Sacred Intimacy

The Art of Conscious Loving

The Way of the Heart

Sacred Intimacy is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the body and the soul, Earth and Heaven. This cosmic causeway has been used by every ancient and indigenous culture to carry people across the illusionary gulf of separation and duality into unity and wholeness. The knowledge of exactly how to use this ancient pathway lies dormant within each of us, encoded in our cellular memory, ready to be reawakened through the sacred act of intention. The result of this workshop will be to re-activate this wisdom and open this sacred channel for your everyday enjoyment, enrichment and enlightenment.

  • Transform physical sensuality into spiritual opening
  • Uplift intimacy to the sacred realm of mystical communion
  • Fuse the forces of the masculine and the feminine

An Open Heart is an immediate, sensual, bodily “Yes” to life without self-protection. The participatory exercises of the workshop act as a catalyst, opening your consciousness and heart and releasing your energetic pathways and potential. Through experiential exercises, group interaction, massage, movement, music, meditation, painting, story and breath work, you get in touch with deep feeling, in touch with your body, in touch with a quality of attention that is really listening to spaciousness. This active, physical approach is what transports and transforms you to the next realm of human expression: the body as conscious, creative life force.

  • Use your voice and body to free blocked energy
  • Develop play and touch to release rapture
  • Use the breath to electrify your intimacy and sensuality

Every Path of Consciousness is centered in the deliberate use of attention. When you root attention deep inside your body, you awaken to life force energy as a felt experience, not just a concept. So many people are so desensitized in their bodies, exiled in their intellects, dominated by emotions or imprisoned by their defenses, they can pass through life and never know the miracle of fully inhabiting a vitally alive, sensual and sensitive body. The outcome of the workshop is to refine your awareness of your body as an exquisitely tuned instrument for listening ever more completely to Life in order to trust and be guided by its intelligence. The word “panic” originally meant in Old English “of the nature of Pan, wild, free-flowing.” The workshop restores your joy in flowing with the dynamics of life.

  • Build a bridge to full-body ecstasy
  • Transform sensuality into an art form
  • Utilize sexual energy for healing and longevity

Our Kundalini Energy Techniques empower you to shift your attention from your usual narrow, time-bound focus to an immediate intuition of the Infinite. As sexual-creative energy moves upward through physical energy centers (chakras), it rejuvenates every cell in the body and reactivates the cells’ karmic blueprint and timetable for awakening. By connecting this rising source energy with the heart, the process becomes prayer. As Pan essence rises up into the head, visions and revelations occur. This rapturous ride leads ultimately to dialogue and union with the divine.

  • Live more spontaneously and authentically
  • Become a disciple of life and no longer a victim of fear
  • Develop sensual aliveness with play, laughter and humor
  • Re-light the fire of creativity and the flame of personal passion
  • Tap unexpected new sources of strength, ecstasy and inner peace
  • Physically touch in ways that communicate compassion and connection
  • Release blocks to feeling a deeper level of self-love
  • Expand your capacity to receive and give sensual pleasure
  • Create a living, direct connection with the divine

The Key to Spiritual Happiness lies in one’s capacity for human intimacy and conscious relationship … with oneself, others and Spirit. Ultimately, we are our own soulmates. We need to know how to court ourselves as the Beloved, nurturing our own enchanting qualities, before we can merge with another. The primary question to ponder is not, “Where do I find my soulmate?” But rather, “How do I soulmate myself? How can I Godmate myself?” Lack can only attract lack, but wholeness will meet wholeness.

  • Open a gateway to receive energy from everything 
  • Unmask the lies we use to avoid the power of in-to-me-see
  • Expose erroneous erogenous beliefs

The Mystical Irony of Divine Love is that, as you shift your seeking from the outer to the inner, all manner of outer assistance floods your way. When you dispense with the myth of soulmate as a person who will bring you happiness, and when you understand soulmate as the rest of humanity, then the soulmate, who will activate the experience of happiness within you, will appear. Relationships with others are vehicles and testing grounds of spirituality. They become a spiritual path when you allow them to become a mirror for your own relationship to the Infinite. The workshop guides you in the exploration of conscious relationship to yourself, to others, to life and the infinite. We assist you to be present for yourself and others, let go of rigid control and be led by the River of Life.

  • Develop greater trust and communication with your Self 
  • Grow as an individual as you open and to another person
  • Own, befriend and celebrate your Shadow

The Sensual Warrior walks the path that matters most, the path of spiritual purpose, the journey that leads Home. Sacred Intimacy is the way of the Sensual Warrior, who lives her passion, speaks the divine truth, creates love with his heart and builds karmic freedom with each footstep. Learn to use expanded sexual energy to heal your body, embrace Oneness with Nature, evolve great relationships, and generate a job that makes your soul sing.


The Joy of Sacred Intimacy

Building a Bridge to our Natural Vitality 

by Keith Varnum

I’ve been waiting for forty years to explore this liberating aspect of life with others in a safe, supportive environment. When I was ten years old, I noticed a very distinct, ecstatic rush of feeling and sensation within my body and being when I was in the presence of a wild animal, a cascading waterfall, a howling wind or an ancient tree. I felt the exact same physical and psychic rapture when I sang Christmas carols and wild party songs, played Bach on the piano and Bo Diddly on the guitar, or sat in an empty church or a deserted stadium. I mentioned this to my parents and friends and received back that look that makes one never want to bring up the subject again.

A few years later, as I transformed from a boy into a man, I again enjoyed this same deep emergence of sensual, spiritual feelings of intense electricity, warmth, strength and connection when I began to jitterbug, go skinny dipping under a full moon and fall in love for the first time. I was being initiated into much more than a sexual awakening. My whole being was opening into the wonder and power of my true divine nature.

Again I attempted to discuss this magnificence unfoldment with adults and peers, and again met with blank looks and gruff dismissals. It was at this time I consciously decided to go underground with my discovery and exploration of this most rich treasure of pleasure and profound union. What else was a spirit to do? It was obvious to me that most people didn’t want to go near this depth of reality.

I’ve quietly, secretly experimented with this forbidden enigma of human nature until the time I and my society were strong and clear enough to liberate the smoldering cauldron of our true essence. I‘ve hid my inner flame well until now, when there is finally enough space and oxygen for my divine fire to burn hot and bright. Now is the time I have long awaited…a time when our collective inner clock is striking a sharp alarm, and our outer world is demanding that we awaken to our true potential and destiny.

The power I refer to is more fundamental a force than suggested by the divisive labels it has been given throughout the centuries of cultural denial and discounting. The most accurate and neutral way I can describe this profound inner potency is Natural Vitality. I feel it is helpful to speak of our core virility in a generic way so as to avoid the pitfalls and distractions of all the other terms which have been used historically to obscure, diminish or invalid the universal and benevolent nature of our true innermost essence. I seek in my terminology to circumvent the false conflict and paradox of the “so-called” duality of those things “spiritual” and “sexual.” The intention of this workshop is to offer the opportunity for each person to open to their most fundamental natural vigor in a way and context that allows for the most safety, congruency and ease for each individual. Our approach will be as broad and inclusive of each person’s social background, comfort level and spiritual vocabulary as it can be, and still ignite the desired alchemy. We will honor the pace and perimeters of the people present.


More on Tantra:

Ecstasy is Our New Vibration

Bliss is our natural state. We lost touch with the orgasmic nature of our being when we decided to create an ego in order to experience life through dualistic separation from Source. The ego gets its identity through our experiences of an outer world and never truly desires to let go of this perspective, even if it is no longer useful or supportive. The mind has convinced itself that it is crucial for its survival that we experience ourselves as flat, one-dimensional beings caught in a prison of time and space. Yet we are truly multi-dimensional spirit exploring a holographic universe. Powerful techniques open you to direct enjoyment of your natural state of clarity, wonderment and rapture.

The Secret of Spiritual Sexuality

In ancient India, Greece, Japan, China and many indigenous cultures, sexual energy was known to be a vital sacrament that, rightly used, brings great harmony, health and soul to one’s partnership. Essential skills and sensitivity were cultivated to create greater emotional closeness, communication, understanding, trust, reverence, romance and pleasure through the art of sacred sex. Love based in sacred intimacy strengthens over the course of a lifetime, deeply bonding partners in joyous spiritual union and growth. When we explore and blend physical sensuality and spiritual intimacy in creative, intuitive ways, we co-create a holy sanctuary in which we directly experience a transcendent awareness. Turn intimate connection into the ultimate aphrodisiac. Through the practice of conscious loving, learn how to maintain the integrity of your own spirit so you can enjoy profound intimacy and exchange of energies.

The Art of Conscious Loving

Being conscious and present enhances the enjoyment of any aspect of life. There’s nowhere more rewarding to stay aware as in exchanging intimacy…on a sexual and non-sexual level. Following your intuition, feeling your emotions, speaking from your heart, touching with your eyes and merging from your soul unleashes the power to heal, renew, rejuvenate, inspire and transform. Aware sensitivity and sensuality transforms every energy exchange, sexual or otherwise, into a mutual meditation, adding more depth, vitality, joy, and compassion. Connection that is deliberately sensitive and focused uplifts intimate interaction to a higher dimension, to the sacred realm of mystical sacrament and communion.  The key is to experience the other person as an embodiment of Oneness, and as such, a valuable mirror reflection of your own consciousness.

Re-Light the Fire in Your Belly

We’re all born with a passion and zest for life. We met challenges and obstacles with our natural exuberance, and our aliveness prevailed … any physical or emotional wound healed overnight. Along the bumpy road of growing up, much of our original joy and lust for life has become muted. We’ve inadvertently given our power away to trauma. Our initial vitality has become sapped to the point of near extinction. Our ability to recover from life’s setbacks has sharply diminished. Our inner fire has been reduced to a mere pilot light. Learn effective ways to re-activate your central core with renewed enthusiasm for life. Rekindle the cauldron of creativity and the flame of personal passion within your being.

Attract Your Soulmates

Love is the pathway of great emotional and spiritual awakening to the unbounded bliss that is the true condition of our souls. Love is our one true human quest and an intimate partnership is its fondest and most luminous expression. You will be guided in the emotional and spiritual preparations to attract real love into your life. Focusing on seven keys to true love, you will be led on a step-by-step journey to self-knowledge that will liberate your heart to love. We will explore the myths of love in order to find out why love goes wrong, why we fall in love with the people we do and how to choose the right person in order for love to succeed. Through identifying your personal life love theme and releasing your own unique internal barriers to intimacy, you open to the love that is already waiting for you on the other side of the door you once closed. It is your destiny to have an exciting, alive, truthful, balanced, satisfying and lasting relationships.

The Joy of Soulful Relationships

All of life is about relationships. Love is a call to awaken our deeper nature. Each of us longs to experience love that embraces our entire self, yet few of us possess an owner’s manual for developing genuine, vibrant and supportive relationships. Much of what we’ve absorbed about relating has been from sources that have turned out to be inadequate, incomplete and downright inaccurate. Real love is not a matter of manipulation, negotiation, compromise and accommodation. It’s a matter for the soul. Don’t settle for an “acceptable” arrangement when you can have the real thing. Learn essential skills to create greater communication, trust, emotional intimacy and sensual pleasure with others. Keeping focused on the true spiritual purpose of all human interaction allows each person to remain open and vulnerable in order to love the other, yet at the same time free to continue to grow as an individual. Heaven is where relationships are made … Earth is where they’re played.