Activate Your Ascension Now!

“The whole earth is in jail and we’re plotting this incredible jailbreak.”
– Wavy Gravy

Ascension is about being happier and healthier NOW—not at some later enlightened date! Ascension is about ascending above the everyday social conditioning of struggle, scarcity and sickness. You rise up energetically—and socially—from the vibration of heavy emotion, drama and trauma.

Ascension is Fun and Enlivening

As you ascend, you anchor yourself permanently in your heart. You reclaim your natural state of freedom and innocence. The techniques of this playshop offer you the opportunity to ascend, or rise beyond, the entire limiting structure of the programmed mind and link your awareness permanently to the very Source of existence itself.

And, by the way, Ascension is not simply about feeling good all the time this lifetime. Ascension is about moving up to feeling good for all time!

Enjoy a Sacred Transformation

This sacred workshop is a hands-on experiential self-empowerment and transformation process. The seminar expands your consciousness by applying Universal Laws to activate your Body-Mind-Spirit connection. This phenomenal Spiritual Awakening Program is provided to Keith Varnum by the Ascended Masters. “Activate Your Ascension Now!” demonstrates a simple series of extremely effective tools to assist you to ascend the limiting reality dictated by your conditioned unconscious beliefs.

This high-powered Spiritual Awakening program:

  • Develops clarity of vision for your life path
  • Eliminates depression and low self-esteem
  • Manifests your desires using the Creative God Force
  • Releases your stress, stuck pain and suppressed emotions
  • Opens up your Aura, Chakras and Higher Energy Channels
  • Creates a tangible experience of yourself as a Spiritual Being
  • Expands your heart to fill you with a greater flow of compassion
  • Establishes a more direct relationship to your God Source
  • Helps you accept all life challenges with deeper understanding

Ascension is Your Destiny

All spiritual traditions have spoken of the ultimate goal of life. Whether you call it Enlightenment, Nirvana, Buddhahood, Self Realization or Cosmic Consciousness, it is the destiny of every soul. The goal of your individual and collective evolution is Ascension—the highest level of awareness, permanent union with Higher Self and the Universal Spirit, Oneness with all life. 

The Benefits of Ascension

  • Falling in love with your Self
  • Restoring your intuitive powers
  • Repairing and regenerating the body
  • Knowing that there is no such thing as an enemy
  • Graduating from the fear-based world you grew up in
  • Growing of the Soul and expansion of your consciousness
  • Accepting full Self-responsibility for everything you do
  • Regaining your self-respect as a magnificent being of Light
  • Releasing all the inhibitions to fully expressing of who you are
  • Making room for enjoyment of more creativity & self-expression

Stay and Create Heaven on Earth

The Ascension process is not about leaving. It is about staying. It is about staying and creating Heaven on Earth. Ascension is a step-by-step, level-by-level process. We ascend by clearing our emotional blockages one layer at a time. As each layer is cleared, we attain a new level of consciousness and understanding. We become less judgmental, thus more compassionate. After our consciousness shifts, our physical body follows suit. Then our external reality begins to reflect back the new consciousness that we are expressing. Thus, the collective planetary physical reality slowly shifts also. The end result is Heaven on Earth!

Through Ancient Tibetan and Hopi Traditions, You:

  • Move from victim to victor
  • Attract your goals easier and faster
  • Get an immediate answer to your prayers
  • Anchor yourself permanently in your Soul
  • Free yourself from karma, trauma and drama
  • Expand beyond the rigid structure of the Mind
  • Link awareness to the very source of existence itself
  • Forgive yourself and others for all the past mis-takes
  • Free yourself from depression, anxiety and anger
  • Liberate yourself from struggle, sickness and scarcity
  • Open to a livelihood that supports what you hold sacred
  • Reclaim your natural state of innocence and freedom
  • Awaken your heart, feel compassion and experience more love
  • Tap the miraculous pool of abundance used by Jesus & Buddha
  • Open the door to more magic, meaning and money in your world
  • Let in a permanent link to the unlimited resources of Mother Earth

The Choice for Union

Ascension is the natural, on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal, spiritual beings, we were created by God to expand through experience. When we choose to incarnate in the dense, physical 3rd dimension, we descend. We come to Earth again and again in order to explore, learn and master this most challenging of dimensions. We come because this choice greatly accelerates our spiritual evolution. The only problem is, we fall asleep in this realm of heavy matter. We get bogged down in materiality, thinking that this physical plane is our total reality. We forget that we come into incarnation in order to return to the spiritual realms with added wisdom and compassion. This intention to return home to our natural aware state is Ascension.

Personal and Planetary Awakening

On an individual level, Ascension is the process of changing one’s consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another. On a group or planetary level, Ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness—a set of beliefs—to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality—a new state of being or dimension. Ascension is used to describe the very real possibility that you can, within your lifetime, transform your dense 3rd dimensional physical form into a lighter, more invisible 5th dimensional form.

Ascension Is:

  • Coming Home!
  • Accessing higher spiritual dimensions
  • Gaining the full use of your creative powers
  • Turning inward to discover your own God-Goddess within
  • Playing a conscious role of service in the Great Divine Plan
  • Taking your place among the Assembly of Ascended Beings
  • Becoming an instrument of Universal Love, Wisdom and Grace
  • Raising your vibration from limited physicality to limitless spirituality
  • Achieving a state of permanent joy & freedom from limitation & suffering

Not Really So Far Out

For the first time in this universe, there is the opportunity to increase the vibratory rate of the molecular structure of the physical body. As in all new things presented to humanity, the idea may well seem “way out” and impossible. Not so long ago, talking to someone thousands of miles away, or walking on the moon, would have seemed impossible!

Through Secret Teachings and Techniques, You:

  • Clean your Etheric Aura
  • Develop your intuitive senses
  • Release your fear-based beliefs
  • Stimulate your Kundalini energy to rise
  • Initiate your Christ Consciousness
  • Increase your Universal Healing Potential
  • Complete construction of your Spiritual Body, your Light Body

“With A Little Help from Our Friends”

Life exists throughout the universe in physical and non-physical forms. Many visitors from these other dimensions are on hand now to assist us to ascend through the great changes about to take place on our planet. Ascended Masters are people who have mastered 3rd dimensional reality. The Masters of the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy I work with are Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Saint Germain and Sai Baba. In the workshop we go to the Great Hall of Records to meet with and gain assistance from these Higher Beings and your own Council of Elders—spirit guides, angels and spiritual mentors. 

Fly with Hawaiian Huna Power Breathwork

The Huna Power Breathwork releases blocked energy from the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This ancient process activates your Vibratory Energy Centers—Charkas—by clearing your emotional issues at the cellular level. The practice energizes, transforms and strengthens your experience of your Primary Beingness.

The Breathwork develops your ability to manifest your desires faster by clearing your Auric Field and transmitting your intentions into the Universal Realm while being in the Superconscious Meditative State. This unique breathing process provides an Inner Awakening by inducing new higher vibration energy to flow into your system from Universal Life Force.

As new energy enters your system, your old energy is released from your entire system at the cellular level. Old degenerative tissues are replenished, allowing the new vibrant energy to heal and empower you—and your world. Your old limited thought patterns and emotional blockages are released.

The process initiates the Inner Awakening by opening your Spiritual Heart wider. You learn to center yourself in love rather than embrace fear. You overcome your current issues and start fresh with new vibrant energy directed with positive intentios of love, prosperity, joy, passion, freedom, clarity and perfect health.

Breath is your life-force energy. Breath is your direct connection to Source. Through Huna Power Breathwork you are able to clear your negative energy blockages, release all fear issues at the cellular level and open up to the higher magnificent and radiant love and light energies. Breathwork takes you beyond the mind through the power of the Heart. 

Enjoy Shaman Exercises to:

  • Invoke Spiritual Alchemy
  • Clear your fear issues at the cellular level
  • Understand life from the highest perspective
  • Reunite the right and left hemispheres of your brain
  • Learn to create through the Prosperity Manifestation Process

Enter the Golden Age

Important choices are being made across the Earth by everyone. A wonder-filled new world dawns on the horizon, bathed in the splendor of the Gold Ray of the Unified Consciousness, as we who choose it so, come home. Freedom is a choice away and the time to make that choice is Now. Miracles await!

“What lies before us & what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.”
– Thoreau

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