We Are the Fail-safe Seeds

From deep within the innermost core of my being, this phrase arose after I had bathed in grace for two full nights on the shores of Hawaii. I was having dinner with two friends recounting to them a vivid, powerful memory/vision/nightmare I had experienced recuringly for my whole life:

I was a member of a group of twelve beings whose job, and greatest joy, was to bring light and consciousness to the places in the creation where there was still darkness and unconsciousness… where awareness had not yet arrived. We loved this adventure. But there was one place we were not ever supposed to go. This was very frustrating because our very essence was to be light-bearers. One day I convinced the others to go to this forbidden space. As we approached, I, being in front as the ringleader, saw the nature of this prohibited place and was able to stop myself from going any further. Despite my warning, my cohorts, however, could not put on their brakes fast enough and went into the outer zone of this space and were repelled into a kind of spiritual limbo for eons.

Even though I had worked on this trauma with every technique and teacher in my life, I had not been able to resolve the heavy guilt, regret and sorrow about having gone against the will of God, broken a divine trust and sent my closest soul friends to a state of perpetual purgatory. I also had never been able to remember or discover what this place was that was so off-limits to everyone. That evening, however, as I retold the hopeless tale one more time, I saw with total clarity the reason we were not supposed to enter into this place. It hadn’t been the right time!

Suddenly chilled by an ominous breath of wind, as I sat there in an open cafe watching the golden sun retire into the depths of the ocean, I realized with equal clarity that now it is time to know this final piece of the puzzle: this place is the space of knowing… knowing how to undo the whole creation… and knowing that it is now time to do it.

As the primal force of this awareness moved up through my body and being, the phrase was triggered and expressed:

We are the fail-safe seeds to ensure that the creation does not go on forever.

I had been told of “The Gatherings” my whole life… by my human and celestial teachers, by Pan and by my own heart… a time when people would just intuitively begin to gather around the earth to share, from the core of their beings, the wisdom of their own unique knowing… once again each person freely expressing her/his own individual, particular gift, vibration, aspect of the Oneness, and in doing so, returning us all to wholeness.

The Dream-a Gathering of Equals is a fertile space for the seeds of knowing, planted by us so long ago, to germinate and to blossom. Just as the 6,000 year old wheat kernels found in Egyptian pyramids sprouted when given the right environment for growth, so our absolute knowingness comes forth organically when provided with the warmth of the heart and the safety of innocence. In the timeliness of grace and in a space free from duality and judgment, our ancient wisdom naturally begins to flow forth again. This is the magic, the alchemy of “The Gatherings”… here, as we do it, and everywhere that they are happening.

– Keith Varnum

The winds of grace blow all the time. All we need to do is set our sails.