How to Experience God

When you have an ongoing direct experience of God, you have a ready answer to all life’s challenges. You can get accurate answers to any life question, complete healing for any physical ailment, and lasing peace in any life dilemma. You don’t have to settle for theories, affirmations, or hopin’ and wishin’ You have a direct line to direct knowing. Quick, accurate, personal. Not dependent on anyone else or any special circumstance.

Learn by Doing – Practice not Theory

Keith Varnum’s dynamic workshop offers easy, dependable skills to empower you to connect—and stay connected—to Source. Participants anchor in a real model of themselves being permanently connected to God. These ancient tools assist you to create what you want in the realm of finances, love, health, community and spirit.

  • Individual & group exercises maximize awakening
  • Hands-on demonstration & supportive feedback in real-life scenarios
  • High-energy, high-content, high-impact personally tailored training 

What’s It like to Live in The God Zone

As you open to the Light within, the darkness naturally dispels: your Shadow Side is no more. You ask explicitly for what you want. You don’t compromise, sacrifice or manipulate. You learn how to inspire yourself—and others—to play bigger than each of you think you are. Everyone is truly brilliant at something. Each person is “one of a kind.”

Benefits of Direct Connection to Source

  • Increased intimacy & sexual pleasure with your partner
  • More authentic, alive relationships with friends and family
  • A lighter, easier life that’s more fun
  • Attracts a livelihood that expresses your genuine self
  • Experience yourself as more than your physical body
  • Communicate Soul to Soul
  • Playing with others as the knowing beings who we are, instead of the masks who we are not 

Invite Invisible Assistance

You practice time-tested methods of opening to and listening to the Ascended Masters, Higher Guides, your Spiritual Guides, angels, devas and other spiritual mentors. You develop direct dialogue with your Council of Elders to receive on-the-spot assistance in your life.

Learn How to:

  • Feel God in the midst of the everyday world
  • Transform every meeting into an encounter of understanding
  • Open your heart in even the most difficult situations
  •  Eliminate old patterns that no longer work
  • Develop your ability to hear, trust and act on internal guidance
  • Invite intrigue, aliveness, humor & play into your connection to God 

Tap the Power Within: Master Emotions

Emotions are the powerhouse of all human charisma, inspiration and invention. Break away from the emotional roller coaster of duality and separation. Take advantage of the valuable messages your emotions carry.

The fastest and easiest way to get over the Past is to have an exciting Present



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How to Experience God

“How to Experience God” is a powerful interactive workshop that demystifies the dynamics of how to open to a personal direct relationship to God. Enjoying a direct connection to Source transforms every aspect of your life into being fun, free-flowing and fulfilling.

In the roots of native cultures and sacred traditions, Keith has uncovered very effective techniques to re-spirit and empower you to unite directly with God. The successful traditions of indigenous peoples provides a model for maintaining an openness to Oneness with All Things. The spiritual teachers of the world offer very efficient ways to assist you to have a direct experience of Divine Connection. This playshop fosters the Tao of Source in each participant to cultivate authentic self-expression and self-discovery.

In this heartshop you acquire the increased ability to shift any unwanted condition. You experience showing up with more competence and compassion in interacting with others. You become more centered and therefore, more successful in all situations. You learn how to:

  • Create miracles with ease
  • Deepen your capacity for intimacy
  • Attract your dream partner
  • Feel more vital and powerful
  • Feel One with everything

Keith presents—and you practice—highly useful skills culled from his spiritual mentors—shamans, medicine women/men, Eastern masters, Hawaiian Kahunas, Native American healers, children, and a few wise, old people. With his varied professions as an acupuncturist, Reiki healer, rebirther, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, restaurateur, landscaper, beachcomber, author, filmmaker, radio show host and vision quest guide, Keith has tested and proven that these approaches work for connecting with Spirit.

As Keith quotes the spiritual masters with whom he has apprenticed:

“Discover the power and peace in entering into the guidance of the River of Life that is God.”

In this soulshop, you will:

  • Deepen your link to Source
  • Wake from the trance of forgetfulness
  • Remember who you really are
  • Connect with angelic guidance
  • Restore and recharge your spirit

This miracleshop demonstrates how to enter the Oneness. This approach optimizes your mastery by having you practice each new skill as you learn it. You learn how to do, not describe!

A Permanent, Multi-dimensional Training

You learn to communicate soul-to-soul, bypassing the filters and fears of the personality—and undermining the foundation of outdated limitations and paradigms.

You use intuition to guide you through any unusual challenge and into the wisest strategy. You employ the whole brain. The analytical organizes information. The intuitive retrieves all relevant data and experience.

You learn how to tap the wisdom of your Council of Elders and to invoke the Wisdom of the Ancestors, the Ancient Ones.

This joyshop will help you be more:







Use Power Spots to Connect to Source

To link to Spirit, re-awaken your innate ability to use power spots. A power spot is anywhere you feel grounded and connected with your “sense of creative self.”  Power spots can be geographical locations, a positioning in a room full of people or a precise moment in time when it is most advantageous to act. Being balanced and anchored is essential in opening to God.

Intentional Magic

You begin to appreciate the power of aligning your intentions with Universal Design. You learn to consciously script how your Earth adventure will unfold. You learn to touch the world lightly, yet effectively.

Enjoy interactive exercises and games with the natural environment and other people. Employ the magic of music, sound, art and movement to deepen and solidify the effect of soul expression and growth. Practice the importance of honoring your Primal Life Energy. Discover how your body is your greatest mystical teacher.

The dynamism, gentleness and safety of kindred spirits freely united in the pursuit of God and freedom is very profound.

Use the Power of Your Emotions

Within your emotions is the power to create your life’s dreams. You’ll learn how to use the energy of feelings as fuel to propel you into your chosen outcomes. You also master effective methods for releasing your emotions. These practical, portable tools enable you to:

  • Enjoy more fun and play
  • Make better decisions
  • Stand in your truth
  • Turn attitude into gratitude
  • Shift to clarity and confidence

You practice interactive techniques that emphasize realistic application. You learn to apply these tools in the challenging situations you face daily in your world back home.

Bring Home Practical Skills:

  • Re-kindle your intuition
  • Center yourself under stress
  • Use your voice to free blocked energy
  • Relate with honesty and forgiveness
  • Replace blind faith with inner knowing

You discover that love is the act of seeing through God’s eyes and feeling through God’s heart. 

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