The Super High Way of Success

By Sulana Stone

Unexplainable funds appear in your bank account. Cars and computers¬†that aren’t working inexplicably begin to function again. Out of the blue, strangers provide much-needed assistance. You’re not in The Twilight Zone. You’re in The Intuitive Zone-receiving the Grace and support that come from following your intuition.

Miracles abound in the world of intuition. Rules for how you think life works are on permanent vacation. Impossible and improbable occurrences are common.

But sometimes we stray off this Super High Way of Success. And we find ourselves heading down the Rocky Road of Struggle. This dead-end route is strewn with disappointments around career, health, finances or relationships. What happens? How do we end up on the Path of Unhappiness?

Disengage the Autopilot!

We find ourselves on life’s Bumpy Road because we stop using our inner guidance to navigate the Express Way to Success. When we don’t make conscious, intuitive choices about the direction we’re going, our default guidance system engages. This autopilot system steers us into the ego mind’s territory–a predictable, limited realm of rules from the past. Unfortunately, the mind’s rules about how life works don’t include miracles of Grace for you. Only the boundless world of intuition allows for super success.

3 Tips for Super Successful Living

If you’re ready to zoom down the Super High Way of Success, try these 3 Tips for Living Intuitively:

1. Learn to Discern

Hone your ability to tell the difference between your mind’s chatter and your inner guidance.

One way to discern between mind talk and intuition is to notice that-in the long run-inner guidance always leads you to more love, prosperity and miracles. The tricky mind promises you more happiness, wealth and health. Intuition delivers the goods.

Track the outcome you get when you follow the suggestions of your mind. Does the road lead you past previous limitations? Are your longings satisfied? Most folks say “No.”

Document the results you get from following your intuition instead of your mind. Notice how your heart instincts lead you to freedom from the restrictions of the past. Your deepest desires are fulfilled. You discover an unlimited flow of love and abundance.

2. Write Down Intuitive Successes

Keep a written log of your successes as you experience them. If you don’t write down your breakthroughs in health, abundance and magic, you may quickly forget your miracles … just like your mind always does!

Why does the mind forget the wondrous happenings in our lives?

The mind’s value and preeminence are threatened when we listen to our intuition instead of the mind. The mind wants to keep its position as our top advisor, so the mind has a personal investment in not reminding us when intuitive miracles occur. Instantaneous healings, money coming out of the blue, or people inexplicably helping us out of a jam can’t be explained by the mind. Therefore, the mind conveniently forgets to remind us of miracles that break its rules. Because … oh my God, we might realize how limited the mind is–and not listen to it any more!

You can take your power back from the intentional forgetfulness of the mind. Accumulate proof to convince yourself that following your inner guidance is better for you than following your mind. By periodically re-reading your log, you can tap back into the flow and ease that occur when you take intuitive action. Written facts from your personal experience become your best ally. When your mind is trying to convince you to not trust your intuition, your log will show you the truth.

The following story is taken from one of my log entries. This encounter with Grace is only one of many examples of help showing up at the perfect time. If such a miracle happened only a few times in my life, I might chalk it up to coincidence. But after countless similar personal experiences, I’ve learned that when I follow my inner guidance, even if I get myself into trouble, Grace always shows up to pull me out of a bind.

The Stranger from Nowhere

Often my intuition encourages me to take solo quests into nature to reconnect with my magic. On this particular trip, I’m camping 30 miles from the closest outpost to civilization. It’s day five of my adventure, and I’ve yet to see another person.

After hiking all day through a long narrow canyon, I’m two miles from my campsite when I realize I’ve overexerted myself. My body’s weak and shaky. Unable to continue scrambling over the truck-size boulders lodged in the gully, I search for an easier way back than trudging through the rugged canyon. My intuition strongly urges me to scale the canyon wall to reach a dirt road above that goes right to my campsite. Yet I can clearly see the last ten feet of the climb is a sheer vertical rise with no footholds. My mind tells me I can’t make it to the top. Even though scaling the cliff makes no logical sense, I follow my inner guidance.

Stranded! Ten feet from freedom! My mind is ruthlessly raking me over the coals for getting stuck. Just as I begin to doubt my intuition guidance, I hear a vehicle coming down the dirt road. Completely hidden from view because of the steep gorge, I can’t see the car or the road. Then I listen as the car stops on the road above me. Surprisingly, I hear footsteps walking to the edge of the canyon directly over my head. As I look up, a man leans over the rim, inquiring causally, “Would you like a hand up?”

“I sure would!” I gratefully reply. After he pulls me up, he gets back in his car and drives off without saying another word.

As I watch my “guardian angel” disappear around a bend, I review the facts of my intuitive miracle. I followed my inner guidance to go to the canyon. I got into trouble. I didn’t let my mind stop me from following my intuition and climbed up the canyon wall as far as I could. I was rescued. My savior couldn’t have seen my predicament. The gorge is invisible from the road. There’s no reason for anyone to stop. There’s no scenic view. No pullout. Yet, the man stopped exactly where I was stranded. And, he’s the only person I’d seen in five days!

I realize once again that saving Grace is available to us all when we travel the Super High Way of Intuition.

3. Merge with the Surge

Merge with the aliveness of your intuitive breakthroughs. Soak up the feelings of joy, peace, Grace and the excitement of success. Let the feeling of experiencing a miracle transform your life. Move past just viewing or witnessing the event. Allow the energy of exhilaration to sink into your cells. When you let yourself be deeply affected by a high vibration feeling, your vibration shifts to a higher level. You’re at a new wave length, a new frequency. You’re playing at an expanded level of aliveness and power. You see fresh options. You’re more creative and courageous. You become happier and healthier in the physical world.

Use your written log of past miracles to transform your life now. Allow yourself to shift into feeling the joy of the breakthrough in the present moment. Invite the sensation of excitement to permeate your body. Let the vibration affect you. The more deeply your bones and tissues absorb this vibration, the more your life changes. Let the sensations sink in. Merge with the surge of Grace. When you feel the rush of sweet success, celebrate it. Own it. The higher vibration is now yours to use to create more miracles.

You can experience the transforming power of Grace when a stranger rescues you from a gorge. Or you can experience Grace closer to home: with a pal, plant or puppy. A pal helps you laugh at your predicament so you move up to a higher vibration. The beauty of a plant shifts you out of your gloom and doom. A playful pup nuzzles you up out of your heavy emotions. You can free yourself from the doldrums through dancing, cooking or gardening. It’s helpful to find your own unique ways to lift your spirits so you can get back on the High Way.

Let in Prosperity … Sooner!

Each of us has a choice as to how many rocky road detours we want to take.  And, whenever we decide to travel on the Super High Way to Success, our inner guidance unceasingly and compassionately steers us towards abundance, wellness and boundless love.