Intentional Magic


By Keith Varnum

  • Discover the Common Thread in All Forms of Transformation

  • Practice the Ancient Secrets of Great Healers and Shaman

  • Learn How to Facilitate Anything with Intentional Magic

  • Use Invisible Methods to Clear Any Path of Obstructions

  • Master How to Work Miracles in any Relationship

The focus of the Facilitator Training is on discerning and mastering the underlying dynamics that contribute to all miraculous shifts, openings, breakthroughs and communications.

There is a common thread of skill and awareness that runs through all feats of transformation. Each skilled facilitator has her or his own special, signature techniques that work naturally and well for that individual. Yet there is a similarity of essence behind the diversity of appearance of personal forms. All practitioners use a central, underlying approach that “moves the energy of a situation.” They all play with influencing the “flow of life force” within relationships and events.

At the core of all methods lie basic truths of how life and energy move, react and transform in all forms and conditions. It’s these fundamental, universal ways of magic and movement that truly choreograph our lives. Playing consciously with this background orchestration is what you practice and master in this training. You learn to creatively navigate the “river that runs through it all.” Along the flow, you uncover your own unique ways of initiating intended results.

Employ the Magic of:

  • Invisibility to move past the controlling scan of the Matrix Mind Monitors

  • Time Travel to play beyond the prison of time by condensing/stretching time

  • Synchronicity and Serendipity to steer through the landmines of the world

  • Dialogue with Ascended Masters to open to the guidance of spiritual mentors

  • Surrendering to the Moment to access the magic of the unexpected

This “Behind-the-Scenes” training is the demonstration of the underlying dynamics at work in all communication and transformation. This Wizardshop is the sharing of my own personal exploration and mastering of the alchemical power that is available to each of us—the common operating mechanisms behind miraculous facilitation of human events.

I present, and you practice, the pragmatic skills culled from my spiritual mentors—shamans, medicine women/men, Eastern masters, Hawaiian Kahunas, Native American healers, children, animals, trees, rocks and a few wise, old people. With my varied professions as an acupuncturist, Reiki healer, rebirther, yoga teacher, meditation instructor, businessperson, restaurateur, landscaper, beachcomber, author, filmmaker, radio show host and vision quest guide, I’ve had diverse opportunities to apply and validate these approaches to directing human energy.

In this training you experientially explore the systematic core of Wizardry, as well as the spontaneous heart of Magic. Once you develop your expertise in the methodical approach to transformation, your journey organically blossoms into the exciting realm of the artistic, creative and inspirational. At a natural point, you surrender and abandon yourself to the realm of pure intuition, miracle and grace.

Master the Use of:

  • Adapting the world to you, instead of you adapting to the world

  • Improvisation to master the power of spontaneity, surprise and play

  • Stopping the World to give yourself the time to shift the course of events

  • Humor to shake loose rigid realities and open the door to new possibility

  • Letting Your Heart Speak for you without monitoring, censoring or editing

  • The Voice to command your universe to align with Higher & Inner intention

  • Music & Sound to evoke movement, release & harmony with groups of people

  • Reading Body Signals to navigate through any interaction or creative process

This miracleshop emphasizes the practical, experiential demonstration of how to effect extraordinary outcomes, rather than theoretical understanding. You learn how to do, not descibe! Along the way, you begin to appreciate the power of aligning your intentions with Universal Design.

Reclaim the Power of:

  • Accessibility to Power to recharge your batteries anywhere you find yourself

  • The Double Reverse to fool the Mind & sneak in truth past the Guard of Ego

  • Guiding weather during an event to make an environment more supportive

  • Authentic Sharing of yourself to shift the scene back to Realness

  • Using the 6 Second Delay before you speak or act  to check in with intuition

  • Building Your Magnetic Energy Field to attract what you need, as you need it

  • Group Aura Cleansing to transmute the stagnant energy of a situation

  • Completion, Acknowledgement and Celebration to anchor your success

The basics of this Energy Alchemy Training are as easily applied to success in the computer room and bedroom, as they are to effectiveness in the healing room. These ancient tools assist you to create what you want in the realm of finances, love, sex, health, family, community and spirit.

“Behind-the-Scenes” Facilitator Training is an interactive, participatory workshop that demystifies the dynamics of how to direct every aspect of your life into becoming fun, free-flowing and fulfilling. There is no limit to the power and scope of Intentional Magic.

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