You Are The Dream Catcher

A fresh new way to attract Love, Health & Abundance

A workshop with Keith Varnum

The Dream Catcher is who you really are

In this workshop you awaken to fact that You are The Dream Catcher

… and you make your own physical Dream Catcher.

You dream, design and construct your Dream Catcher with the intention of “catching” what you really want in your life.

As you catch “Bright Energies” – love, health, happiness, peace, joy, wealth – you’ll weave these Energies into your personal Dream Catcher … and your everyday life.

Each Dream Catcher will be unique to each person’s unique desires and intentions.

Here’s the Magic

Under the right conditions …

the physical Dream Catcher becomes YOU the meta-physical Dream Catcher

in the “Dimension of Manifestation”

… and then all your dreams show up in your life!

In this workshop, you create the right conditions!

Immediate tangible results

This workshop is so effective that you can watch your life change in front of your eyes.

You can re-dream your financial life. Love life. Well-being. Relationships. Livelihood. … anything you want!

You use the power of “You are The Dream Catcher” to create your perfect relationship, body and career.

You learn how to weave a web that brings all your heart’s desires—and catches your life purpose and passion.

Assistance from the Ancients

Native American shamans revealed to Keith the secret of “You are The Dream Catcher” as a tool to attract beauty, love and prosperity into your life.

Keith shares this potent, hidden tradition with you from its sources in:

Native America
Taoist China
Huna Hawaii

You learn many dynamic, esoteric techniques to transform yourself into a Master Dream Catcher.

Heaven is a Here&Now vibration

The vibration of your Dream Catcher creates the reality of your dreams.

The vibration you are in when “You are The Dream Catcher” attracts your dreams into manifestation.

Catch your dreams

Transform yourself into a literal Dream Catcher
Construct your own unique Dream Catcher—a power object that will help you “catch” your dreams

Catch the Future!

We’re the ones who create our dreams coming true. It’s our energy! The vibration that we generate from inside us. Our energy is a magnet. The high quality of energy we’re putting out attracts quality people, situations and a physical experience to match.

Catch up with your destiny!

Release the patterns that attract people and situations you don’t prefer

Catch a glimpse of how bountiful your life can be!

Catch true love, a heartful livelihood, lasting health and wealth

Catch a ride on your own Magical Mystery Tour!

Discover the revitalizing force of “Bright Energies”

Catch a falling star, put it in your pocket, never let it fade away!

Catch the dreams that will make your heart and soul soar

Catch Your Youth!

Feel, look and be young and vital again

Dream Catching is playful, practical & powerful!

It works!

At the end of the workshop …

you’ll take home Your “Bright Energy” Dream Catcher

This Manifestation Magnet will continue to Catch Your Dreams!

Live your life to the fullest

Get the tools of true transformation

Share your beauty, compassion & inner talents to transform the world

Weave a new web of joy

Spiders build new webs at dawn to catch the dew that catches the early morning sunlight.

You build a Dream Catcher at the dawn of the workshop to catch the Spirit that catches the “Bright Energies” of joy, compassion, peace, delight, innocence and passion.

As with the spider’s web, your Dream Catcher captures the Bright Energies of life and filters out the Dark Energies of doom and gloom.

As the first rays of sunlight hit the dew in the web, the “bad” dreams dissolve. As the first rays of Your True Spirit hit the Bright Energies of your Dream Catcher, the nightmares of life dissolve.

Joy is prayer.
Joy is strength.
Joy is love.
Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.
– Mother Teresa