The Last Judgment

A Profound Experiential Workshop

The true “Last Judgment” is the day you last judge yourself!

… and anyone or anything else.

This is the “Day of Judgment” heralded by spiritual teachers of the ages.

This is the actual “End of Days” — the End of the Days of living in judgment.

… or in guilt or regret.

What would your life be like without judgment?

How would you feel if you could silence your Inner Critic?

You’ll experience the answer as you enter the Paradise of the Present Moment.

We come from the Light.

We return to the Light.

Choose Innocence

Let your heart lead the way!

In this playshop, you’ll have the inviting opportunity to “Choose Innocence.”

For once and for all, you’ll:

  • Free yourself from the prison of prejudice and preconception
  • End the prejudging of every life event
  • Enter the paradise of the Present Moment

You’ll discover:

  • The “fullness” of life
  • Your connection to the Circle of Life
  • Freedom to choose how you feel

Keith entertainingly presents the most effective ancient and modern tools for going through portals to the Power of the Present.

The inevitable outcome is the:

  • Opening of Your Heart
  • End of  Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Us and Them
  • Embrace of the Perfect Moment

You’ll enjoy the contrast between the dancing vibrations of Light called form.

You’ll welcome the flow of ever-evolving life force.

You’ll celebrate the flexibility of infinite possibility.

You’ll ride the wave of wonder that is the essence of life.

Somebody shout, “Praise Heaven!”

Somebody sing, “Praise Hell!”

Heaven and Hell, light and dark … and all the dualities …

have given us precious gifts.

Have you opened your gifts yet? Are you in the present yet?

Are you having fun playing the game the Universe is gifting you?

The game that you created?

The game that originally had no judgment?

Would you like to live the life of your dreams?

You can!

This is the Time of Harvest. Of ease.

Of Coming Home … to our True Selves.