Reading the Signs Life Gives Us

By Keith Varnum 

To look is one thing.
To see what you look at is another.
To understand what you see is a third.
To learn from what you understand is still something else.
But to act on what you learn is all that really matters!
– Native American Wisdom

Your spirit has great plans for you this lifetime! Want to know what they are?

Our souls are enjoying a fun adventure, while most egos are enduring a frustrating nightmare.

Our souls are creating exactly what they dream. Most personalities fall short in satisfying their desires.

The vibrant success of the soul is little known only because most of us aren’t taught how to connect with the exciting scenario of the soul.

Spirit Rules!

The soul is in charge of our lives! Our souls has been running the show from behind the scenes since the beginning of time. And you can easily tap into your soul’s point of view and find out what your soul’s been up to since the moment you were born.

The most direct route the soul takes to connect with us is by speaking with a silent inner voice or urging. It tries to reach us through intuition.

But often we don’t, or can’t, receive this direct inner communication. Spirit then resorts to using our outer world to get our attention to deliver its guidance. The ever-inventive soul tries to get through to us by way of noticeable, distinctive, strategically-timed signs in the form of events in our daily life.

Constant Guidance

Reading outer signs is a way to intuitively and gracefully open your personality to the wonders, wisdom, support and guidance of your own brilliant soul plan. Our soul is always trying to guide us.

Spirit uses these outer signposts to steer us toward our goals. We live in an interactive, responsive Universe that is designed to fulfill our deepest dreams—if we would only play along!

The Deck is Stacked in Our Favor

There is a science, as well as an art, to reading signs and signals. Our beliefs and intentions go out from us and have an impact not only on other people, but also on what happens to us. 

Signs and synchronicity are pure physics. All outer signs are a mirror reflection of our inner consciousness. The quantum mechanics of meaningful coincidences is constantly working for us. Our magnetic field of energy is always attracting exactly what we need to create our hearts’ desires. We’re destined to enjoy an abundant life—and the Universe is designed to help us find it.

You can successfully navigate through the myriad of your life choices by using the precise guidance system that the outer world constantly presents. You can increase the number of fulfilling life opportunities by increasing the accuracy of your interpretations of signs. And you can open the door to more magic, meaning and money in your world by learning to suspend skepticism and conditioned responses. 

All our emotions and dreams are encoded messages from Spirit. The soul also talks to us through inner and outer coded symbols, sounds and unusual lights, or intermediaries like angels and spirit guides. Often the soul has to resort to dramatic, external events to grab our attention, like body symptoms or car and computer trouble. When has your soul had to resort to strong medicine to get your attention? (for example, sickness, accident, divorce)

Cloaked in Mystery

The traditional path of outer sign reading is one of mystery and mysticism. It has been an intrigue full of secrecy and sacred rites.

But this ancient divining path can also be walked with practical feet! The mystical approach once simplified and clarified, can be a very easy, dynamic, productive and rewarding way to live your everyday life—and to create the realities you want for your enjoyment and growth.

Reconnect with an Ancient Approach to Life

For thousands of years human civilization has used the outer world for guidance. Only in the last few hundred years have we lost touch with this ancient and effective way to follow the divine destiny of our lives.

The successful civilizations of Babylon, Egypt and Greece followed oracles who divined omens and messages from beyond. Even up to the time of Shakespeare, folks were guided by reading the signs of the outer world. The Bard’s plays are full of references to omens and signs.

You can employ this ancient approach to create miracles in your everyday modern world—and attract abundance in your bank account, vitality in your body and satisfaction in your bedroom. Reading signs is a very practical ways to make room in your personal Universe for daily magic.

A Helpful Early Warning System

Life offers us a practical Early Warning System—if we pay attention! Life gives us messages. When we fail to get the message, life gives us a lesson. If we don’t learn the lesson, life gives us a problem. If we don’t deal with the problem, life gives us a crisis. If we don’t handle the crisis, life quits giving! 

What early warning signals from your universe have you been disregarding?

Action Means You Got the Message

In many Native American languages, the word for “getting the message” is the same word used for “my life has changed.”

In other words, in their culture, if you don’t act on the guiding signs presented by the Great Spirit, you didn’t really get the message. If you don’t make the necessary changes in your behavior and attitude to alter the course of your destiny, you never really understood the true import of the message. 

Being in intimate touch with the ebb and flow of the interconnectedness of life, indigenous peoples recognize life’s outer signals as useful Early Warning Signs. These outer signs are reflecting the inevitable outer course of our inner river of consciousness.

Native peoples know the only way to have their life unfold harmoniously is to respond immediately to the accurate feedback life gives them. For indigenous people, there is no middle ground as there is for most modern, intellectual Westerners. 

Modern folks often respond differently to divine assistance. Instead of responding immediately as would native peoples, contemporary Americans typically “think” about the signs being given by Spirit. Even after recognizing the wisdom of the message, most people still don’t make the indicated changes in their life.

In allowing the thinking mind to enter into the equation, we invite misinterpretation, discounting, invalidation and even denial of the message. And most often, the result of this mental intervention is inaction. We always have our “good reasons” not to make the changes suggested by Spirit!

The Road to Magic

I happened upon this invaluable, built-in divination system in my youth.

I found when I acted from the outer signals Spirit sent me, my life unfolded in wondrous and magical ways. And I noticed that when I hesitated and questioned my external guidance, I often ended up not taking the suggested actions, which usually led to unfavorable and even disastrous outcomes.

After years of painful personal experimentation with ignoring and denying the Early Warning Signs life constantly gives me, I now heed Spirit’s messages—without hesitation or analysis!