Unlock Your Soul Code 

Make Your Life More Fun and Abundant

By Keith Varnum

Are you happy, fulfilled, eager to leap out of bed every morning to greet a new day? Are you healthy, prosperous, peaceful? If you can’t respond with a resounding “Yes!” to these questions, you might want to get in touch with your Soul Code.

Do you ever ask, What’s the point of my life? Where do I fit in? How can my life be easier and more fun? If you’d like answers to these questions, you might want to tune in to your Soul Code.

What’s the Payoff?

What’s the benefit of knowing your Soul Code? A lot. Everything. The whole enchilada. Answers. Satisfying answers. Answers that create a more fun and abundant life.

Your Soul Wants You Happy

The highest priority of your soul is to make you happy. To fulfill your freely chosen destiny. To give you all the exciting experiences you want to enjoy this lifetime. Often it’s a challenge for the ego personality to believe that the soul is on its side. Most egos are experiencing life on Planet Earth as a bad dream, if not an outright nightmare!

What is the Soul Code?

We all come into this life with a unique “Soul Adventure” encrypted in a “Soul Code.” Your Soul Code is your life design—your Original Vision, Birth Vision. It’s your soul’s Earth road map—your soul’s blueprint for what you want to encounter and explore this lifetime. On the physical level, your Soul Code is your individual DNA code. Your DNA is a physical expression of your Soul Code—as distinctive as is each snowflake. Your Soul Code contains your longing to unfold a specific destiny.

Answer Your Life’s Calling

The flow of our lives is intuitively guided by a Soul Agreement that our soul made before we were born. This freely made arrangement determines not only what kind of livelihood we pursue, but also the key relationships with the people who are here to help us have the specific adventures we desire this time around. Our Soul Blueprint determines the amount and ease of the money we make, the depth and duration of our love relations, and the ups and downs of our body’s well-being.

Our Soul Design also regulates when and how we connect to Spirit. To decipher your Soul Code is to reveal a long-hidden path to personal enlightenment and happiness.

Your Soul Code is Unique

Your Soul Code is special, one-of-a-kind. Like your fingerprint, your Soul Code is exclusive to you. It’s an identification marker of the deepest kind. “It’s the contour and content of the character of your soul. It’s specific to you, and you alone. It’s as individual as the handwriting of your name scrawled on a check. It’s even more singular to you than your genes and chromosomes. It’s the frequency of divine light refracted through the prism of your uniqueness,” writes Kabbalist Marc Gafni. “It’s the song only you can sing, the singular instrument of your destiny.”

Dance to Your Soul’s Destiny

We each have a personal contribution to make to humanity. Your specific life plan is woven into your vibration—the frequency of your being. Each person has a signature tone of consciousness that represents who they are. Your Soul Code is your individual musical tone of consciousness. It’s your Original Song that you came here to sing, dance, write, paint or teach.

Connect to Your Soul’s Design

And, like a fingerprint, your Soul Code leaves behind an individual mark on everyone it touches. Your Soul Code exists not only within, but also without—in how your soul impacts the world. The people and places graced by your presence are imprinted with your mark, with your essence. Everywhere you walk in the world, you leave behind the beautiful, valuable, matchless print of your soul.

The Great Forgetting

By our own design, since birth our personalities have been kept in the dark about who we really are and what our true nature and destiny are as humans. The most significant omission has been the truth of our natural spiritual wisdom and power. The Aborigines of Australia call this collective loss of soul memory “The Great Forgetting.”

Why Collective Amnesia?

Why is our own Soul Design a mystery to our personality? Why did we choose to forget who we really are and what we’re here to do? Why did we encrypt our true nature in a code?

The Soul’s Strategy

The soul’s plan is to safeguard the purity of our spirit until our personality develops the wisdom, power and compassion to share our inner gifts in a mutual and nurturing way.

In our youth, we don’t usually possess the qualities necessary to share our unique gifts in the most supportive way—for ourselves and for humanity. So, we encrypt in code our true destiny to preserve its purity until we’re able to express our personal talents harmoniously.

In this way the innocence and goodness of our Inner Child—our unique essence—is kept alive. And our Destiny Seed is protected from being corrupted by the fears and limitations of ego personality and cultural programming.

Let the Sleeper Awaken!

Written into our Soul Code is the directive to awaken when we have cultivated:

1. The clarity to know when, where and with whom to share our gifts

2. The personal power and social freedom of an autonomous, self-governing adult

3. The self-love to empathize fully with others

Crack the Code!

When we possess this necessary awareness, mastery and heartfulness, we naturally crack the code. The veils of forgetfulness lift. By divine orchestration, we gradually awaken to who we are and what we’re here to do. Our divine mission becomes apparent to us—even obvious!

The process is elegant, impeccable and fail-safe. We simply don’t awaken until we are ready and able to play in the world safely—that is, lovingly.

Celebrate Your Unique Gifts

Our natural skills—and the knowing of how to use them—are alive within each person, encoded within each person’s deepest core. There is within each person a built-in yearning of the ages to bring forth the wisdom that lies dormant within, and to use personal passion and purpose to co-create a more nurturing, sustainable world.

Happiness lies in the fulfillment of our Soul Code, our Original Agreement. The Spirit of a volcano in Costa Rica once told me that “The main purpose of every soul is to have its unique essence—song, message—received by others on Earth.”

Take Flight

The sooner you allow your song to be heard, the sooner your dream will unfold—the sooner you will find love, health, and abundance.