Who Says Life Can’t Be Easy?

Fun Shui Your Way into Abundance

 Open to more joy & energy

  Make money doing what you love

  Attract authentic loving relationships

Feel & look younger from the inside out 


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Is it possible to make every activity in your life more fun? Yes.

Is it possible to make every activity in your life easier to do? Yes.

Would you like an easier, more abundant flow in your life?

“Shui” in Chinese means “water” or “flow.” If you watch water in nature, you can feel the water playing, flowing around obstacles to get where it wants to go. Attracting an extravagant flow of abundance is a function of fun, focus, flexibility and finesse.

Learn practical tools for shifting unwanted situations into getting what you want!

Master effective techniques that can be used in your everyday life to transform challenges into successes!

The Physics of Fun

For many people, the words “fun” & “fortune” don’t go together naturally. Yet play and prosperity have a magical causal connection.

Good fortune means happiness, health, abundance & opportunity. When we’re having fun—feeling good—we naturally attract people, possibility & prosperity to us. Call it charisma, personal power, or the Law of Attraction.

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Touch the World Lightly

The lighter we touch the limited world of mass consciousness, the more we’re able to create whatever we choose. The freer we are of our past & programming, the easier it is to thrive on this planet. And to enjoy the ride!

What Do You Want?

You want to feel good! You want to be happy. Contrary to the opinion of many folks, it’s OK to want to have fun in everything you do in life. It’s not selfish, insensitive or self-centered. Wanting life to be fun is natural, normal, healthy—& profitable!

A Universal Win-Win 

When you feel good, you naturally begin to feel loving toward others & yourself. You naturally begin to take better care of your environment & body. You’re more able & willing to help others feel good & get what they want in life. You win. The world wins.

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Fun Is a Good Life Lubricant

Every aspect of life goes better with fun. Fun can lubricate even the most tedious chore. And fun can infuse even the most serious of situations with the lightness of delight.

Enjoying each moment does not diminish our ability to be decisive & efficient. In fact, a flexible, light-hearted approach usually helps us be more resourceful & effective. A spirit of playfulness spawns creativity & success.

Make Room for Fun

If you’re not willing to give yourself happiness, how can you help others find happiness?

Create the attitude & conditions that make fun more likely to occur in your daily affairs. Invite surprise. Welcome serendipity. Cultivate spontaneity.

Be open to unexpected sources of income, resources & support—especially those that don’t “make sense” to the intellect with its limited range of possibilities.

YES is the most powerful response to any question in life.

– Keith Varnum

The Power of Play 

Play, spontaneity & improvisation are integral aspects of being human, healthy & happy.

Ancient & tribal peoples play, sing, chant, drum, dance & act out helpful stories to make personal & collective decisions & achieve goals in daily life.

Learn to play yourself into a new arena of personal creativity, resourcefulness & inspiration.

Open to the spirit & magic of living life through the wonderment of childlike adventure, innocence, lightheartedness, humor & irreverence. 

Grace Trumps Karma

The Power of Fun

Scientific studies show that fun, humor and laughter reduce stress, boost immunity, relieve pain, decrease anxiety, prevent depression, rest the brain, enhance communication, inspire creativity, bolster morale, sustain resilience, and help us keep our balance and perspective in all activities.

Medical professionals have discovered that when patients are laughing and having fun, they experience less physical and psychological pain—and recover faster. Doctors and nurses use “clowning” in hospitals to stimulate the healing process with patients.

The same healing, transformative dynamic reigns in every realm—business, relationships, sports and spirituality.

Laugh more, heal quicker, feel better, live longer & attract more abundance in all arenas of life!

Get Answers to All Your Specific Questions
Come with your unanswered questions
Leave with clarity, solutions and inspiration

The Purpose of Lif

After all, what is the true purpose of life?

To learn to love more fully.

What is the ultimate result of all authentic fun, laughter & play?

More free flowing energy. Healing. Love.

Play is the willingness to find whatever joy & aliveness exists in each moment!

Approaching life’s challenges with a joyful heart is the surest path to success!

Fun is the best fuel for success.

It’s the best food for your body, mind—& spirit!

Some things are too important to be taken seriously.

– Willie Nelson



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