The 3 Pillars of Power:

Passion, Clarity and Self Love

Keystones of Personal Creativity
A Journey of Discovery, Decision and Destiny

“Build your church on solid rock, not shifting sand,” advises the sage. A firm foundation is essential for lasting love, prosperity and vitality. In his latest experiential workshop, Keith Varnum presents new and ancient tools for you to create permanent wealth, health and happiness.

“Passion, Clarity and Self Love are the keystones of a solid Temple of Abundance,” declares Keith. “Excitement, discernment and self appreciation are the granite pillars of a successful life adventure.”

Spiral Vortexes of Energy

“A pillar of power is an energetic support system, a vortex of spiral energy giving life and strength to our creations,” Keith continues. “The structure of our DNA, chakras and light body are upward expanding spirals of Creative Life Force. In this workshop, we tap into these natural electromagnetic whirlwinds of manifestation. Riding these inner tornadoes of intention, we create our passions and visions. These pillars of twisting energy act as magnets—attracting the people, resources and opportunities that make our dreams come true.”

Keith has spent lifetimes learning, distilling, honing and perfecting techniques for building authentic personal power. He shares his discoveries without restriction or copyright. You are encouraged to use the tools personally and professionally with friends, family and clients. 

The workshop releases the Universal Life Force from your chakra energy centers and channels this creative juice into attracting romantic relationships, flowing riches and vibrant well-being. From 30 years of acupuncture practice, Keith shares unique ways to open acupressure massage pathways of chi energy throughout your body. You also pour these rivers of creative essence into your fondest dreams and aspirations.

Unlock Your Spiritual Power

In a unique feature, Keith demonstrates how to release “archetypal locks” on personal power—referred to by the ancients as the Lust Lock and the Pride Lock. These locks are levels of spiritual development at which most people—without skilled assistance—get scared, stuck and stopped. Sacred shaman and Huna practices help sincere participants to reclaim Lost Innocence, Denied Power and Waylaid Joy. You call back your spirit from those people, places and beliefs that rob the fun, peace and success from your life. You re-discover the power  of prayer and play to open the portal of  prosperity in every arena of your life.

The 3 Pillars of Power shows you easy, practical ways to increase the vibration of your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Dynamic vibrational exercises override the conditioned ego that limits your freedom to create the life you desire.

Every degree that you raise the vibration of your body, you feel:




More flexible

More energized

More grounded, anchored and centered

Less rigid, stiff, sore and tight

Better doing sports, dance, yoga, sex and martial arts

Every degree that you raise the vibration of your mind, you feel:



More clear

More optimistic

More creative

More prosperous

Every degree that you raise the vibration of your spirit, you feel:



More free

More flowing

More connected

More intuitive

More telepathic

Every degree that you raise the vibration of your emotions, you feel:


More abundant

More courageous

More alive, ecstatic and orgasmic

More forgiving and more forgiven

More loving and more loved