Tap into The-Energy-That-Heals

By Sulana Stone

“Miracles happen here every day.” That’s what the teachers tell us students on our first day at the healing center. “It doesn’t matter,” they emphasize, “if you believe this healing technique works. Relax. Open to the energy. Then you’ll see that it works.” Little do I guess that in just over a week, I will experience my own full-blown miracle.

I arrive with a small group of eager students at the unconventional healing center located in the Four Corners region of southwestern Colorado. Nestled between the sacred lands of the Hopi and Ute Indians, the center welcomes folks from around the world as clients or as students. We students gather to learn a specific healing method—a kind of laying on of hands.

A converted two-story old motel houses the center. The freshly painted purple and white building creates an inviting, down-home hippy look. I’m delightfully surprised by the funky appearance of the place. The quirky-looking center provides the perfect stage for unpredictable magic.

During the two-week training, students live on the second floor. Clients are seen in individual healing rooms on the ground floor where massage tables replace motel beds.

I Become an Energetic Jumper Cable

Students come to the healing center to learn light-touch energy work to help people get well. Our teachers tell us we will become healing practitioners. I have the mistaken notion they mean I’ll learn to heal someone. However, I quickly find out I’m learning to be a jumper cable—a conduit for Spirit to do its work through me. “People heal themselves,” the teachers say. “You’re simply the channel between the client and The-Energy-That-Heals.”

Most of our training is on the job. Every morning and evening we have classroom study. During the day, we accompany the teachers as they see clients. After one week, we treat clients ourselves.

It was near the end of my two-week training when magic suddenly bursts through the door.

The Kid Who Changed My Life

Emergency! A bunch of athletes barges into the healing center carrying one of their teammates. The kid had been playing basketball with his high school buddies when he severely injures his ankle. His ankle is swollen to twice its normal size. And it’s black and blue, plus a sickly olive color. The wiry athlete is in excruciating pain.

It’s the first emergency I’ve seen since I’ve been at the center. When they assign the 17-year-old to me, all my traditional beliefs about healing kick in. “We need x-rays! Why didn’t you take him to a hospital? We can’t help this kind of injury!!!” I silently scream. Every doubt about the effectiveness of this non-traditional, light-touch healing method comes roaring to the surface. I’m certain I can’t help the ailing athlete.

The basketball team carries their friend to one of the private healing rooms, depositing the writhing ball player on a massage table. I’m alone with the kid! He looks at me with complete trust. I look back with all the confidence I can muster. Secretly, I’m reviewing what our teachers told us the first day: “It doesn’t matter if you believe the technique will work. Relax. Open to the energy. Then you’ll see that it works.”  I’m so grateful that it doesn’t matter what I believe. I don’t think for one moment that I can actually help this kid.

Sizzling Hands

Despite overwhelming doubts, I do what I’ve been trained to do in my classes. I do what I’ve seen the teachers do. I relax and open. I become a jumper cable for Spirit.

Immediately when I place my hands on the injured ankle, I feel energy surge through my arms. My hands get so hot that my skin feels like it’s sizzling. Yet, I can see that my skin is not blistering. Besides the extreme heat, my hands become like magnets. I’m stuck to this guy’s ankle! This is the first time in my life I feel this intensity of energy.

I stand there as the energy pours through. After 15 minutes the heat stops. The magnetic pull stops. My hands automatically move away from the ankle. I look at the ankle. The swelling and unhealthy colors have disappeared. The ankle appears sound and renewed.

What Happened?

The dazed and wide-eyed athlete asks, “Wow, my leg got really hot. What happened?”  Being totally discombobulated myself, my words of wisdom are, “I don’t know!” I suggest he stay on the massage table for a while. Muttering “I’ll meet you in the lobby in a bit,” I bolt for the door. My mind is blown. I feel like I’m going to throw up.

My world is turned upside down. And with the emotional upheaval, my body turns into Jell-o. I spy a towering pine tree out of public view behind the building and wobble over to it. Upon reaching the comforting evergreen, my knees buckle. My body begins to shake and cry uncontrollably. The kid’s question spins round and round in my head, “What happened?”

‘Twas a Miracle!

My shorted-out mind has no answer. My clear intuition tells me that a healing occurred. The boy and I experienced a miracle!

After a few minutes, I pull myself together enough to go to the lobby to see how my patient is doing. The kid’s in perfect shape. His ankle functions like new. Then he and his buddies take off to finish their basketball game.

You Can Heal Your Life

Years later, I’m still tapping into the energy that healed the boy. I’ve found that it doesn’t matter whether you have a broken ankle or broken relationship, a strained back or strained finances, a bruised hip or bruised career. The-Energy-That-Heals can renew any condition.

I’ve also discovered that you don’t need another person to heal your body or life situations. You can do-it-yourself! The key is to invite The-Energy-That-Heals into whatever area of life you want to change. And just like my teachers said, “It doesn’t matter if you believe this healing technique works. Relax. Open to the energy. Then you’ll see that it works.”