and your world

Adapt the World to Your Divine Vision

You learn to adapt the world to you, rather than you adapting to the world.


Break away from the emotional roller coaster of duality

Break apart the entanglements that hamper your spirit

Break out of the rut to generate new possibilities

Break the molds inherited from our parents

Break up the tyranny of narrow definitions

Break off the engagement with your mind

Break with the traditions of the tribe

Break ground on your new reality

Break through the soul barrier

Break into celebration

Break the rules

Break free!   

You focus on what you can control in dealing with life—your vision, attitude, approach, energy level, confidence … and sense of humor!

You learn to:

Identify your core vision and values

Have a new conversation of possibilities

Consciously and clearly re-script your life

Adjust quickly to “freewheel” through life’s surprises

Drive the forces beneath the appearances of life

Align Your Story with your strengths and passions

Transform out-dated practices and paradigms

Self-facilitate your own personal evolution

Authentically express your unique spirit

Travel freely through time and dimensions 


You acquire new V I S I O N:

Vibrate at the level of your spirit

Do you love yourself enough to consciously connect to your own soul? 

Inflame your passion

Do you love yourself enough to let your natural life force flow? 

Share your Original Vision

Do you love yourself enough to share your soul’s expression with the world? 

Invent life anew

Do you love yourself enough to let go of the past? 

Open your heart … to the world

Do you love yourself enough to give yourself your dreams? 

Notice how far you’ve already come

Can you let yourself experience how loving you’ve already become?